Divine Life Health Coaching Presents

“What It Takes To Get A Goddess Body: Unique Female Fat Loss Mechanism Sheds 25lbs in 6 Weeks by Combining Hormone Rebalancing with Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Reasons For Weight Gain”

How Women Are Decreasing Their Dress Size through Holistic / Whole-Health Weight Loss Techniques


You're Going To Discover...

  • How Hormones are Making & Keeping You Fat

  • How Mindset Controls Hormones & Weight

  • How Digestion & Detoxification Help or Hinder Weight

  • How Brain Chemicals Block Weight Loss

  • The Role of Genetics in Fat Gain & Metabolism and How to Overcome It

  • How Typical Programs Mess with Women's Hormones

  • Putting it All Together to Get Your Goddess Body

  • Bonus: False Beliefs That Keep Us Overweight

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Erica L. Robinson

Naturopathic Medical Graduate & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Erica L. Robinson is the Founder of Divine Life Health Coaching Inc. She is a Global Weight Loss Expert and has helped hundreds of women naturally rebalance their hormones & digestion and reclaim their Goddess Body.