The Goddess Body Guidelines

Putting It All Together to Lose The Weight

Mindset + Healthy Hormones = Goddess Body 

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Putting It ALL Together:

We've just spent the past week together, learning what REALLY contributes to weight gain for women like us, AND what to do about it. So far I've provided you with over 145 suggestions of what you can do to rebalance your imbalances and lose weight across our last 6 videos

But, I've also told you that attempting to rebalance each individual issue is futile and will take you FOREVER. I know, I know, I tried. 

It was only when I unlocked the unique fat-loss combination of nutrients and lifestyle techniques that I saw how entire, interdependent hormone cascades could be corrected TOGETHER, at the same time, in a FRACTION of the time it would take individually, because they work together SO synergistically. When targeted with this unique combination TOGETHER, they rebalance more quickly AND they deliver superior weight loss results of at least 25lbs in every 6-8 week weight loss period. 

With that said, I'm going to tell you about the Goddess Body Guidelines And The Goddess Body Program Today. 


The Goddess Body Guidelines

If I HAD to pick, and distill these recommendations down to the MOST pertinent ones that will get you the MOST bang for your buck - and I don't just mean money, but time, energy, and effort, it would be THESE:


  • Eat at least 80% whole foods cooked from scratch (17 meals of 21 per week)
  • Consider spending 6 - 9 weeks eating 100% whole foods to re-set and reboot your body 
  • Include vegetables, especially leafy greens
  • Downplay fruits, have max 2 servings per day and keep it at berries
  • Downplay or ideally eliminate grains, legumes, dairy (other than grass-fed butter and ghee), and processed foods
  • Include GOOD fats like olive oil, macadamia oil, macadamia nuts, grassfed butter and ghee, deep water fish, fish oil, fermented cod liver oil, anything coconut (butter, milk, oil, etc)
  • Limit nuts and seeds to a small handful per day, favouring macadamia, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts, and eat them after soaking them in water for 8 hours and rinsing
  • Find healthy replacements for non-whole foods that cause food addictions, e.g. replace milk chocolate with raw dark chocolate
  • Only eat when you are truly, physiologically hungry. Otherwise, journal before you eat! And see what's coming up for you 


  • Eat while seated and calm
  • Chew 20 - 50 bites per mouthful


  • Spend 1 - 3 months detoxifying (namely your liver and kidneys), 1 - 2x per year, ideally following a program designed by a doctor


  • Engage in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), 2 - 3 times per week, working your way up to 10 rounds. Each round should be 30 seconds of all-out intensity followed by 90 seconds of rest. This can be sprinting, cycling, burpees, pushups, whatever - it's ALL good 
  • Walk - at LEAST 20 minutes, but ideally 5 miles!, per day
  • Lift Heavy Shit! 4 times per week for 30 - 60 minutes
  • Wear flat shoes or boots as much as possible to protect your pelvic floor, posture and alignment 
  • Any other activity can be added for fun but the above is crucial
  • Avoid any steady state (chronic) cardio of over 20 minutes


  • Sleep before 11pm always or as many nights per week as possible
  • Make sure you get at least 8 hours of shuteye per night 
  • Downplay light exposure after sunset
  • Avoid screens and blue light the hour (or more) before bed
  • Develop a solid bedtime routine
  • Sleep in a completely blacked out room


  • Organize your life - I highly recommend Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"
  • Have safe sex at least 1 - 2x per month - it's good for your hormones!
  • Engage in daily de-stressing techniques like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or journaling 
  • Decrease overall stress load as much as possible 

Here's The Thing

While these Guidelines are a Phenomenal starting point, they DON'T include individualized supplementation or hormone-rebalancing supplementation. I really can't give those recommendations over a page like this, without knowing your background or having a full health history intake on hand. 

So if you're looking to:

  • Get your weight loss results quickly and effectively - taking off at least 25lbs in the next 8 weeks and keeping up the trend if you have more to go
  • Reset your hormones for your weight & wellness
  • Receive an individualized approach that targets YOUR SPECIFIC imbalances

Then the Goddess Body Program is ideal for you

The Goddess Body Guidelines Program:

The Goddess Body Program comprises the most wholistic, evidence-based combination of nutrients and lifestyle techniques to create fast, lasting weight loss in women like us with hormonal imbalances. The Guidelines and the Program WORKS for women where no program has worked before and my commitment is to be the last stop a woman needs on her weight loss journey. You can develop NEW health goals after the Guidelines, but weight loss shouldn't be one of them! You'll be done with that issue. 

What makes the Guidelines work EVERY time is the wholistic combination of addressing Mindset, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Genetics, Emotional Eating and Food Addictions, Digestion and Detoxification, paired with a 6 - 9 week whole-foods, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying nutrition plan, and a proprietary blend of supplementation that rebalances leptin sensitivity. 

The Investment

The Program is normally $7,000-8,000 to work with us at a one-to-one support level and $5,000-6,000 at the group level. We've serviced over 65 people to date in the online version of this program after working with many hundreds of patients in the clinical setting. 

I'm now offering this program at only $2497 because I know first hand how hard it can be to make weight loss happen and to invest in it, especially if you've already wasted thousands of dollars on failed programs like women in the Goddess Body Guidelines have; or if you were dealt a bad financial blow like myself when I was left as a struggling single mother without child support, on the brink of bankruptcy from my medical school debt. 

And yet it was precisely the weight loss and getting my health in order that absolutely turned my entire life around, including my financial health and capacity to generate an income. So I GET how important this is for you for SO many reasons. 

So I'm extending this now to women at this rate for a limited time to reward those who take inspired action. I am incentivizing this because acting now sends a POWERFUL message to the Universe: 

"This is MY Time Now and I'm READY for the next step now!"

This powerful statement sends a Tidal Wave of Transformation, delivering your Goddess Body - and a Divine Life - in less time than you previously thought possible. 

So now I'm giving back in a way that empowers more women than ever before to actually achieve their weight goals, get their Goddess Body, and most importantly - step into their very own Divine Life in the process. And so I hope that you too, like me, will realize this is the beginning of not only a new body, but a new Life. 

At this price savings you're saving over 71% of the cost of our one-to-one program, that's a savings of $5,003; or saving 60% compared to our group program former price, which is a savings of $3003. 

This is less than the cost of lunch every day for the next year - just $6.84 a DAY to get your dream body and really, to step up and transform into your dream LIFE. If you're willing to forego a Starbucks drink a day for the next year, then you can make this happen. In fact if you just brew your own coffee at home or make your lunch at home - which we teach you how to do really quickly and simply, which will actually HELP your weight loss and wellness goals - then the program has completely paid for itself. 

What's more is this program has over 25 hours of my teaching and training to help you get - and keep - the body you’ve always wanted PLUS my LIVE feedback to your questions and concerns. In fact clients would regularly pay me my clinical fee of over $5,000 to be able to obtain this information in the past AND they had to drive from all over the place, as far as 2 hours away, driving in through traffic during rush hour or giving up half of their Saturday every week to come learn how to do this. So this is a huge cost savings AND time savings to you. And to top it off the supplement bundle alone that's included with your program costs over $700 to buy directly from a compounding pharmacy so that’s over $5700 in value that I’m now making attainable for $2497.


One Small Thing... What This Program DOESN'T Contain....

I'm going to be TOTALLY straight with you because I know no other way.

This is NOT the program for you if you're looking for a super sexy, graphic designer-level membership website.

I've built this from the ground up with my own two hands. My site was made by yours truly, and is totally clean, simple, functional, and effective - it looks just like my blog, if you've seen it - and so there are no frills, bells, or whistles. I did NOT invest in $5,000 face shots and videos. So if you're looking for a cutting-edge website experience from the future, you won't get that here, I'm just going to be straight about it. And if you're looking for a perfect coach who's got all her shit together with a wicked $5,000 branding photography package from Los Angeles.... also not going to find that here. I'm a busy mum, I'm passionate and I have a powerful message to share with a 100% results track record to back it up, but I don't jet set off to the beach for branding photo shoots.  (At least not yet!)

So if that's what you want, you won't get it here. BUT, if you ARE looking for an Effective weight loss program and my commitment that it's the last one you'll ever need - AND if you're looking to lose 25lbs in six weeks and in ANY continuing six week period - then this IS the program for you. 


The Goddess Body Payment Plan:

AND, to make this EVEN easier for women like you to get started right away - because I know this is important to you - I've now developed a payment plan so you can get in for just 3 monthly payments of $799. So you can get started today and get FULL access to the program and even get your $700 worth of supplements right now for only $799. 


And, For A Limited Time, I'm Throwing In THESE Bonuses:

I'm ALSO including some bonuses to make the experience even better for you. 

First of all I include a complete recipe cheat sheet for meals that not only taste amazing and are filling but also help you lose weight while you eat them. I did this because I want to make the experience as seamless as possible so you know exactly what to eat and when. This means you get to enjoy your food while losing weight and leave out all of the guesswork. You get to feel great knowing you're reaching your weight loss goals and leaving nothing up to chance or guessing games. 

I'm ALSO throwing in a Bonus module on how to evaluate your own lab work and what kinds of labs to ask your doctor to run for you (plus we give you access to ordering labs through Divine Life if you prefer that). We do this so you know exactly what your results mean, in a really simple and straight forward way, and what to do about it so that you can stay feeling lean, young, and sexy at any age. You'll have straight forward strategies to know how to deal with imbalances you spot and start feeling better, plus lowering your risks of future disease right away. 

I ALSO throw a THIRD bonus in, an entire printable cheat sheet on Weight Loss Hacks to use the moment you see your weight begin to shift up for ANY reason. It could be from a new medication, from an injury, from a major life event throwing you off the wagon, from a new sensitivity to a food you didn't realize. There are many reasons people can gain weight in the future and my commitment to you is that you should never have to deal with a weight problem again, so I've included a whole tip sheet and module to enact the moment you start seeing even 2 pounds creep up so you can block it in its tracks and get back to the new you. Whatever amount of weight you lose working with me, you will KEEP off for life if you follow these strategies. No more regaining 20, 30, 40+ pounds after a weight loss program ends. You'll feel safe and supported in your new weight and most importantly, completely in control for the first time. 

My FOURTH bonus I throw in is an entire skincare and haircare cheat sheet to help you choose products that won't contribute to you getting over-fat again (YES - your products can actually contribute to hormone and weight problems!) I do this to reduce the risks of future weight gain and enhance your weight loss results. The benefit to you is more weight loss faster with less likelihood of gaining it back, plus keeping your hormones in better balance so you're at a lower risk of toxins and disease. This means you get to feel great about caring for yourself AND your family inside and out . 

So, Ready to Make THIS Your Year of Transformation, Gorgeous Goddess? If so, Click the Sign Up Button Below!


What Do You Learn In The Modules?

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up Powerfully For Weight Loss

Set yourself up powerfully for a transformational program with the right structures in place. I get you partnered with me through My Fitness Pal, set you up in our Facebook group, and guide you through everything you need to get started on the best foot possible. I instruct you on how to record measurements and get tabs on your baseline so you can shock yourself in 6 weeks with how much progress you've made. 

Module 2: The Goddess Body Mindset

This POWERFUL module is all about "Out with the Bullshit and In with the Good shit!" We go to work to remove limiting and false beliefs that have been keeping you fat, unhealthy, imbalanced and unhappy. We go to work installing NEW beliefs and ways of reframing that actually contribute to a healthier biochemistry and better balanced hormones. With this module, weight loss becomes a breeze and you feel your excitement build. We also begin to touch on emotional eating through powerful exercises with guided imagery, visualization and meditation.

Module 3: The Secret Sauce

I teach you EXACTLY how to do the 6-week protocol that has you eliminating inflammation, healing your digestive tract, detoxifying your body, and losing FAT like no tomorrow while preserving sexy lean muscle tissue and boosting metabolism. This is the same protocol you can repeat as often as you like to keep losing weight on auto-pilot at an expedited rate. 

Module 4: How To Do The Protocol

I teach you not only how to start but also how to transition into real world nutrition for the 6 weeks after your detox protocol so that leptin is reset, and you can finally lose weight "like normal people do" through moving and through eating nutritious whole foods 80% of the time. You'll be shocked to find that weight just keeps coming off after your 6-week detox. If you've lost as much as you want, I ALSO teach you how to press pause right there and lock in at your new set point. 

Module 5: Optimizing Digestion for Weight Loss

In this Module I teach you exactly how to amp up your digestive health and capacity so that you absorb nutrients more fully and therefore need fewer calories to be properly nourished. This kickstarts metabolism and keeps it revving high for life as long as you continue to utilize these tools. 

Module 6: Nutritional Blocks, Breakthroughs & Emotional Eating

This section gives you concrete tools for dealing with emotional eating, and creating breakthroughs in dealing with social situations and being around friends and family who might not always support your goals. Feel confident being able to identify and downplay emotional eating so you can get your Goddess Body - and keep it. 

Module 7: Food Addictions

Learn how to identify Food Addictions through evidence-based questionnaires and what to do about it so you don't give in to food addiction binges that bring back weight. This is a MUST-HAVE for preventing weight regain and staying in control of your weight and wellness. 

Module 8: Balancing Neurotransmitters for Weight & Maintenance

Use our evidence-based assessment tool to identify imbalances in brain chemicals (or learn how to run the right lab tests to assess imbalances) and appropriately add in certain foods and nutrients to rebalance your brain chemicals back to normal. This will have you kicking food cravings to the curb (particularly chocolate - the bad kind; dairy, creamy foods, fatty greasy fried foods; carby starchy foods). Whatever throws you off your game - you will now be able to eat it like a normal person, instead of like a ravenous, food-controlled monster. 

Module 9: How To Maintain Your New Weight

Lost 25lbs in 6 weeks and want to keep up the momentum and lose some more? Lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and want to keep it right there and not lose anymore? I teach you EXACTLY how to do that in life after the detox protocol so you can make your every-day whole foods and exercise work for you - plus be able to have real-world foods and treats without affecting your waistline, inches, dress size or the number on the scale. 

Module 10: Weight & Wellness Supportive Lifestyle

Sleep, Stress, Sex, and Exercise are the four additional pillars to wellness and we address these in great detail in this module so you can take a wholistic approach to your wellness. Learn exact workouts that will have you wasting less time in the gym and getting maximal results while preserving the health and balance of your hormones. Learn how to sleep right, stress less, block the hormonal impacts of stress, and learn about healthy sex guidelines that actually preserve your health and hormones. 

Module 11: Real-World Nutrition

Once your detoxification is done, what does life after look like? How will you eat an 80/20 lifestyle? How often should you have treats and what kind? All of this gets addressed in our real-world nutrition module. We want you to have a life that lights you up! Even if it includes milk chocolate, red wine, and cheesecake - you should be able to have your cake and eat it too! WITHOUT gaining the weight back! This crucial module teaches you exactly how to do just that. Like the French women that eat Brie and high fat foods without gaining a pound, you'll be the Enviable Goddess who gets to have it all: an enjoyable foodie life and a Gorgeous Bod. 

Module 12: Detoxifying Your Life

Did you know our bodies act like filters and, like any filter, need to be supported at least once per year? Like a fish tank, or a car, or a furnace - all of these things need their filters replaced! As for the Human Body, we don't replace the organs but we DO replace the nutrients of detoxification that get used up over time, especially if we take medications, breath car exhaust fumes, or are exposed to every-day chemicals in our products, foods, even shower water. Learn exactly how to detoxify each year so you keep your new weight and maintain healthy hormones for life. 

Module 13: Support Structures for Your New Weight and Wellness

Do you find yourself running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Are you over-committed, over-worked and underpaid!? I go through massive actual life structures to support your weight and wellness, from how to declutter and organize your home for success, to how to declutter and organize your LIFE for success. The whole point is that whatever way you've been living life until now has not been serving your weight, wellness, or hormones, so let's take a deep dive to find out why and make some crucial changes. You get to pick and choose what works for you, no need to overhaul (unless you feel guided) - I teach you how to intuitively feel into the Guidance you're receiving about what aspects to keep and which ones to ditch. 

Module 14: Hacks for Keeping The Weight Off For Life

There are many reasons people fall off the wagon and regain weight after traditional diets and programs, and I am committed that NONE of our Goddess Body Guidelines goers have to experience that. Sometimes a major life change stimulates more eating or different eating; sometimes a new medication causes weight gain; sometimes a vacation goes awry and food addictions are re-awakened. Whatever the reason, this module is dedicated to keeping you lean and getting you back on track with tried and true strategies that cause instant weight loss and instant rebalancing of neurotransmitters and hunger hormones to get you back on track. This comes with our Bonus Printable Cheat Sheet. 

Module 15: Round Two Of Weight Loss & Beyond

Want to keep losing weight at a regular pace? Want to keep losing weight at an expedited pace? I teach you exactly how to do both in ways that work for YOU. While every woman initially thinks she wants to lose all the weight overnight, some prefer the slow-and-steady approach because they feel safer with that transition; meanwhile some have a wedding or big event they are preparing for and they really DO want to lose the weight as soon and as safely as possible. Feeling into your Intuition, I teach you how to tap into your own Divine Femininity to see which path makes most sense for you, and then give you exact guidelines to follow to do so. You're never stuck or trapped in one particular method, I give you a variety of tools to keep taking the weight off in a way that works. This module is unnecessary for women that only have 25 - 30lbs to lose! It will all be gone by now!

Module 16: Completion

Ready to Shock yourself with your results? We engage in several ways of looking at your progress together so that you can have some keepsakes of how far you've come and really marvel in your success. This will be a happy graduation day for you to the Next Chapter! And don't worry - you've got our Secret Facebook Group for LIFE - so even though you've completed all your modules (and can watch them again at any time with your lifetime access) - our community is still here for you. 

Bonus Module 17: Advanced Lab Testing To Keep You Sexy & Well

I'm not gonna hide it - I am a master lab tester. As someone that regularly drops several thousand a year on lab testing for preventative health, I know the ins and outs of objective lab tests, which ones to run and why, and how to interpret them. You'll understand which labs to ask your doctor to run and how to make sense of them so that you stay lean, sexy, and well (while aging at a snail's pace, the way you were meant to!) 

Bonus Module 18: Recipes for Weight Loss & Maintenance  

You get access to this Module right away so that you have a TON of simple, easy, fun, DELICIOUS recipes at your finger tips. This is our culmination of recipes developed by myself and members. They are all tried, tested, and true and safe for before, during, and after your detox phase. Feel great knowing you're taking the guesswork out of what to eat and the amounts to choose - we provide EXACT amounts so that you achieve the weight loss you're looking for WITHOUT feeling hungry. 


What's Included in the Goddess Body Program?

  • Lifetime Access to our Proprietary Weight Loss System and all 16 Modules that will help you lose the weight, the inches, and the dress sizes - and teach you how to keep it off - for LIFE
  •  Proprietary Combination of Nutrients, Supplements, and Lifestyle techniques that ONLY our clients get access to - to create a 25lb loss in 2 months or less 
  •  Safe, Natural, and Effective Supplementation for the 6-Week Detoxification & Hormone Rebalancing Portion of the Program, prescribed to you by a Licensed Medical Doctor and compounded by an FDA-Approved compounding pharmacy. Please note - if you are one of the groups of women that this is not intended for, our team will discover this on your intake form and you will be refunded for your program, as our MDs will NOT approve you for the program
  •  Unlimited Access to telephone support from your MD and the Compounding Pharmacy regarding your supplementation 
  •  Lifetime Access to Our Secret Facebook Community where your questions will be answered by Coaches, by me -  Erica - and with support from other members who are in or who have already successfully completed the program 
  •  This Approach works to rebalance your Progesterone, Estrogen, Adrenal Glands, Thyroid, Leptin, and Insulin SO THAT you can FINALLY Lose the weight. It is not a CURATIVE approach, it is a REBALANCING approach and you will be taught how to continue rebalancing your hormones so they keep healing - hormone work can take 3 - 12 months or longer. But the most important thing is, they will be balanced ENOUGH so that you lose the weight and begin your deep healing process
  •  Each Week you will be given access to a new Module to watch on your own with supportive materials
  •  You have the choice to repeat the 6-week hormone rebalancing portion of the program if you want to lose more weight OR to simply take advantage of the fact that, after the hormone re-set, you will lose weight NORMALLY again - by eating whole foods 80% of the time, and exercising 
  •  Participants lose 25 - 40 lbs on average within 2 months, and will continue to lose weight in the third month and beyond if they wish - we teach you exactly how to do this
  •  AND, if you DO hit your goal weight early, I teach you how to lock in  and STAY there, and stop playing Diet Yo Yo
  •  Lastly I include FOUR Bonuses
  •  How to run the right lab work and how to make sense of it PLUS
  •  How to re-route your trajectory if your weight ever begins to creep back up - including vacations, over-eating, accidental returns to food addictions and emotional eating, and more. You will have EVERY tool you need to prevent yourself from gaining the weight back
  • A Recipe Cheat Sheet to take out ALL the Guesswork of what to eat and
  •  A Body Care Products Cheat Sheet that takes the guesswork out of which kinds of body care products to use to promote hormonal health and lasting weight loss 


+ Do People Really Get Results from this Program?

Absolutely! Everyone that's done the program to date has lost the weight they came to lose or is in the process of it (we have one woman that hit 100lbs lost in 11 months, and another is on her way to the 100lb mark). Chances are you also got here because you saw a friend or colleagues' astounding results - so don't be afraid to ask them questions! Our Members are SUPER generous people that love sharing their experiences to benefit others. Our client results page can be found here.

+ What if I'm Uniquely Deranged?

Welcome to the Club! You are actually in the PERFECT place because we specifically work with uniquely deranged 'damaged snowflakes' as one client called herself. This program was specifically made by someone with effed up physiology (ME!) for all kinds of women with effed up physiology and biochemistry. The tactics will absolutely work for you as long as A) You aren't on the list of people this isn't for and B) You're committed to actually doing it. You can't have one foot out the door - it just won't work.

+ No But Really - What if It Doesn't Work?

Mmm yes Love I KNOW you're scared because so many other things have fucked you over before. But if you don't trust yourself to follow through, you're not yet ready for this.

+ What If It's Not the Right Time?

Okay Love, there are a couple of things potentially going on here and I'm going to be totally straight with you if I may. This is Coach Erica speaking and I believe in Tough Love because I stand for the Higher You.

Number one, it's possible that - wait - it's pretty much for SURE that there is NO SUCH THING as the RIGHT TIME. It won't ever come. Can you really look at your life and pinpoint a 9 or 12 or 16 week period that you can label "the right time?" Fuck no! Women have done this program while going to stags, bachelorettes, weddings, funerals, baby showers, births, retirement parties, Christmas parties, New Years Eve Parties, birthdays, their OWN birthday or children's birthdays, spa weekends away in Arizona, weekends away in Vegas, the list literally goes on. Camping, cottaging to boot. We've seen women go through basically everything and MAKE it "the right time."

The right time is when you finally CHOOSE that THIS is YOUR TIME to reclaim your Life and your Goddess Body. As long as you feel that in your bones, you are literally GOOD TO GO. I teach you how to be what I call UNREASONABLE - a woman that can't be reasoned with over this goal. A woman that puts her health and well being at centre stage because of what it means to her family and community. THAT woman? She's a total badass babe and she makes shit happen. No matter what. I have full faith in her getting her Goddess Body whenever she says so.

Number Two - it's possible that this REALLY, like really, isn't the right time. Maybe you're still pregnant or still breastfeeding or you just moved or had some major life transition you're still processing. In that case you can choose to invest in the program now at the reduced rate, familiarize yourself with it, and act on it later, or you can join us when your soul feels divinely called to do so. You have up to one year to order your supplement bundle which is included in the program, and once ordered you have 3 months to use it.

+ Don't I Need Lab Testing?

To achieve hormonal rebalancing to create weight loss you absolutely do not need lab testing. It was not a "need to have" for anyone I've ever worked with to accomplish results. It's a 'nice to have' and if you want to get some baseline testing done by your doctor before you start enacting our protocols, I teach you exactly what to ask for - but by no means is it necessary to achieve your weight loss. In fact it's more often used as another 'cop out' - women say things like "I can't start losing weight until I've done my lab testing" - which they then proceed to put off for months or years. This is beyond unnecessary but really, a deeper symptom that you're not yet ready to lose the weight.

+ Is It Safe?

The Goddess Body Program is considered safe and considered much safer than staying overweight. That said ALL nutritional changes come with some inherent risk, including:

Low blood sugar - which i teach you how to get through and become a Fat Burner instead of a carb burner

Headaches and detox reactions like temporary fatigue - again, things I teach you how to get through so that you stop eating for the wrong reasons

Gallstones - although the risk is extremely small, I actively teach you how to avoid this

Not only do I actively teach you how to avoid all of these symptoms, the risk of which is low and chances are, if you do experience things like headaches or lowered energy, it will only last a day or two. Again - these small risks FAR outweigh staying overweight, risking dying young, being disabled for the last ten years of your life, and at a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I work with Medical Doctors that you have access to throughout your program as well, and they assess you for safety and are available by phone at any time for your convenience.

+ What kind of Foods will I Eat?

Unicorn horns, moonlight beams, and magical fairy dust.

Just kidding, unlike the crazy ass health foods a lot of programs recommend, everything we eat here comes from a regular grocery store. Nothing exotic unless you take it upon yourself to add it in. This includes whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins the majority of the time. I also teach you about healthy treats and other foods like good fats, nuts, seeds, and healthier sweeteners.

+ What if I only have 5 - 10lbs to lose?

Then this will absolutely work for you, in fact we have a subset of women who engage in this more for the hormonal rebalancing aspect than the weight loss, and they fall into this camp.

Of important note though:

  • MOST women that think they only need to lose 5 - 10 lbs ACTUALLY need to lose more like 20 - 25; and they DO end up losing it on this program when they finally understand how easy it is and how much better their body feels

  • Many women with 'only 5 pounds to lose' have very low motivation because the goal is so close. But if that's not you and you're sick and tired of always being just a smidgeon from where you wanna be, well then Giddyup!

While the program has the capacity to take off 25 lbs or more in every 6 - 12-week round, if you've got less than that to lose, I teach you exactly how to stop losing and lock in at your new weight. Wherever that is.

+ What if I have 100+ Pounds to Lose?

The magic lies in the fact that you can count on losing at least 25lbs in every 6-12 week period, which means I've seen participants like Jenny D lose 100lbs over the course of a year. It could probably technically be done faster - like 6 - 8 months, but most women prefer the slow and steady route of 1 year per 100lbs.

Whatever your goal is, imagine breaking it up into 25lb increments and simply repeating the process every 12 weeks.

+ Can My Husband Do it With Me?

Yes we've had several couples go through this program with astounding results, and it's helpful to have a partner who gets what you're going through. Of note: the modules are very much so geared at women and women's hormones. The weight loss techniques still apply very well to men (in fact men lose more weight - and faster - than us, and keep it off more easily - DAMMIT), but there will be sections that are definitely female-centric, such as pelvic floor health and how to healthfully deal with periods without messing up your hormones. There is only community access to the Facebook group for women, and there is only one round of supplements per order, so you will have to order a second round for your husband, which is explained in more detail inside the modules.

+ Can My Girlfriend Do It With Me?

Absolutely! We've had lots of friends go through the program together. Each program only comes with one community access and one set of supplements, so you both need to register separately. Buying and sharing the program won't work and it's bad karma. We believe in integrity of our health and integrity of our actions so anyone found to be sharing the program with a non-registrant will be removed from the program and refunded minus the cost of supplementation ($700).

+ Who Should Not Take This Program?

Women who have:

Been looking for a magic bullet that will allow them to eat McDonald's 3 times a day and not get fat. History of heart attack or cancer in the past year Autoimmune Condition that is in an active flare up Active, uncontrolled mental illness or eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) Pregnant or breastfeeding Vegetarians unwilling to eat animal protein (even just fish) for 6 - 9 weeks

+ Is This Program For Me If I Have Digestion Issues?

This program addresses digestion and digestive support and is particularly beneficial for people with bloating, gas, heartburn, excessive belching or hiccuping, and even IBS. If you have flared up Crohn's or Colitis, this is not suitable for you - please refer to groups who should not undertake this program. The program works to de-inflame and soothe the GI tract in order to facilitate healthy digestion that supports healthy and quick weight loss.

+ What Does Detoxification Feel Like?

Our program uses detoxification as a cornerstone for the weight loss process. It is by no means the ONLY thing but one part of our unique combination. It is a safe and gentle detox and I walk you through every step and am here with you each step of the way. I teach you how to minimize risk of detox symptoms. Worst case scenario is you may feel headachey for a day or two.

+ What's The Return On Investment?

Investing $2497 in yourself today literally pays for itself in no time. Did you know the cost of the following?


Diabetes - $13,700 - American Diabetes Association

Heart Disease - $18,953 - American Journal of Medicine

Cancer - $256,000

Obesity - $1723

Overweight - $266

Arthritis - $5700 (CDC)

Regular fatigue - $3000 - Dr Martin Duclos

Chronic fatigue - $20,000 - Dr Martin Duclos MD

Obese - die 3 - 14 years sooner - NIH

Morbidity time - 10 years suffering with disease and disability vs. 6 months if in good weight and health - federal report Canada

It's easy to see that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that an investment of this nature easily and quickly generates a huge ROI and dividends for years. Who you get to be and the quality of life you get to live - and not to mention, who you get to be for your family and community - is greatly increased by your high level of health, energy and stamina.

+ Is There a Payment Plan?

Yes, I offer an upfront payment option which has a 17% savings, and I offer a payment plan over 3 months so you can get started sooner. See below for options.

+ Is It Cost Effective?

From my analysis, to lose 25lbs this program costs the same as or less than the majority of the programs we discussed in Video 6 - major weight loss programs and clinical weight loss programs included. I also help you achieve faster results than typical, For example, Jenny Craig states it will take you one year on their food to lose 25lbs, whereas with us, this occurs in less than 3 months (often in 6 weeks for many women).

+ Help! I'm A Health Expert Myself And I'm Embarrassed To Admit I Need This!

This is normal. We've had several health care providers including prestigious Doctors do the Goddess Body Program with phenomenal results. As a former Doctor myself I get that it's embarrassing to be preaching about health while sitting in front of our patients in an overweight body (not that we haven't tried EVERYTHING to tty and change that!) I also get that its embarrassing to be a health expert and then have to ask another health expert for help. But here's the thing, this is MY area of expertise. I've chosen mastery of hormonal weight loss, and chances are that's not your particular field of mastery. I'd rather support you in getting to your goal faster and more effectively, so you can get on with your life and your life's work of serving others in YOUR particular field and flavour. And just so you know - I too needed help to lose my weight. I hired a mindset coach for 3 months AND a registered nurse to monitor me and check in. I couldn't do it on my own. You shouldn't have to do it on your own either! If you've been wasting time trying to figure this out, you can either keep doing so - and eventually become an expert at it like myself, or you can choose to put this problem behind you and get on with your real life's work.

+ Will I Just Regain The Weight After The Program?

This is understandably a humongous fear for my clients. Most of them have never been able to lose weight in the first place, and once they do, they never want to go back to their old body. We have dozens of women maintaining their loss 6, 9, 12+ months later. All of the women have managed to keep the weight off within 5lbs, and I give you exact strategies for how to maintain and what to do if your weight starts creeping up again. I am committed that you shouldn't have to deal with a weight problem ever again, so I give you every tool in my arsenal to work with.

+ Do I Need To Exercise?

During the first 6 weeks of the program, I actually recommend not exercising so that your hormones can take a rest. If you're used to very high levels of activity, however, you can continue doing those as long as you've already been performing them for more than a month. Other than that I teach you how to listen to your body intuitively, and rest or change your activity when needed. After those 6 weeks, I have an entire module on how to exercise to stay lean and sexy and also continue weight loss, if necessary. But you absolutely don't need to exercise to lose the weight. In fact, like I mentioned in the video series, exercising for most women actually makes them fatter by driving up appetite. Hence we save exercise for when women have hit their goal weight or at least trimmed off a good 25lbs of fat.

+ Can I Check With My Doctor?

I sometimes get women that want to know all the specifics of the program so they can run it by their doctor. Here's the thing, while that sounds like a great idea in theory, MOST GPs are not thoroughly trained in hormonal health or weight loss. Chances are they haven't helped you with this problem yet, so why would they now? Because we want you to maintain your safety, we do require you submit an intake form to the team of MDs I work with, and they check you for safety and interactions before you start our supplement blend, although it doesn't interact with any medication - only with certain conditions - heart disease, etc (see above women who are not eligible). Our entire program is proprietary and can be quite detailed. The next best option is to sign up for the program, run it by your MD, and if it isn't a fit, we provide you with a refund within 30 days. We've been so successful that we've had GPs, NDs, Nutritionists and Oncologists routinely thank us for helping their patients lose weight and many are now referral partners to our program.

+ I'm Still Breastfeeding - Can I Sign Up Now To Take Advantage of Savings But Do It Later?

If you're hoping to take advantage of our sale price but know that you don't want to start the program yet (because, for instance, you may be breastfeeding at this time), you can purchase the program now and begin the supplementation later. You are more than welcome to go through the content and start implementing all the other features into your life to jump start your weight loss. Your program never expires and you get lifetime updates. You can defer the ordering of your supplements for up until 1 year, and special cases beyond this time will be taken into consideration. I'm a COOL person and if you are too, let's make this WORK.

+ Isn't It Bad To Lose Weight That Fast?

It's this type of thinking that keeps Most women fat.

it IS unsafe and extremely unhealthy to lose weight fast if you're losing muscle mass and glycogen (muscle sugar) stores. This type of weight loss damages metabolism and is reflected by a lower thyroid measure and lower metabolic rate - both things The Goddess Body program avoids. This type of weight loss - of MUSCLE loss - leads to rebound weight gain and a permanently damaged metabolism, so YES, losing weight quickly if it's muscle mass is very unsafe.

In our program we realign your hormones and your body chooses to do the rest. It will lose body fat at whatever rate it deems necesssary, as it strives to return to a healthy baseline. This rate of body fat is typical of clinical and hospital based weight loss programs, so you get the premium weight loss rate without needing to pay the premium price of showing up weekly to a hospital or doctors office. It is still considered safe as you also have access to an MD your entire program.

+ But What If I Need In-Person Coaching?

This program used to be run as a clinical weight loss program in my private practice and believe me, in-person visits were a huge barrier to care. Many women traveled from 1 - 2 hours away for a weekly appointment and we discovered a better, more convenient way to deliver this program: online! In-person visits are completely unnecessary to achieve your goals, and often just another cop out women use when they aren't ready to commit to their results.

+ But What If I Need One-to-One Coaching?

The Goddess Body Guidelines are a group-based and home study program. While you have coaches you can ask questions of at any time on the secret Facebook group, and an MD you can call at any time, we've omitted unnecessary one-to-one visits that act as a barrier for most women. It's difficult to set aside time every week for 12-16 weeks for an appointment - I know, I used to run this program in my clinic! I also found that women would encounter issues in between visits but hesitate to ask questions until our next visit - at which point it was often too late and they'd slipped up majorly. The benefits of an online program include getting the help you need sooner, AND, having community support which empowers the process SO much more.

We DO offer a more one-to-one online version of this program for $7,000-8,000 USD and it is by application only. We have found it isn't necessary to do one-to-one to reach your weight loss goals.

+ What's In The Supplements?

Our entire approach is proprietary, from the nutritional combinations to the nutrient timing, to the lifestyle techniques, and the specific exercises and supplements recommended. Only our clients have access to this information as it is this unique combination that is the mechanism that works. Nothing we use is actually new, but rather a synergistic combination of evidence-based strategies to both heal hormone imbalances and help lose the weight once and for all. All aspects have been shown to be safe and a very low risk, especially compared to the risk of remaining overweight. Our supplement blend is proprietary, and contains a blend of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins.

+ Who Makes The Supplements?

I work with an FDA-Approved Compounding Pharmacy that adheres to the highest Pharmacy standards in compounding supplements. The Compounding Pharmacy compounds the blend once given the prescription for you from a Medical Doctor, whom you will be submitting an online intake form to. You can call this MD OR the Compounding Pharmacy at any time if you have questions, in addition to asking your coaches and colleagues in the Secret Facebook group. I take your safety seriously and I only believe in using FDA-approved pharmacies and FDA-approved products, as even natural products can be scams and include ineffective - or worse - unsafe material unless they've actively been authorized by the FDA. I left nothing to chance with this program. Too many studies have shown that products off a typical drug store shelf don't even contain what they say they have in the label! Because I take full responsibility for your results, I can't stand for that lack of integrity and hence I've left nothing to chance.

+ How is the Program Delivered?

Through weekly modules for 16 weeks containing videos, audios, and handouts. Questions are asked in the Secret Facebook group. Everything is go-at-your-own-pace, and do-it-in-your-own-space! You get access to our Private Members Website that you can access from ANY where - for life.

+ Do I HAVE To Do Food Logs?

It's not mandatory but the accountability and the learning experience is unparalleled. The use of food logs is one of our biggest indicators of when you've discovered a food that causes weight gain for you. I don't expect you to log food for life, just for 12-16 weeks so you can re-learn your body.

+ How Much Time Per Week Does The Program Take?

Expect on average 1 - 2 hours per week for 16 weeks, dedicated to transforming into and keeping your Goddess Body.


That's It!

It has Sincerely been a JOY to serve you over these past 7 days and be with you to teach you all about weight loss for women like us from a hormonal and wholistic stand point. I can say first-hand as the woman who went through this, it is so, so worth it to invest in ourselves like this. What I got out of my weight loss has been truly astonishing. I feel like MYSELF again and I haven't felt this way in YEARS. All I want now is for other women to have access to this feeling too.

If this program resonates with you, I invite you to take action now and step into the Goddess Body you deserve to have. 

I can't wait to see you inside our Secret Group! Click the button below to Sign Up Now! 

Xo Erica