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Bonus: False Beliefs That Keep Us Overweight

These Limiting Beliefs Block Our Success

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Bonus Video: Craving More?

We did just spend the past Week together going over what it takes to get your Goddess Body - AND keep it. Missed the series? Check the video links at the TOP of this page!

But - we're not quite done. I have a Super Special, BONUS video for you here.

Did you like the Limiting Beliefs we covered in our series? I went over a handful of them. But here's the thing, there are at LEAST 14 Limiting Beliefs that can be blocking your ability to actually lose the weight. We KNOW mindset is so, so important after watching Video #2 in the series, and really, these Beliefs are - or can be - everything stopping you from reaching your goals. In fact even if you had NO hormonal imbalances whatsoever, you could still potentially STAY overweight if you are unknowingly harbouring one of these: 

The Limiting Beliefs That Keep Us Fat

Were you aware that there are at least 14 Limiting Beliefs that we commonly hold, that keep us fat, unhappy, and unwell?

In fact so many of us harbour these beliefs at such a deep, subconscious level, they go unchecked and unchallenged, while completely undermining any of our weight loss efforts.

And that - my friends - is EXACTLY why they are a problem. Harbouring these beliefs BLOCKS us from losing weight, makes us sabotage our efforts, and in many cases can actually PREVENT us from even TRYING to lose weight in the first place. Yes, they make us throw in the towel early, give up on ourselves, believe we are failures, or act in other ways to block our success across our entire life - including our weight loss. 

If you've watched any of my other videos in my 7-Day Goddess Body Weight Loss Mini Series, you'll be familiar with a few of these beliefs, but I truly believe they deserve a video all their own because they are so harmful and pervasive. And yet - SO EASY to identify and breakthrough in order to get the results you want. 

So today we're going to get into EXACTLY what these beliefs are, identify which ones you have and WHAT you can do about it. 


The Beliefs:

One Foot Out The Door 

As a commitment-phobe myself, there is one particular John Cusack line from the movie High Fidelity that has resonated with me for over a decade:

"I can see now I never really committed... I always had one foot out the door, and that prevented me from doing a lot of things, like thinking about my future and... I guess it made more sense to commit to nothing, keep my options open. And that's suicide. By tiny, tiny increments."

While John was talking about his lady love in this line, it can equally be applied to any and every element of our life. And this commitment phobia, to ourselves, to our lives, to our weight loss journey - really stops us from amounting to what - and WHO - we want to be, and were MEANT to be. 

In fact if you do this, like I did - if you fear commitment, chances are it shows up in multiple areas of your life, because it's been said that the way we do anything is the way we do everything. If this applies to you, and I mean I want you to REALLY LOOK, then making the commitment to follow through on your weight loss journey will actually cause a domino breakthrough effect in the other areas of your life where commitment-phobic behaviour has stopped you. 

How To Create A Breakthrough:

Like Nike says, Just Do It. 

Put SOMETHING on the line - money, time, any symbol of commitment. Hire a coach, invest in a program, but be SERIOUS, don't do it for shits and giggles to waste time. (See below). Some people hire personal trainers or coaches for this very reason - they NEED to be accountable to another person or community. 

If you can't figure out WHY you block yourself in this way and you feel like you really need to know (PS - you don't need to know WHY you work the way you do, in order to transform it, just sayin'). Then start journaling. Like serious, right now, drop this page or video or whatever and go journal about what you're really afraid of if you lose the weight for good. There's a reason you're afraid to commit and live with one foot out the door, what is it? Write your heart out. 


"But I Only Have 5 lbs To Lose"

It's a very common phenomena for both leaner and clinically obese people to state that they "Only have 5 - 10lbs to lose." or say "I could lose maybe 10 lbs then I'd be happy." 

In a medically obese person, this is a fear-based, play-it-small goal. Typically if this is you, you've been failed so many times in the past and are afraid to even set a sizeable goal. It's too scary and big to think about and so you say you'd be happy with 10lbs loss.

In reality, MOST people are delusional about how much weight they need to lose. They base their estimations on:

A) How they remember looking and feeling at a certain weight - even if that was still overweight

B) A guesstimation of how much grab-able fat they have that they could do without (this estimation is almost always wrong / too small)

C) How much weight they lost on another program (which typically also made them lose lean muscle tissue and get 'skinny fat.')

Women say things like, "Well I hit 150 on Dr Bernsteins and looked HORRIBLE." Umm, YEAH, cuz you were on Dr Bernsteins, Love. It doesn't mean you look horrible at 150 - it means you look horrible on Dr Bernsteins at 150. 


You know those height-weight and BMI charts? Yeah, they're real and scientifically based. There IS a specific weight range For Your HEIGHT, no matter how 'big boned' you think you are. A lot of women think they somehow magically don't fit these guidelines, or their specific structure falls outside of the range, but here's the thing - the ranges are PRETTY large. For my personal height of 5'6", I could healthily be anywhere from 114 to 146, though right now I'm in the low 120s. That's a 32lb range, which more than accounts for the fact of me being 'big boned,' if I were.

What I'm saying is, women will look at their range, and think the 146 itself is somehow too small. (A woman of my height, anyways). They'll see the TOP range and think it's still too small. This is typically because they are SO overweibght, they don't want to mentally acknowledge the truth of it / how much damage has been done / how deep they really are / how bad the problem really is. 

This can be a protective psychological phenomena, to protect us from realizing the truth that, 'Holy Fuck, I'm actually really overweight and at a high risk of disease and dying.' Your brain does not like to come to terms with these thoughts, and so it protects you with flawed thinking and false beliefs like, "I only have 5 - 10lbs to lose."

When you tell yourself this, you immediately write off a whole slew of experts and programs that could actually help you. It plays out subconsciously like, 

"Yeah well, I ONLY have maybe 5lbs to lose so, what's the point of investing $1997 in that? What's the point of investing 3 - 4 months in that? It's not that big of a problem. Hmm let me look where else in my life are BIGGER problems so I can focus on THOSE instead and keep putting THIS weight problem further and further into the future."

It's delusional thinking at it's finest, and it keeps us stuck, fat, and unhappy at a deep, core level. 

Of important note: MOST women that think they only need to lose 5 - 10 lbs ACTUALLY need to lose more like 20 - 25lbs; and they DO end up losing it on The Goddess Body Guidelines Program when they finally understand how easy it is and how much better their body feels. Yes, yes, we have some that only want to lose 15 and only do lose 15 and focus more on hormonal rebalancing. But by and large, MOST women can stand to lose more weight than they think. 

How To Create A Breakthrough:

Commit to figuring out your actual weight range and how far away you are from the top end of that range. Write it down. THEN write down your stupid, ridiculous, OMG-it's-never-gonna-happen body weight goal, OR, describe in detail how life looks, tastes and feels, when you're wearing your Goddess Body all the time. DESCRIBE that Goddess Body in detail in your journal. Numbers are a decent objective starting point, but really, it's about how you look and feel. Falling inside of your healthy range for your height IS important, though. Get clear on it and face it head on, it's time to stop hiding from your truths. It's time to acknowledge today's baseline so you can take an EMPOWERED stance on it and make a healthy choice about what to do next. 

brooke-lark-254998 (1).jpg

The Body Image Movement / Normalizing Disease 

A lot of Doctors agree with me on this one and while I could totally offend the whole "Body Image Movement" Crowd, this HAS to be said. 

(And YES, I have offended many Body Image Movement peeps and psychologists already. Fuck it. My message is NOT for them. They are OKAY with being overweight.)

There is an entire movement right now based on making it OKAY to be happy with your body right now, as it is, without ever needing to change it. 

Now, that's cool, on many levels. In fact, I don't think you can create physical transformation that LASTS, UNLESS you're in a state of Love, Respect, and Admiration for your body. Kind of sounds weird right? Love your body as it is to lose weight? But it's true - we vibrate at that frequency we feel and then we attract more - ATTRACTION - to ourselves. More choices based in Love. We attract being even MORE beautiful, even MORE lovely, even MORE Gorgeous from that starting point of those feelings. 

The thing is, when we make it OKAY to *stay* morbidly obese or overweight, we also make it OKAY to get diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and shave anywhere from 3 - 14 years off of our life expectancy. We NORMALIZE disease in this process. This is NOT cool and I do not agree with that, and most doctors are in my boat as well. There HAS to be a middle ground. There has to be a choice to LOVE yourself, right now, exactly as you are, and from there to LOVE yourself into even better health and lower risk of disease and HIGHER chances of living an incredible, fulfilling, vibrant life. And guess what you need for that? A vehicle - a God Pod - that works well. A body in abundant Health! And being obese or overweight will not get you that. 

Also I truly believe from my work with women that the desire to look and feel a certain way is actually transmuted to us from a CELLULAR level. If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, I truly believe at a deep, cellular, physiological level, your body KNOWS you are not healthy - SOMETHING is off or imbalanced. And it is causing you to seek out a new result, or wanting to look a certain way. Intuitively, you can FEEL in your bones when something ain't right. 

Now, it HAS to be authentic. If you want to look a certain way because of societal norms or pressures, that is not authentic. But if you feel, deep in your bones, that something is missing, that you want access to ANOTHER type of life or body or physicality or existence, then I really feel this is coming to you from guided Intuition, and it's worth your investigation.

How To Create a Breakthrough:

Acknowledge yourself for wanting more. Acknowledge that this is beyond vanity - you want health so bright and vibrant, it drips off of you in the reflection in the mirror. Admit that it's OKAY and HEALTHY for you to want that. RESPECT your desires. Journal what you want and most importantly, WHY you want it. WHO do you get to be when you wear a Goddess Body and live a Divine Life? How can you love yourself RIGHT NOW and appreciate who you are, so that you can love yourself into even better choices? What's the next choice you can make that can show your BODY (not your taste buds or your mind) at a deep level that you love it? 


I'm a Unique Snowflake

I've heard this one on the phone so many times I could pass out if I have to hear it again. It's just baffling to me how many women truly think they have non-human biology or something. Like as if their personal chemistry is so fucked up, no medical books talk about it, we have to refer to some other species' manual and I need to go to vet school. That's exactly how they make it sound.

And why? It's not for no reason. I'll tell you why, because this is how insanity is bred in our world.

These women KNOW inherently and intuitively that something is 'off' in their bodies, but their GP doesn't really care to do much about it. Frankly, they aren't paid enough to give a shit, and if you still don't get that by now, this is another delusional mindset. They run the most basicest of basic health tests, tell these women, "Nothing is wrong on your labs so, you must just be messed up," and then this becomes part of their CORE beliefs about themselves. 

I'm trying to think of an example of how asinine this entire interaction is. It would be like taking your very broken car that has dark smoke coming out of it and makes a horrible sound, to the gas station, and an attendant there at the gas station with a basic high school diploma (if that) checks your windshield wipers (ONLY) and then says, "Well, your windshield wipers are in good working order so, nothing's wrong with your car so, I really don't know what it is, looks like it's just messed up beyond what we can comprehend." LIKE WHAT? WTF!? 

That's exactly how I feel when a patient tells me their doctor ran all the test and there is nothing wrong with them. 

UMMMMMMM!?!?!?!?!?!??! DID THEY? DID THEY REAAAAALLLLY? Or did they just check your windshield wipers and let you drive off in a haze of smoke? 

I say this because I can guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt there is *A* lab test out there that WILL show what's 'wrong' with you or your hormones or whatever is causing you to not lose weight. It's just not *THE* lab test that your GP ran on you. And now you've chosen to take their remark and insert it into your core beliefs about yourself. "I am a Unique Snowflake. I am uniquely deranged beyond human comprehension. My body is made out of Alien parts and is exempt from any human biology and physiology, that's just what's so. Therefore I must now accept my fate of being overweight forever and stay stuck in victim mode where I will only bitch about this and take no action."

No, Hon, you just saw someone who doesn't wanna spend money on testing you, that's all. They are being BASIC and giving you BASIC advice and then you're making YOURSELF basic. 

Like I said in Video #7 in the FAQs about this: Welcome to the Club! You are actually in the PERFECT place because we specifically work with uniquely deranged 'damaged snowflakes' as one client called herself. This program was specifically made by someone with effed up physiology (ME!) for all kinds of women with effed up physiology and biochemistry. The tactics will absolutely work for you as long as A) You aren't on the list of people this isn't for and B) You're committed to actually doing it. You can't have one foot out the door - it just won't work. 

How To Create a Breakthrough:

Every time you want to believe you are uniquely deranged, insert a different, more logical thought such as, Some of my biochemistry is imbalanced and that's why my body is responding this way. I can choose to rebalance it if I want to.

And - take action! Work with an Expert to correct this! 


I Should Be Able To Do This Myself

For whatever reason, humans have a limiting belief that we should all be able to lose weight on our own. 

I guess because it seems so basic - I put it on myself, shouldn't I be able to take it off myself?

And also the fact that our society continues to perpetuate the false notion of "It's just calories in and calories out." Like no Bud, it isn't, because if you've got a totally effed up Thyroid, you can only eat 900 calories a day or else you become severely overweight, and at 900 calories a day you can't even get all your vitamins, and you're perpetually working against yourself because your body's innate drive is to be hungry enough to get all your needed nutrients. So no, thank you, it's NOT just about calories in versus calories out.

But unfortunately most of us think this is true, and think Omg why can't I just eat less and move more. Meanwhile, we are WAY over-simplifying it, and making ourselves failures in the process. 

For the MOST part - We don't birth our own babies totally unattended, we don't know how to breastfeed without support, we don't do our own dental work, our own laser eye surgery, or even our own laser hair removal. We don't cut our own hair (most of us don't anyways), shape our own brows, thread our own facial hair, do our own pap exams or the like. But yet we're supposed to totally NAIL this weight loss thing on our own? We're supposed to know how to rebalance our brain chemicals and hormones and digestion and detox systems and more? And just like - NAIL it - lose the weight? Well if we don't do all those other things to our bodies, why should we be able to do THIS huge thing to our bodies?

I don't know about you, but it strikes me as illogical. I'm sure YOU are an expert, at SOMETHING. So why are you also trying to be an expert at this? We only possess so much time, and so much mental bandwidth, so why do we waste it trying to be a Jack of All Trades, master of none, with paltry results to show for it? Hiring an Expert to get you the results - outsourcing this issue and this area of leadership - is critical to get expedited results. And well, RESULTS, period, as most people can't generate them on their own and shouldn't have to. 

How To Create A Breakthrough

Do something wildly different and actually take solid action on this. Don't be an askhole, though, that's not what I'm saying. Actually go and sign up for the program to lose the weight, whether it's mine or anyone else's. What you need here for a breakthrough is TAKING THE STEP, taking the action. Right Now. 


Information Gathering Stage / Putting A Bandaid on Cancer

Here is another limiting belief when it comes to weight loss that I'm sure we've ALL engaged in: The Bandaid Approach.

One of my Business Coaches said, "When People do this, It's like putting a Bandaid on Cancer."

I'm sure that generates some visual images. 

What it means is, you stay stuck in the "Information Gathering Stage" of a goal, like weight loss, or take very small, ineffective actions, like buying a $14 weight loss pill at Walmart for shits and giggles. What happens is that your brain registers, "I've taken action toward my goal," even if that means you just wrote it down, or bought another book you won't actually use, or bought another workout DVD, or a gym membership, that won't help in any way. Mentally, you feel good knowing you did something toward that goal, but on a physical, real-world level - you actually got no where nearer the result you truly want: Weight Loss. 

Engaging in this behaviour keeps us stuck, fat, and unhealthy. It's a huge way to sabotage our goals and our lives and not only do I see it all the time, but I've done it a lot myself before learning to identify it (I STILL catch myself doing it with other goals in my life!). 

The problem is, eventually the issue at hand really IS like a hardcore cancer in your life, and you feel good slapping a bandaid on it because it calms your mind enough to focus on other things, but underneath that bandaid? You're dying slowly. Another example of suicide in tiny, tiny increments. 

How To Create A Breakthrough

Choose to 'shit or get off the pot.' Either acknowledge that now is not the time to handle this, and choose a date to re-visit the issue, and really commit to that. At which point you can decide to deal with it or extend the 'not dealing with it now' period. OR, actually DO something about it - NOW. Don't gather information, you've done enough of that and it's hurting you. Use your Heart, your Head, and Your Intuition (and your gut!) to make a CHOICE of which program or expert or coach to work with, and simply do it. When you choose to act with GUMPTION and GUSTO, the Universe conspires to help you achieve your goal. 


Putting The Problem Into The Future or, I'll-Deal-With-It-Later-Itis

Another limiting belief women carry about weight loss is that it can be dealt with sometime later, and in THIS time right now, I'm going to function with blatant disregard to my weight and wellness. Cuz I'll be DEALING with that, LATER, thank you very much.

Trust me I've done this one, it doesn't go well.

I recall many an exam period where I threw everything out the window, went totally ham on 600 calories cream cheese carrot cake muffins (like, all SIX of them in the package, in one night) and then paid the price afterwards of feeling so physically sick and gaining 10lbs. The problem with assigning an issue to the future, is then how much damage we do in the present. 

Also, the longer a problem like Weight travels over time, the harder it can be to solve. If you were overweight at 30, but only chose to do something about it at 50, which is very common - I saw this ALL the time at the 3 gyms I worked at the amount of 50 year olds having a midlife crisis is unreal - it's a LOT harder to undo bad habits and stubborn weight after 20 years of engaging with it. Whereas these women COULD have chosen to do something about it at age 30, or 31, or 32, and it would have been a whole lot easier. Not to mention the side effects of being overweight for decades are unsexy and hard to undo - like varicose and spider veins, cellulite, pro-aging, disease risk and more. Sure, at age 50 you can take the fat off, but you might not like what it's been doing to your body for all these years - many effects of which can only be fixed with surgery or cosmetic procedures. 

Putting a problem into the future to be dealt with can sometimes make sense, as per my 'shit or get off the pot' remark above. But keeping it there / perpetually putting it on the backburner is the real problem.

How To Create A Breakthrough:

If now were not the right time for you, I highly doubt you'd be watching or reading this video series. But say it really wasn't, then my piece of advice is to set a date in 3 or 6 months from now to really re-visit this, and respect it. Also, to journal right now, what your top goals are for the next 3, 6, and 12 months, and WHY those goals. What is coming BEFORE your weight and wellness, and WHY? It's got to make sense, so that's why I ask you do this. 

If you're sick of your own shit and finally realize it IS the right time, then my advice changes to: ACT NOW. Seriously. I don't care if it's with my program or someone else's. Just act now, finally, to put this problem behind you. I can almost guarantee you that a handful of your other problems will simultaneously get solved just by you doing this, and you won't have to do anything specific to solve them. Everything happens TOGETHER. All of life is Connected, even if you haven't seen that yet - you will. This is the magic of stepping into your Divine Life. 


Losing Weight Fast is Bad

It's this type of thinking that keeps Most women fat. 

It IS unsafe and extremely unhealthy to lose weight fast if you're losing muscle mass and glycogen (muscle sugar) stores. This type of weight loss damages metabolism and is reflected by a lower thyroid measure and lower metabolic rate - both things The Goddess Body program avoids. This type of weight loss - of MUSCLE loss - leads to rebound weight gain and a permanently damaged metabolism, so YES, losing weight quickly if it's muscle mass is very unsafe.

In our program we realign your hormones and your body chooses to do the rest. It will lose body fat at whatever rate it deems necessary, as it strives to return to a healthy baseline. This rate of body fat is typical of clinical and hospital based weight loss programs, so you get the premium weight loss rate without needing to pay the premium price of showing up weekly to a hospital or doctors office. It is still considered safe as you also have access to an MD your entire program. No one seems to question the speed of weight loss when it's with a doctor in a hospital, and so that is the exact type of thinking you should apply to the situation if you ARE working with an MD or working in a program designed by someone with medical training. 

How To Create A Breakthrough

A) Realize first and foremost, that this is a false belief - it is a blanket statement or generalization, and while it CAN be true in some cases, it isn't ALWAYS true. But, you're MAKING it *always* true, which is a false belief. 

B) Work with an Expert, Doctor, Coach, Mentor or Program that ACKNOWLEDGES not all weight loss is equal, and focus on losing FAT instead of lean mass. Work with someone who puts your safety FIRST. 


All-or-Nothing / Black-and-White Mentality

It's believed from a psychological standpoint that "Black and White" or "All or Nothing" mentality is a way our ancestors used to cope with the world and make quick decisions pertaining to their and their families' survival. It is considered a 'simplicity-seeking process.' 

It allows us to think things like, "He's bad, I'm good." "My team, their team." "This is bad, that is good." But these are all massive over-simplifications. The same type of over-simplifications that underlie racism and stereotyping. 

It also makes us think things like, Well if I don't do it ALL, I might as well do NONE of it. This is a classic example of our old world psychology, taking us down. Typically, relying on an all or nothing mentality does not get us the results we want, and in fact MOST women report that 'incremental upgrade' instead - is far more effective. 

I know for me I used to think, "I'll get nicer clothes when I get rich." Like getting rich was a place to arrive at or be someday, and it was in the future, and I'll worry about clothes then. But the thing is, I felt miserable wearing my old and used hand-me-downs. When I chose to upgrade incrementally - not waiting till I 'got rich,' but when I had a bit to spare, I'd buy one new item, then another, then a new lipstick. When I reflected back over the course of a year - I had dozens of new items of clothing! I almost had a new wardrobe, and all new makeup. And I was so much happier! This method of incremental upgrade can be applied to weight and wellness as well. 

Just because you aren't making today the day to "Do everything" when it comes to your health - to do it ALL, doesn't mean you can't upgrade incrementally - doesn't mean you have to choose to do NONE of it. You can go to the dentist this week, get a pap and breast exam the week after, indulge in some self-care like go to a hydrotherapy spa the week after, choose to eat healthy foods at your next meal, and the meal after that, etc. With black or white thinking, or all-or-nothing, you might dive into eating junk food at every meal because you've thrown away the possibility of weight loss right now. Choosing incremental upgrade instead, is the power point for you. 

The TRUTH is, EVERY CHOICE COUNTS. Every little choice. Choosing the small things like to eat vegetables today instead of candy, adds up over a lifetime, even if you aren’t ‘doing it all,’ these little incremental upgrades can literally change – and save – your life

How To Create A Breakthrough

Acknowledge that oversimplifying our worlds is an inherent survival process of prehistoric humans, and you can choose to no longer use this.

Acknowledge that, for the most part, black and white / all-or-nothing thinking, does NOT help you get the results you want in life.

Instead choose to upgrade the areas of your life incrementally. Create a list - right now - of all the upgrades you'd like to see, and carry this with you in your wallet or an app (I like ToDoIst) or in a note on your phone. When you have the space or capacity to upgrade one small thing - do it! And refer to your list if you need to choose what's next :) 

Make a note in your calendar to reflect back on how far you've come - maybe in 3, 6, or 12 months from now! 


What You Do To LOSE Weight Can Be The SAME as What You Do To MAINTAIN Weight

This is really important to address here because I did this myself and it cost me so much time and suffering. 

You cannot eat a maintenance-style nutrition plan, and expect to lose weight. The weight loss period and the maintenance period are two distinctly different things. 

Let's look at some examples of how getting to goal, and maintaining goal, are VERY different: 

To become a doctor cost me over 8 years of my life and close to $200K in money. To MAINTAIN being a doctor cost about $3000 a year and 20 hours / continuing education credits. 

To build a house can take many months and lots of money. To maintain that house takes a bit of time and effort each day and year, and a bit of money on an ongoing basis. 

To invest in a car is a lot of money upfront. To maintain that car is a bit of money and time each month and year. 

To build up muscle mass is a lot of work and working out. To maintain that muscle mass is much easier and much less work. 

What I'm trying to show you is, the pathway to get to the goal is much different than what you need to do to MAINTAIN your results once you have that goal. 

Anyone who thinks that they can just switch to a certain way of eating, and have that be THE thing that gets them to goal weight, is usually trapped in a limiting or false belief. This strategy does not deliver results.

If you possessed no medical education whatsoever, and thought you could go spend $3000 a year and do 20 CECs and call yourself a doctor, does that make any sense? No, you never went through what it took to reach that goalYou can't jump into maintenance and bypass the actual process to attain your goal. 

I'm not saying it has to be 'hard,' but I am saying the process to LOSE weight, and the process to MAINTAIN weight loss, are actually two very different programs. Thinking otherwise will cost you a lot of wasted time - still being fat. Trust me, the suffering I put myself through was unnecessary and based on my stubbornness; that does not have to be you. 

How To Create A Breakthrough:

Acknowledge that the techniques you will use to lose weight will differ slightly from the techniques you use to MAINTAIN your goal weight.

Choose a program for yourself, appropriately, based on this. And really stop fooling yourself otherwise. I don't want to see you waste precious time or mental bandwidth or break your mindset even more than it already has been. 


Food Alone Can Heal Me

Let me ask you this: did you gain weight STRICTLY because you ate non-whole foods?

Or, did you gain weight because you ate processed foods, were exposed to medications in your lifetime, drank alcohol, breathed in the fumes of off-gassing paint and furniture and exhaust from cars; drank tap water rife with chlorine and fluoride that impacted your thyroid levels; missed out on sleep here and there; exposed yourself to electromagnetic frequencies from technology; exposed yourself to light after sunset from screens or light bulbs - which we know messes with hormonal flow?

If you answered YES to option #2, then how are you expecting FOOD ALONE to address your imbalances? Chances are you've spent 10, 20, 30 or maybe even 40+ years derailing your hormones from a variety of means. Expecting a simple change in foods to replenish what has been taken from you just doesn't make sense. 

My one doctor friend Talia always gives this example. To replenish zinc if you are clinically deficient (meaning, deficient on blood testing), the clinical dose is 100mg a day of zinc picolinate for at least 3 months. To get that from food alone, you'd need to eat 5 ounces of oysters every single day (best source), or 100 packets of oatmeal a day, or 43 ounces of beef a day, or 1.3 kilograms of pumpkin seeds per day. It just doesn't make sense.

The whole false belief that "Food alone can heal me," even though I've effed myself up through many more avenues than just bad food, JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

This is by far the most limiting, damaging belief I encountered with patients in private practice. You want to eat 1.3 kilograms of pumpkin seeds per day? Be my guest. They will also cause inflammation and weight gain while you're at it.

So here's the thing. Simply switching foods without a caloric reduction means you’re not even giving your body the chance to burn calories of fat. And, if you do reduce calories - meaning you eat whole foods AND you eat less calories - without addressing the leptin resistance like we mentioned before, your body will go into starvation mode and make you feel very hungry to try to regain the lost weight and calories. Eating whole foods is important but it isn’t the whole story for women like us. It still misses the boat on correcting leptin functioning. Even though it has lower carbs and less inflammation - two of the causes of leptin resistance - simply decreasing the cause of resistance doesn't address the resistance that is already present. Or at least it won't - for a decade or so. If you eat perfectly every day for the next ten years, that is. Sounds like a pretty long and miserable path to weight loss if you ask me. 

And DON'T get me wrong - eating whole foods is important, and THE type of approach you should take to maintain your new weight, but it misses the boat on getting you to the goal. 

The women who get this right take on the Goddess Body Guidelines and use specific, targeted supplementation for a short period of time to correct their underlying imbalances, which we covered in our week-long video series. Suffice to say that they get to enjoy weight loss at a much quicker rate, seeing 25lbs or more leave their bodies in 6 - 9 weeks - instead of ten years. IF that even happens for those 10-year folks. 

And, not only does this false thinking keep us overweight, it also keeps us sick and unhealthy. Just take the Goddamn zinc capsule for three months. FUCK! Lol. 

How To Create A Breakthrough:

Acknowledge that this belief probably comes from old-world psychology, when food alone really COULD heal us, because our world was not toxic.

Acknowledge that your weight problem stemmed not only from food but also from toxins, light exposure from light bulbs (NOT natural!) and many other man-made creations in our modern world. Therefore - acknowledge it's going to take MORE THAN just food, to heal you. Yes, "Let Food Be They Medicine," But not your ONLY medicine, peeps. 

Realize that you can achieve results much faster with key, timed, individualized supplementation. 


I Can't Afford It

This False Belief is like WHOA On SOOO many levels, friend.

Not only does it stop you losing weight, it keeps you poor and broke AF. 

Please note that any any any time you tell the universe you "can't afford" something, you're re-affirming your brokeness and desire to stay stuck and not afford ANYTHING. You are attracting more and more of this shitty energy. 

This one is so, so, SOooooooOoo deep and poisonous to you on SO many levels.

Here's what's ACTUALLY true: You can afford ANY thing you want. If you WANT it, if you have a real, true desire for it, you can manifest the money for it. I didn't say work for the money, I said MANIFEST the money. There are many ways of creating income to fuel desires, you simply have to respect your desires and give them the space to come true - without blocking up your manifesting mojo by trying to figure out "HOW" it will get here. 

How to Create A  Breakthrough:


I can have ANYTHING I want

I am choosing to have THIS now and make it happen

I am choosing to make a LEAP without knowing the exact "HOW" of how it will play out, and I trust the Universe will conspire to help me

I have a DESIRE for something and I resonate STRONGLY with it, so I know it is meant for ME. Therefore I know the Universe will provide me with what I need to make it happen. 

OR: I am CHOOSING NOT to invest in this right now. --> That's ALL you have to say. Please refrain from saying "I can't do it because I'm broke / have no money right now, etc."

Also, if someone is asking you to buy something and you genuinely don't feel connected to them or their product, aren't resonating with them, etc, don't be all fucking Canadian and lie and say "I can't afford it." 

I've spent years in sales and let me tell you, anyone who knows how to read people (e.g. sales people, DOCTORS, counselors) knows when you're lying and it's really pathetic - we see right through it. Not only that but WHEN we see through it, we tend to PUSH more to test if you’ll break the fake lie and admit the truth, which puts you even deeper into the ‘being sold to’ situation that you’re probably trying to get out of. We already KNOW you aren’t buying, and now we’re trying to FREE YOU UP from your delusion. This is an uncomfortable Act of Service (believe me, it’s uncomfortable for us too! Well, some find it hilarious).

Stating inauthentically that you ‘can’t afford it’ robs YOU AND THEM of power and authenticity, and that is typically what the sales person is trying to recover. They are trying to create a breakthrough to your authenticity. It is a natural Soul desire to want to interact with other authentic humans.  

INSTEAD Say things like, "This isn't a fit for me," "I'm not aligned with this," "I'm choosing not to invest in this right now," "I'm choosing to Invest in XYZ right now and that's what I'm super committed to, [so your product / service doesn't fit in with my goals.]" Make it be EMPOWERING, make it be TRUE, make it be exciting to the other person, even. Just Please don't poison everyone by saying you can't afford it, when the truth is - a) you can afford ANY fucking thing you want! And b) being fake helps no one, most especially you. You don't have to be rude or mean and you also don't have to be inauthentic. Your Soul really suffers any time you be inauthentic. 

AND – when you say out loud you ‘can’t afford it,’ you reaffirm this false belief into your own mind and you send that message out into the Universe, keeping you broke from your goals


It's Not The Right Time

Number one, it's possible that - wait - it's pretty much for SURE that there is NO SUCH THING as the RIGHT TIME. It won't ever come. Can you really look at your life and pinpoint a 9 or 12 or 16 week period that you can label "the right time?" Fuck no! Women have done this program while going to stags, bachelorettes, weddings, funerals, baby showers, births, retirement parties, Christmas parties, New Years Eve Parties, birthdays, their OWN birthday or children's birthdays, spa weekends away in Arizona, weekends away in Vegas, the list literally goes on. Camping, cottaging to boot. We've seen women go through basically everything and MAKE it "the right time."

The right time is when you finally CHOOSE that THIS is YOUR TIME to reclaim your Life and your Goddess Body. As long as you feel that in your bones, you are literally GOOD TO GO. I teach you how to be what I call UNREASONABLE - a woman that can't be reasoned with over this goal. A woman that puts her health and well being at centre stage because of what it means to her family and community. THAT woman? She's a total badass babe and she makes shit happen. No matter what. I have full faith in her getting her Goddess Body whenever she says so. 

Number Two - it's possible that it really really isn't the right time for you. Only YOU will know this when you check in with yourself Intuitively. I mean on a Heart, Intuition, Gut and SOUL level. I don't mean a logical level, I don't mean a 'what makes the most sense' level, because that can trip you out. I mean really get quiet and hear what your Soul wants right now. 

How To Create A Breakthrough:

Journal about this! Is it really not the right time, or are you making that up? Why are you afraid? What's REALLY in your way? 

Secondly, just JUMP! Just do it! If your heart says YAY, go for it, and figure out HOW to make it the right time. I guarantee you will! 


The Concept of The Mirror

Here’s one more big concept I want to bring up and this is less of a False Belief and more of a concept for you to carry and understand so that it can free you up energetically. It is the concept of The Mirror:

Life is like a mirror that’s going to reflect back to you what’s really going on. In weight loss or ANY area of life. 

So I’m guessing you’re still watching this because one of two things is being reflected to YOU:

Either you’re still in the space of not taking ANY action toward your weight loss goals, and so this is reflected back as not having the results you want 


You ARE actively working towards your goal of weight loss but it’s not working or it’s not working at a normal pace of 2lbs a week, and this is because what you’re doing is actually an INEFFECTIVE ACTION for you, and it’s going to reflect back ineffective results. 

So There is NO escaping cause and effect. 

If you aren’t engaging in EFFECTIVE ACTION, you can’t possibly get an EFFECTIVE result. You’re just taking a bunch of actions again and again and again and expecting something different, which as we know is the definition of insanity. And I can guarantee you that simply signing up for another diet or for a personal trainer is just more of the same because NONE of those things gets to the real problem, which is actually a hormonal imbalance that came from a combination of our health integrity checklist earlier, and these common weight loss approaches fail to address that imbalance.

So any time you want to be HARD on yourself when you look in the mirror, or label yourself a failure, or feel bad, or guilty, realize you can actually pull the emotion right out of the picture and look at the facts. This is one time when I'll say instead of going with feelings, to go with mind. The emotion is polluting your ability to see this for what it really is, and that in and of itself is a limiting factor. Basically you’re COLLAPSING your feelings / your story, with the facts. You’re making the feelings true instead of seeing the facts .

Logically speaking, it's NOT that you're a bad person or a failure or a uniquely damaged snowflake or a blah blah blah. 

Logically speaking? You simply haven't taken the EFFECTIVE action yet for YOUR Body, YOUR Weight, and YOUR Imbalances. It's not magic, it's basic science and biochemistry, really at the end of the day - that's all it is. You just haven't yet crossed paths with an Expert in Biochemistry who would tell you this, straight up. It's sure as hell not rocket science, it's actually pretty basic endocrinology, really. 

And if you want to correct it, you absolutely can - it is 100% in your own power to do so. So, no reason to feel sad my Snowflake. Only thing to do now is CHOOSE powerfully what's next! 


Weight Loss Limiting Beliefs Recap

So there you have it Gals. I shared with you in true Coach Erica fashion, the top 14 Limiting Beliefs I see in the world of weight loss that keep women feeling STUCK and trapped in an overweight body and an unworkable life. 

With all of these beliefs, they inherently stretch out to impact us BEYOND just our physical bodies and physical existence. They impact how we see money, how we see ourselves, how we act in the world, and more. Working through these limiting beliefs has us free ourselves up as women in the world, to become more authentically OURSELVES. And REALLY, to truly GET how Powerful we actually are. We can HAVE, BE, and DO anything - ANYTHING - we want! If a Goddess Body is on that checklist, then it's within our reach. 

My Stand is that you received massive value from today's video, and even if it still hasn't all sunk in yet, just give it time to percolate and marinate in your mind. I promise you that on a subconscious level, we have actually begun the process of deprogramming limiting beliefs, and this process will continue as long as you're open to it. 

It's been an immense pleasure and a joy to get to share this with you and to be my Tough Love self with you today. I hope it's been of service and that you go on to experience immense results in your weight loss journey. 

Xo Erica