The Goddess Body Guidelines

The Mindset of a Goddess To Create Healthy Hormones & Massive Weight Loss

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Today I'm Going To Show You How Your Mental, Emotional, and Even Spiritual Health Is Behind Your Goddess Body

There are 4 Parts to this Section:

✔️ A Resilient, Goddess-Body Supportive Mindset 

✔️ Addressing Emotional Eating to Prevent Weight Gain and Reprogram Hormones 

✔️ Addressing Food Addictions so you No Longer sabotage your success 

✔️ Why Returning to Your Authentic State of Being Divinely Feminine is NECESSARY to Get & KEEP Your Goddess Body 

But First... My Story

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As you might remember from yesterday's video, my name is Erica Robinson and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Former Naturopathic Doctor, and I hold a Degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy. 

I created the Goddess Body Guidelines out of a culmination of over a decade of experience in naturally rebalancing hormones, paired with cutting edge clinically tested research, and having analyzed the success and failures of thousands of patients across mine and my colleagues’ practices.

Now, this program was designed to rebalance hormones and lose weight, period. And you know what I DIDN'T AT ALL plan for? A totally unintended side effect was what I received in the way of my emotional and spiritual healing by going through this program.

I hired a Registered Nurse and Medical Doctor to help monitor me in this process, as well as a mindset coach to keep me on track. I say this because I want you to get that even experts get more effective results when they work with experts. Even experts hire experts, and I really credit this to my success with anything in life. 

With these Guidelines I was actually able to witness and break free from both my food addictions and my emotional eating patterns. And after that happened, I was able to start peeling away the layers. I realized that emotional eating had been ruining my life and rendering me ineffective at work, in my relationships, in my parenting - even in knowing myself.

I drugged myself with food to avoid the fact that I actually hated being in private practice and being away from my daughter for 12 to 13 hours a day. I hated coming home as an exhausted, depleted, impatient mother. I felt like I wasn’t present for her, and even when we WERE together, all I was thinking about is how I would manage to pay the bills and my med school debt as a single mum without child support. I held a false and limiting belief that I was unsafe and uncared for by the Universe, and that I had to fend for myself, and the only way to survive was to kill myself at the office for long hours. 

I didn’t even REALIZE I thought all of this! 

Because instead of confronting it and being with these emotions, I would cover them up with dark chocolate, caramel macchiatos, and vegan desserts from the local health store. I kidded myself that they were healthy for me but I was eating WAY too many calories and I was constantly eating when I wasn’t hungry, not to mention I was using food as an emotional crutch, which is possibly the most harmful part of it all. I was running on caffeine and fumes, I barely slept because I’d work late into the night, and I hated my life and loathed my body. 

It was just such a rough position to be in for those months and years. I would later learn that I was living almost entirely in a masculine state of being, that wasn’t inherently natural for me as a woman to be so competitive, and so constantly locked in my left brain in logical ways of being. I was out of touch with my flow, my creativity, even my divinity and my intuition. I was out of touch with any sort of spiritual element in my life. Life had become a checklist of tasks that needed to get done.

As I transformed my physical body using the Guidelines, and had removed the emotional eating and food addictions, I finally SAW this situation for what it was. I began taking steps to actually transform my life. Within a few months, my connection to the Divine, to my own source of wisdom and intuition, to my femininity increased so drastically, that life became very clear to me. 

I was actually able to leave private practice to pursue my dream of working online, serving women around the globe, and being with my family and daughter so much more. My relationship blossomed and I'm now engaged to a wonderful man named Mehdi. I got my money issues under control and we moved out to a beautiful condo together in Toronto. Not only did my body transform, but so too did my mindset, my emotions and my spirituality, and in turn everything around me in my physical world transformed. This is what I mean when I say I got to step into my very own Divine Life. And this was such a powerful event for me that I knew I had to share this with other women so they too could have access to a life beyond their dreams. And I honestly mean that. It does’t stop at weight loss, it is SO much deeper than that. 

And so What is it that has allowed me to become known as a global weight loss expert, whereby doctors regularly consult with me and refer their patients to me for weight loss? 

In part it’s that I’ve been studying hormonal health for the past 13 years. At the age of 19, I contracted a parasite while backpacking in Peru that left me bed-ridden for six months, and after Western Medicine left me there to rot, I finally managed to address it using natural medicine, which was my first exposure to the wholistic world. I developed post-infectious IBS and have been on a journey of healing that as well as addressing Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. I actually prevented the need for my own cyst removal surgery, by using natural medicine. I no longer have cysts anymore. I chose to become a Nutritionist after learning how powerful nutrition and lifestyle factors were for altering hormonal flow, and thereafter began my 9-year journey to getting my Doctor of Naturopathy Degree. 

I’ve been in the Health World, utilizing natural strategies to rebalance hormones for the past 13 years, and this is my real area of expertise. A few years ago I even self-diagnosed a deeper congenital condition I have, through lab work I ran on myself. It turns out this condition actually causes hormonal issues with my cortisol, and is the real reason I had PCOS and IBS when I was younger. I know what it's like to live on a daily basis with sub-clinical and clinical hormonal imbalances. This is very personal and close to home for me. I know firsthand what it’s like to experience my GP not really caring what’s wrong with me, and not desiring to investigate deeper, to no fault of her own - this is just the current state of public medicine. And on the flip side, I know now how powerful it is to work with experts who are willing to go DEEP, even if it means I invest more out-of-pocket in my health. 

I can tell you that, after spending 6 months being basically bed-ridden, unable to get an education or earn money or even sustain my relationship and friendships, there is NOTHING more expensive than a lack of health. I refuse to ever let myself return to that place, and I fight passionately for the women who have to experience that too.

When I graduated from Naturopathic Medical School, I used my skill set for several years in the fertility world, working alongside Reproductive Endocrinologists to help patients get pregnant with a 70% success rate in 3 months of treatment. The way I see it, health, fertility, weight loss and wellness has EVERYTHING to do with hormones. When I finally applied my knowledge of hormones and my wholistic approach with my desire for weight loss, I created The Goddess Body Guidelines. A Program for women with hormonal imbalances, BY a woman with hormonal imbalances. This is how I lost my weight and how dozens of women are losing weight right now with these Guidelines. And most importantly, this is how I gained access to my VERY own Divine Life, a life that leaves me lit up, energetically and spiritually fuelled and empowered. 

Now, that's enough about me! Time to talk about how we can get YOU super-powered and lit up to step into YOUR new Goddess Body! 

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The Resilient Goddess Mindset

In our Last Video we covered how hormonal imbalances you might not even know you have are the major culprit behind your weight gain, and stubborn, difficult-to-lose fat that just won't budge.

But there's something even MORE shocking that I discovered in my research of successful weight loss efforts. 

Your MINDSET can actually control your BIOCHEMISTRY, meaning mindset dictates hormonal health. 

Yes, the physical actions you do or don't take - like taking medications, exercising or being sedentary, eating foods high in carbs or inflammatory compounds, being stressed 24/7 - these things can all cause hormone imbalances and weight gain on a physical level.

But BEHIND all of that is MINDSET. If Mindset is in the right place, it changes your biochemistry for one thing, but it ALSO changes the decisions you make. Around meds, movement, stress, and food, to name a few. 

When you're absolutely 100% committed to something, doesn't it seem to be more doable, even in the face of challenge? There must have been at least ONE time in your life that you can recall having really committed to something, SO MUCH so that challenges became 'easy' or non-existent. They simply didn't register on your radar.

Maybe it was when you went to college, or university to get your degree,

Maybe it was a new job position that you chose to master.

Maybe it was your dream to buy a house against all odds

Maybe it was having a child and becoming so resilient that you did things you never did before - like survive on 4 hours of sleep. 

This is the absolute power of MNDSET. When your mindset is DIALLED in and air tight, the goal becomes easy to see and much easier to achieve. Weight loss is no longer painful. Weight loss is EXCITING. You see the light at the end of the tunnel, your Goddess Body and Divine Life in site, and you go after it like no tomorrow. 

Mindset here includes two critical things: Integrity, & Responsibility. 



Integrity in this case is giving your word to your body, doing what your body needs you to do for it to THRIVE, and trusting that your body's many millennia of development and millions of years of innate wisdom, knows even better than your own mind. 

Top Signs of Imbalance:

  • Sleeping fewer than 8 hours per night
  • Not having good sleep hygiene; being exposed to light after sunset, sleeping with light in the room, having screen time before bed
  • Eating less than 80% nutritious whole-foods cooked from scratch
  • Eating when not actually hungry 
  • Not exercising, not lifting heavy things, not walking enough
  • Stressing a lot
  • Not incorporating de-stressing techniques
  • Not doing any annual detoxification work 
  • Having unhealthy relationships and friendships, a poor social support network

Why Is It A Problem?

Being out of integrity with your health - which means, doing things in the list above, undercuts hormonal health on a daily basis, leading to weight gain. Notably you'll experience low progesterone, high estrogen, cortisol and thyroid imbalances, insulin and leptin imbalances. Yes, you got it - ALL the major imbalances, basically! By being out of integrity with your health. Weight loss will be very difficult in this scenario. 

How Did This Happen?

  • Not knowing what your God Pod / Humanly Vehicle requires to Thrive
  • Knowing what it needs but not doing it due to life stressors, not taking responsibility for your health 

Best Rebalancing Techniques:

- Watch this video series! Because we'll get into how to "Put it All Together". If you are doing a lot of things in the list (out of integrity in a lot of areas), it's not about changing all of those which can be overwhelming. It's about taking a clear-cut, super-direct route to weight loss and wellness, and letting the pieces fall back into place. 

Benefits of Rebalancing:

Being out of integrity with our body and health creates a massive internal friction, whether we consciously clue into it or not. It takes up a LOT of mental and cognitive space and bandwidth. Beginning the process of restoring your integrity with your health and body begins to alleviate pressure on you. You begin to feel better, clear-headed, more energized, more focused, and a whole lot more CALM. This perpetuates an ongoing cycle of even more bandwidth becoming available to you - to restore your health even MORE. It's one of those GOOD catch-22 scenarios! Most importantly, you get to lose weight in a safe and healthy way while ALSO bringing health back to your organs and body systems. 



Top Signs of Imbalance:

  • Being in "Victim Mode" - life is terrible and just HAPPENS to you, you have no control over your reactions, you are victim to life itself
  • Being overweight just happened to you - you don't want to take responsibility for any of the areas you were out of integrity and realize this is where the hormonal imbalances came from 
  • Complaining about your weight and wellness
  • Blaming others for your weight, wellness, or inability to transform the situation
  • This is also the Default Human Programming: We are ALL in victim mode by default, on a daily basis, until we choose responsibility instead 

Why Is It A Problem?

A prominent bariatric (weight loss) centre in Florida states that mindset - including taking personal responsibility for your weight loss, avoiding the blame game and excusitis - are the essential first step in a weight loss program.(11) Therapist Kathryn Smerling says ”Shifting your mindset about how to lose weight is the biggest factor in losing weight, We can't shift our weight from the outside without realizing the correct inner resolve and intention." (12) Food addictions researcher and weight loss expert, Medical Doctor Pam Peeke says: "If you want to succeed at weight loss, you need to "cut the mental fat, and that will lead to cutting the waistline fat.“(13) Among the professionals that help people with weight loss, it’s well known that mindset is absolutely crucial for success, both in the short and long run.

As long as you're stuck in Victim Mode, not taking Responsibility, you will feel very powerless and unable to do anything effective about your weight. A lot of women typically get stuck in excusitis mode and say they don't have time, money, or energy to lose weight, which are all cop-outs evident of Victim Mode. 

Another strategy women will undertake is to invest in a cheap solution they won't use or stick to, like a workout DVD or a book. It is common to stay stuck in what's called the "Information Gathering Phase." It quells us, it makes us think we are taking action towards our goal, but we're actually not. So it allows us to keep shelving the goal of weight loss while mentally feeling 'OK' about it. For example, it might mean watching this video series entirely, but not enacting ANY of the feedback I've given here. This is a BIG one! Do yourself the favour and either commit to taking ACTIONS, or stop watching altogether now - because being stuck in information gathering mode will do NOTHING for you but waste time. 

It ALSO keeps you in "Sabotage" Mode where you verbally say out loud you want to lose weight, but subconsciously you don't yet, and will continue to subconsciously sabotage your own efforts at weight loss. You'll choose to sleep in instead of workout; eat out too often; drink too much; you know the drill. ANYTHING else becomes more attractive to do than your weight loss goal. 

There is no "Perfect" way to be, I enter Victim Mode on a DAILY basis and so do all of the Women using the Guidelines. The only difference is we catch ourselves sooner and choose a more powerful way to be, before sabotaging our goals. Our Bodies are really the proof. 

How Did This Happen?

This is just the status quo for how the human mind functions, we have to actively overcome it and choose a new possibility. It also may be serving us in some way to stay mentally stuck. We get some sort of 'payoff' being this way, though it is not in line with our conscious goals. 

Best Rebalancing Techniques:

  • Setting GOALS, writing them out, and hanging them where you can see them (including home, work, your phone and wallet)
  • Letting others know what you're up to so you can enlist their support
  • Writing out your WHY: WHY are you doing this? WHY is transformation so important to you? Who will this affect if you take it on and improve yourself? 

Benefits of Rebalancing:

Response-ABILITY gives you POWER and control. You can CHOOSE to act powerfully to transform the situation. 

The Goddess Body Guidelines are all about AMPLE mindset fortification prior to beginning the PHYSICAL aspects of your weight loss journey. In fact it's important to spend at least a few days, if not an entire week, submersing yourself into a new mindset that completely reframes and transforms your weight loss journey. This is, by far, the biggest culprit of people not losing weight - or regaining weight - on run of the mill programs: Lack of Mindset work. 


Benefits To Your Resilient Goddess Mindset

Because all weight loss begins in the mind, and most importantly all weight maintenance does too, I designed a thorough mindset module to help reprogram your limiting beliefs about your body; and to reverse the thoughts that created your overweight in the first place, so that you aren’t fighting an uphill battle of resistance. Learn how to step into the self love required to lose the weight - and keep it off. 

Audio and video components help to reprogram your mindset to help you lose the weight more quickly, and navigate life with your new body. With your mind reprogrammed to support your weight loss, it comes into alignment with your body instead of fighting it. Thoughts of caving in to food cravings, thoughts of needing willpower all subside as your mind calmly and steadily supports you and your body in your goals without friction. You ditch the conscious and subconscious self-sabotaging and rebelling against weight loss that most people don’t even KNOW they engage in, and trade it in for the smoothest ride to the finish line. Imagine feeling calm, steady, stable, and strong as you lose weight and navigate the waters of your new body? Imagine the confidence you’ll have in choosing the right foods for you - or just enough of the treat foods you love - without sacrificing your hard work and results? Imagine how enviable you will be in your new body and lifestyle where you get to have it all!?

The Goddess Body Guidelines are all about AMPLE mindset fortification prior to beginning the PHYSICAL aspects of your weight loss journey. In fact it's important to spend at least a few days, if not an entire week, submersing yourself into a new mindset that completely reframes and transforms your weight loss journey


Emotional Eating: A Critical Block To Overcome for Weight Loss

Top Signs of Imbalance:

  • Reaching for food to comfort, soothe, numb you - or even to celebrate happiness, and joy
  • Using food as a treat or reward to get through something, good or bad
  • Eating at a social event beyond the point of being full, simply because you liked the taste of foods OR because you felt awkward / shy and would rather eat
  • Eating under stress of any type (instead of eating when you're truly hungry)
  • Eating out of boredom / nothing else to do
  • Eating to try to give yourself energy, even though you weren't hungry

Why Is It A Problem?

A survey by the American Psychological Association shows that 38% of adults engage in emotional eating due to stress, but the actual statistic is probably a lot more. The Mayo Clinic notes that emotional eating can be a top cause of sabotaging weight loss efforts or regaining lost weight, so this is an important point to note. 

I've surveyed every single one of the women that have completed the Goddess Body Guidelines and found out that 98% engaged in emotional eating, although many did not even realize it until reading the above list. 

You mess up the key hormone LEPTIN when you eat emotionally, and you perpetuate leptin resistance. The problem with LEPTIN is that the more you have from over-eating, the more fat cells you build and particularly, these super powered fat cells that get stored in unsightly places creating unattractive fat pockets, AND they have more of a disease risk associated with them. Not only that, but when you mess up leptin, over time, this negatively impacts almost ALL of your organ systems, including your liver, gallbladder, thyroid, pancreas, and ovaries. You cause more inflammation in your body and increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. If I could impart only ONE shift you actually do for the rest of your life, it would be this one, because it could literally SAVE your life. We weren’t designed to be in a state of constant over-consumption, and hormonally it totally de-rails us and puts us at risk of only gaining stubborn, hard-to-lose weight. 

How Did This Happen?

Our Society perpetuates emotional eating at social events which are often like 'feasts.' We also have generational patterns passed down whereby our parents, and their parents, etc, never learned how to actually unpack, be with, or understand their emotions, and so they chose to drug their emotions with food, a learned behaviour passed down to us. Or, it could be that we didn't learn it and just chose it. (Or, it could be a generational pattern of food scarcity, and always cleaning your plate because they didn’t know when or where their next meal would come from – this no longer applies in our world today). Foods today are filled with food chemicals engineered to hit a 'bliss point' that releases a lot of addictive brain chemicals, and so we may have learned early on (as early as in-utero) that food can provide intense physical pleasure. If we ever encounter strong emotions we don't know how to process, we are more likely to turn to food as a drug to pacify them. 

Sometimes women are afraid to face the things they hold off with food. Weight Loss Expert and Researcher Robin Phipps Woodall says we’ve developed a false sense of confidence that is reliant on the crutch of food. We’ve weakened our innate sense of self-esteem and our tolerance for life’s normal stresses. We don’t realize we actually have formed addictions to our food, nor do we realize those addictions to food actually cause us sadness, discontent and unhappiness because on a subconscious level, we know we don’t know how to cope with life without the use of food as a pacifying agent. Actually, facing these things with feminine energy which I will talk about in a moment, and processing them appropriately is both a lot less scary than we thought, AND super empowering. It is through this avenue, that women come to discover not only their Goddess Body, but how to access their Divine Life. One that they feel totally lit up about. 

Best Rebalancing Techniques:

  • Avoiding eating unless you're truly physiologically hungry
  • Not feasting at social events or eating because you're nervous
  • Learning how to be with your emotions and understand and accept them 
  • Journaling can be extremely beneficial for this 

Benefits of Rebalancing: 

Learn how to identify occasions and causes of emotional eating and most importantly - how to transform emotional eating so you can finally lose weight. This will allow you to Stop Being Sabotaged by Emotional Eating.

Emotional eating is one of the biggest causes of weight gain or ruining weight loss results and it acts as a drug to prevent you from actually healing and transforming the root cause issues in your life, which keeps you feeling small and fragmented

Be able to quickly and clearly identify when you’re about to engage in emotional eating, and learn how to transform it in its tracks. Learning how to only eat when your body is asking you to nourish it can literally save your life. Learning how to unpack the beast that is Emotional Eating can also free your Mind and your Heart, to truly heal the root causes they are looking to heal - instead of masking them with food. Gain an unbelievable level of self confidence and emotional strength, resilience, and emotional autonomy from food. Feel whole, complete, and loved again - REALLY - without needing to drug yourself with food. Be able to easily get - and keep - your sexy new figure without being sabotaged by every day emotional eating. Feel in complete partnership and alignment with your body, mind, and soul, and learn to nourish yourself, your heart, your mind, and your soul in multiple ways - not just with food. Learn how to choose life-giving foods for sustenance, health, and beauty. 


Food Addictions: Necessary to Address for Weight Loss

Top Signs of Imbalance:

  •  Have you ever wanted to stop eating food and found you just couldn't? 
  •  Do you think about food or your weight constantly?
  •  Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting success?
  •  Do you binge and then 'get rid of the binge' through vomiting, laxatives, exercise, or other forms of purging?
  •  Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people?
  •  Do you eat to escape from your feelings?
  •  Do you eat when you're not hungry?
  •  Have you ever discarded food, only to retrieve it and eat it later?
  •  Do you fast or severely restrict your food intake?
  •  Have you ever stolen other people's foods?
  •  Have you ever hidden food to make sure you 'have enough'?
  •  Do you obsessively calculate the calories you've burned against the calories you've consumed?
  •  Do you frequently feel guilty or ashamed of what you've eaten?
  •  Do you feel hopeless about your relationship with food?

If you answered YES to 3 OR MORE of these questions, you are most likely a food addict, according to Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous. 

Why Is It A Problem?

If you have unidentified food addictions, they will continuously bring you back to being overweight. As far as food addicts go, 90% are overweight or obese according to Yale University. Eating foods YOUR brain or body is addicted to, creates a chemical cascade similar to being on drugs (if not the exact same). Food Addictions are more insidious than drug and alcohol addictions: they are harder to notice and take longer to kill us. But the long-term ramifications are the same: ill health and an earlier death, not to mention being overweight and obese. These addictions typically fuel inflammation in the body, a topic we will cover in our next video that keeps us overweight as well. 

Many women are aware of certain addictions they have to foods like ice cream or chocolate, but equally many women DON'T realize their addictions until they remove the offending substances completely. Women following the Goddess Body Guidelines are able to successfully identify their trigger foods, combinations and situations so that they can exert control over them and not fall victim to the cascade created by food addictions again. Unfortunately women with undiagnosed food addictions who DON'T use these guidelines and follow typical approaches instead, will likely re-gain the weight they lost when they start eating their trigger foods again. Trigger foods also cause us to eat emotionally: ALL food addicts eat emotionally, which causes weight gain and leptin damage + the organ damage associated with it. 

How Did This Happen?

The Food Industry has engineered extremely addictive molecules that trigger a 'bliss point,' plus any type of refined food has been stripped of its natural wholistic nutrients which creates the possibility for addiction. Sugar cane, the whole food, is typically not addictive, but white sugar (stripped of nutrients) is more addictive than cocaine. Speaking of cocaine, coca leaves are typically not addictive when eaten, but their stripped down version cocaine is highly addictive. Poppy seeds and plants are not addictive, but their resin when used to make heroine is extremely addictive. Pure cocoa beans / seeds are not addictive, but when processed and combined with milk and sugar to make milk chocolate, are highly addictive. 

Any time we eat a non-whole-food, we are at risk of creating an addiction because the body does not recognize the non-wholistic structure of the 'food.' Typically, though, women who have addictions in their family history (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex) are more at risk of food addictions, as are women that aren't equipped to deal with emotions fully. 

Best Rebalancing Techniques:

  • A hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, whole foods nutritional plan for at least 6 - 9 weeks to re-set the system and identify food addictions 
  • Substitution of food addiction triggers for wholistic options - e.g. choosing raw dark chocolate sweetened with honey or stevia instead of a kit kat bar

Benefits of Rebalancing:

For women with food addictions, a trigger food causes a cascade that leads to poor decision making, over-eating, emotional eating, and binging on food addictions, which robs the body of vital nutrients. Women who follow the Goddess Body Guidelines get to break free of the addictive cycle, learn how to nourish their bodies, and avoid weight gain by avoiding trigger foods and scenarios. They learn how to choose nourishing foods, people, places, and events instead of ones that rob their vitality and beauty. 

Break the cycle of food addictions. Completely break active food addictions, learn how to identify and re-test them, and how to mediate them in your life for good. For many women, there are undiagnosed food addictions at play that we may not even know about until we pull those addictive foods out of our lives. Food addictions trigger extremely strong biochemical reactions that cause us to gain weight over time and engage in emotional eating that feels beyond our control. When you can finally break the biochemical addiction, you will finally lose the inflammation, and the metabolic disruption that has been keeping you fat all thanks to food addictions. Certain foods and in certain combinations can really trigger an eating cascade of either over-eating or emotional eating that will constantly sabotage your weight loss efforts. Imagine being able to quickly identify the foods that are making your weight loss a continuous uphill battle, and learn how to work with these tendencies and imbalances so that you can finally lose the weight? Finally feel like you have full control over your weight loss and your body. Step into new levels of mental and emotional clarity and stability you never thought were possible before. Be able to enjoy a lasting, healthy new body weight. 


Return to the Divine: Why Embracing Your Feminine Self is ESSENTIAL For Your Weight Loss

Top Signs of Imbalance

  •  Do you try to control, manage, or nag people in your life, including your children? 
  •  Do you try to weaken, disempower, shame, or undermine people in your life in order to get a desired result? BE Honest with yourself. Do you do this subconciously, maybe? 
  •  Do you judge yourself or others often? Do you judge your thinking, or feelings? Do you think your thoughts, feelings, or choices are stupid or naive, or have been in the past? Have you said things like, "I'll never be that stupid / naive again"? 
  •  Do you spend a lot of time protecting, fighting, or competing - at home or at work? 
  •  Do you wear the pants in your relationship? BE HONEST
  •  Do you have a hard time trusting men?
  •  Do you fail to see men acting as real Leaders around you?
  •  Do you feel burnt out and tired of having to manage everything and everyone in your life? 

If you answered YES to any of the above, you're likely engaging in being inauthentically masculine, instead of being in your powerful, natural, Divine Feminine energetic space

Why Is It A Problem?

Instead of embracing and BEING our authentic, Divine Feminine selves, many of us have adopted an inauthentic masculine energy to protect ourselves, and we know in our hearts and in our subconscious that this is not an authentic version of ourselves. 

And so we eat to cover up those feelings of incongruence.  The woman we witness ourselves being in the world, does not match up, at a subconscious level, with the woman we know ourselves deep down to be, and this causes a massive amount of emotional friction that leads to emotional eating. 

Any time that you are excessively or inauthentically engaging in masculine behaviours, like controlling, manipulating, emasculating others (putting them down, nagging), being overly competitive (outside of where it's necessary like the workplace or competitive sports), you are creating an imbalance in your masculine and feminine energies. It’s common in this day and age as women to act more masculine and our patriarchal society seems to reward it, though we are now seeing a shift in the tides towards valuing true, authentic, Divine Feminine energy. 

Being in an inauthentic masculine state costs us our Goddess Bodies, our weight, our wellness, even our relationships with partners, with our children, and with friends. It is not possible to live a Divine Life when we are being inauthentic and acting out of subsconcious fears in ways we don't even realize. 

How Did This Happen?

We take this behaviour on because at some point in our lives, we felt unsafe just being women, and decided to put on the pants and act manly in certain regards. Feminists thought that they had to become more like MEN in order to advance in the world, get more rights, freedoms, and jobs. However we're beginning to see that using masculine energy against masculine energy is basically creating war. And it's costing us our health, our femininity, our vibrancy as women. We don't need to be like MEN to be successful; rather, we actually need to EMBRACE what makes us unique as women in order to be successful in the world. Women full of feelings, emotions, intuitions, connection, and with a focus on relationships. It's not to say there isn't a time to be protective, competitive, and embrace other masculine traits - for instance in competitive sports or to run our businesses - but when it becomes our dominant state, from an inauthentic place, it impairs our health. AND, it makes us eat emotionally without even realizing it. Not to mention - it burns the shit out of our hormones, most notably estrogen, progesterone, and the adrenal glands and thyroid. Being in a masculine state requires a lot of testosterone, and spends up our progesterone and cortisol like crazy. Is it any wonder women start to grow facial hair later in life from these effects? 

Best Rebalancing Techniques: 

  • Learning about the Wild Woman Archetype by reading the book Women Who Run With Wolves
  • Journaling at least 5 minutes per day, starting with “I Feel…”
  • Getting intimate with our own emotions instead of shelving them and ignoring them; seeking to learn, understand, and honour ourselves and our emotions

Benefits of Rebalancing: 

Learn how to reclaim your Authentic Divine Feminine Self. Mindset Modules teach you how to step into and embrace your Divine Feminine, being able to express yourself in life authentically, while taking off the inauthentic mask of being excessively masculine in life, business, and relationships. One of the key reasons for emotional eating stems from women who are being inauthentically masculine as a protective mechanism, rather than as a Divine Expression of who they really are. When you come to experience and express a truer version of yourself, becoming Divinely Feminine, you not only get access to your Divine Life, you get to transform the biggest reason why women engage in emotional eating that causes weight gain in the first place. Honouring your Goddess Body becomes natural, feminine, and effortless for you. Feel in alignment mind body and soul, be able to nourish the real you with food, friendship, and more. Learn how to be your true and authentic self and embrace your inherent nature as a woman, so that emotional eating easily dissipates.   

jared-rice-388260 (1).jpg

While Hormone Health is Critical For Weight Loss, You Can See Now How MINDSET Underlies EVERYTHING

With the right Mindset you can:

  • Fortify yourself for your weight loss journey, empower yourself through Integrity and responsibility
  • Address Emotional Eating Patterns which have been undermining you, your weight, and your hormones
  • Address Food Addictions so you are no longer undermined by them 
  • Step into being Authentically, Divinely Feminine to rebalance your emotions and your emotional eating

A Wholistic, Effective Weight Loss Program is the KEY to Not Only Losing the Weight, But Keeping it Off

The problem is, MOST women have tried a run-of-the-mill weight loss approach in the past that HASN'T worked or failed to offer SUSTAINABLE results that Lasted. 

We've covered some BIG topics today that are really left out by MOST programs. 

Mindset is critical and fortifying and strengthening our emotional world is crucial for weight loss. It is important to really honour the importance of it. That's why we've spent SO much time on it today, and I hope you can understand now why it's so important for weight loss. 

Our next 3 videos are shorter, sweeter, and more physically-focused on concrete actions you can take to lose weight right away. 

Next up we will be covering the importance of Digestion & Detoxification and why they are SO CRITICAL for fast and effective weight loss - PLUS keeping it off. See you in the next video! 

AND, if you ALREADY know you're interested in receiving my help & guidance with getting your Goddess Body, you can also skip ahead to Video 7 right now to learn more about our program. 




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