The Goddess Body Guidelines

"Unique Female Fat Loss Mechanism Sheds 25lbs in 6 Weeks by Combining Hormone Rebalancing with Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Reasons For Weight Gain"

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"Unique Female Fat Loss Mechanism Sheds 25lbs in 6 Weeks by Combining Hormone Rebalancing with Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Reasons For Weight Gain"

...why rebalancing these hormones - AND the emotional reasons you gained weight - will help you Get Your Goddess Body: effectively losing stubborn body fat while preserving muscle

There is SHOCKING new evidence for Women showing that our weight loss capacity is MUCH more affected by hormones and even our own emotions - than it is for men. There is ALSO evidence out of Harvard showing how hormonal imbalances you might not even know you have, can be blocking your ability to lose weight the NORMAL way - through exercise and diet. 

Here's what I discovered through researching thousands of patients in my and my colleagues' private practice and combining it with cutting-edge evidence out of prestigious institutions like Harvard and Rockefeller: There are CERTAIN women for whom TYPICAL methods of weight loss Just won't work because they have SUB CLINICAL hormonal imbalances. 

SUB CLINICAL hormonal imbalances are rarely looked for, tested for, or diagnosed. That is why they carry the name 'sub' clinical. Things aren't BAD enough to warrant your doctor investigating deeper - and yet they ARE bad enough to cause stubborn weight gain. And if you Are actually diagnosed with a hormonal condition, this video applies to you even more. 

Today you'll learn how to identify if you have one of these imbalances right away PLUS what to do about it so you can FINALLY start losing weight. We're talking an average of 25 - 40lbs lost in six weeks. 

For THESE women, they DO NOT respond normally to ANY of the diets or exercises out there, and in fact these typical methods can actually worsen their weight. I know first hand because not only did I work with and treat these women in my private practice - I WAS ONE OF THEM!

AND, I discovered through my research that there is a Unique Fat Loss Mechanism that occurs when we pair evidence-based natural strategies for rebalancing hormones with targeting the mental, emotional, and even SPIRITUAL causes of weight gain. 

In fact here's a picture of me BEFORE and AFTER putting this unique combination of techniques to the test for just under 6 weeks: 

Before and After.jpeg

I lost 25lbs, 2 dress sizes, and 6% Body Fat in that time, not to mention 4 inches off of my waist. 

It wasn't always that way. I gained 25lbs after having my daughter Alice and I kept it on for four years. I tried what felt like everything, from the paleo diet, to the keto diet, to the 21 Day Fix, to Beach Body workouts, to hiring a personal trainer for 1-on-1 sessions three times a week for ten months. An investment that costs over 10K and I literally left that gym the exact same weight as when I started. 

Trust me when I say that it was ONLY when I discovered this unique combination of natural techniques to rebalance my hormones, that all 25 pounds dropped off of me in only 6 weeks. My body RETURNED to the way it WANTED to be, but previously couldn't, because hormonal imbalances were in my way. 

Not only did it work well for me, but I put it to the test on over 60 women ranging from the ages of 30 to 75, and they all got the same results or BETTER, some taking off as much as 40 - 50lbs in 6 - 8 weeks. One even took off 100lbs over an 11-month span. These results ARE typical and I'm going to explain the exact mechanisms why this unique combination delivers every single time for the RIGHT woman. Specifically, it works for women like us with hormonal imbalances,which typically crop up after having a baby or around menopause, though they can happen any time.

I'm ALSO going to get deeper into my story of how I discovered that emotional eating, psychological and even SPIRITUAL issues were keeping me fat and unhappy and perpetuating my hormonal imbalances. But I'll save that story for later because I want to get started in helping YOU as soon as possible. 

Today I'm going to share with you a 7-part weight loss mini-series that takes a look under the hood at the REAL reason you've had to struggle all this time, and most importantly, what you can do about it. 

My name is Erica Robinson and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I hold a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree and am a former Naturopathic Doctor. I left Private Practice to bring a larger message to the world: 

HORMONAL IMBALANCES you probably don't even know you have are the biggest block and reason you aren't losing weight. 

What You'll ALSO discover is that this is completely inside of your control and capacity to transform - NATURALLY. 

AND - lastly - what you're going to discover is that As WOMEN, our EMOTIONS and MINDSET play a PIVOTAL role in hormonal flow and therefore, our access to having our Goddess Bodies. 

When I say mindset - I mean on a mental, emotional, energetic and SPIRITUAL level, we're doing something MAJOR that is blocking us from having the healthy hormones, the weight, and the body that we REALLY want. 

Today's series is going to dive into all of that, so that you can understand how this happened, and where to go from here. 

This is what I call the Goddess Body Guidelines: a unique combination of nutrients and lifestyle techniques that can help women achieve Venus or Goddess measurements. 

The famous statue Venus De Milo is said to model ideal ratios of the female form. The Greek version of this Goddess is Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty. She has a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, correlated with sex appeal, beauty, and beautifully functioning hormones. And not to mention a low risk of chronic disease. Even if Venus seems like a far-off ideal, these techniques can help ANY woman suffering from subclinical hormonal imbalances That she doesn't even know she HAS - to FINALLY shed the weight. And believe me when I say your Goddess Body IS Possible. 


Let's Check If You're In The Right Place: Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

 ✔️ Have you been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for years

✔️ Have you tried multiple methods none of which worked or lasted?

✔️ Did you gain even more weight afterwards?

✔️ Do you already eat a healthy diet and exercise but see NO results on the scale?  

✔️ Do you feel frustrated, angry, or even depressed about your body? 

✔️ Are you tired of depriving yourself of normal foods, seeing weight gain from the slightest of cheats, while your friends and family eat more than you and are thinner than you?  

✔️ Do you find yourself hiding out from photos or positioning yourself so no one can see how much weight you’ve gained? 

✔️ Are you terrified to see your naked reflection in the mirror? 

✔️ Are you in denial of all the clothes you can no longer wear in your closet, are you confined to stretchy black yoga clothes, and do you fear shopping because you’ll have to admit you’re ANOTHER size larger?

✔️ Do you feel like you are developing your mother’s body, despite your best intentions? 

✔️ Have you put everyone else’s needs before yours, and ended up with a body you dislike or even resent? 

✔️ Do you feel like your weight has impacted your capacity to move forward in your career, or has you hesitant to interact with people because your confidence is affected? 

✔️ Do you find yourself saying NO to social events because of your weight and lack of clothes you enjoy?  

✔️ Are you worried how your weight is impacting your marriage? Do you avoid having sex with your partner because of your weight? 

✔️ Is your energy shot from having to carry around all this extra weight?  

✔️ Do you secretly feel like your body is Broken and things will Never change, Leading you to Live a Second-Class Life?  

If you said YES to even ONE of these things, here's the good news: NONE OF THESE things are the real problem - the REAL problem is you haven't learned the SHIFTS necessary to rebalance your hormones and lose the weight for good

I feel your pain and the pain of the hundreds of women I've worked with in private practice, and after seeing these Guidelines work every.single.time for the RIGHT women, I KNOW it doesn't have to be this way. 


Here's The Thing... This DOESN'T Work For EVERY Woman

Now right off the bat I have a confession:

While I wish I had discovered a unique combination that could help EVERY woman suffering from stubborn weight, I didn't. 

The Goddess Body Guidelines will NOT work for every woman. In fact they won't work or are contraindicated for women who have:

  • Been looking for a magic bullet that will allow them to eat McDonald's 3 times a day and not get fat. 
  •  History of heart attack or cancer in the past year
  •  Autoimmune Condition that is in an active flare up
  •  Active, uncontrolled mental illness or eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)
  •  Pregnant or breastfeeding
  •  Vegetarians
  •  * See star below for details why in case you're interested

If you fit any of these groups, I'm sorry that these Guidelines can't help you, at least not right now. It's probably better that we part ways now as I don't want you to waste your time. BUT, if you aren't on this list, it means the Guidelines will WORK for you because of the multi-faceted, multiple rebalancing approach I'll explain soon. Stick with me and it'll ALL make sense.

+ *WHY This Doesn't Work For Certain Groups of Women:

  • Women who are looking for a magic bullet that will allow them to eat McDonald's 3 times a day and not get fat. Keep Dreamin'! The women we work with enjoy eating nutritious foods and are interested in or already engage in exercise
  • History of heart attack or cancer in the past year: while ultimately the Goddess Body Guidelines are beneficial for these conditions because they adhere to an anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol, it is important in the first year of remission from a heart attack or cancer to work closely with and be monitored by a Medical Doctor
  • Autoimmune Condition that is in an active flare up: It is important you work closely with a medical professional to get your flare up under control. The inflammation will un-do any weight loss techniques. Once under control, these Guidelines can actually help reduce the frequency and severity of flare ups
  • Active, uncontrolled mental illness or eating disorders: it is important to work closely with a psychologist or psychiatrist to get these conditions to a place of stability and not considered safe to undertake nutritional changes in this state unless closely monitored
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding: While all of the nutrients recommended in the Goddess Body Guidelines are natural, they haven't been tested on pregnant and breastfeeding women hence are not to be used until after breastfeeding
  • Vegetarians --> Animal protein, and the fat found in fish, are two of the most potent hormone normalizers when used correctly and the Goddess Body Guidelines reflect that. For women willing to eat animal protein or at least fish for 9 weeks, these Guidelines are feasible and to date we've seen multiple vegetarians go back to meat and lose 30lbs within only six weeks - after years of holding on

We're Going To Cover 1 Topic A Day For The Next Week So You Can FINALLY Lose The Weight:

Here's what's on our Agenda for the Next Week. And if at any time you want to skip ahead or binge watch, use your intuition to guide you and click the video links at the top of this page. 

1.  How Sub Clinical Hormonal Imbalances are Causing You To Have Stubborn Fat

2.  Why Your Mindset is Absolutely CRUCIAL When It Comes to Rebalancing Those Hormones to Lose Weight

3. How Digestion and Detoxification are CRITICAL to having healthy hormones

4.  How Your Brain Chemicals may have become imbalanced from First World Living - contributing to crazy food cravings, erosion of willpower, and weight gain

5.  How MANY women (98.5%!) have at least ONE gene predisposing them to obesity that needs to be supported to lose weight and prevent re-gaining

6.  Why Other Approaches You've Tried Have Failed or even worsened things + How To Un-Do The Damage 

7.  Putting it ALL Together to Lose the Weight: One stone, Many Birds, Fast Effective Results 


Today's Topic: Are Your Hormones Making YOU Fat? 

If you have any level of hormonal imbalance - whether your doctor has straight up diagnosed you with a hormonal disease, or whether you have subclinical ones they haven't spoken to you about - weight loss is going to be an absolutely UPHILL BATTLE. One that, MOST DAYS, isn't worth it. 

MOST women with stubborn weight have at least one or more imbalanced hormones from the list we'll cover today. 

By the time we get to our final video in this series, you will see that it's NOT about treating or targeting each individual imbalance because that could take a LIFETIME. Hormones are ALL connected, so they need to be rebalanced together to get the best results. The good news is, this is much faster! 

This is REALLY about taking a targeted approach that kills many birds with ONE stone - getting you the results you want as quickly, as safely, as effectively - and as PERMANENTLY - as possible. So please, keep this in your mind as you progress, and make sure to watch up to the last video to understand how to put it all together. 

Let's talk about our most crucial weight loss hormone first, Leptin.

+ Leptin

Researchers at Rockefeller University in 1995(1) discovered the hormone LEPTIN is responsible for satiety and appetite, making you stop eating sooner. However, 5 years later in 2000, Harvard Medical School discovered that it’s not a deficiency in leptin that leads to weight gain but rather, the brain’s INABILITY to sense the leptin that’s already present. This is called LEPTIN RESISTANCE. (2)

Top Signs of Imbalance:

  • Overweight or over-fat
  • Difficulty losing weight through normal means
  • You rarely feel full unless you stuff yourself
  • You feel like a bottomless pit
  • You always feel hungry or don't really know what true hunger is
  • You almost feel like you could eat another meal after your meal

Why Is It A Problem?

A recent study in 2015 shows that this leptin resistance, beyond willpower, caloric reduction and exercise, is actually the MAIN reason people become - and stay - overweight.(3) That's right. Almost NO amount of willpower, caloric reduction, or exercise can correct this or help you lose weight if you have a LEPTIN imbalance. And Leptin Resistance is the NUMBER ONE Imbalance I see in the women I've worked with - literally every single one of them has it including myself.

The issue is that exercise and nutrition alone fail to correct leptin resistance. Even participants on the show The Biggest Loser, when tested a year after the show, still had leptin problems. This means that in order to stay a healthy weight, they would have to fight against CONSTANT food cravings, hunger, and appetite surges because the body isn't responding correctly to leptin and doesn't know when it's actually full - a surefire method to REGAIN all the lost weight. In fact 13 of the 14 Season 8 participants gained back weight after the show and 4 became even heavier than when they started. A new study now shows the tactics used ended up permanently damaging their metabolism, which can be equally true for women with hormonal imbalances that try regular diets. YET, we now know there IS a way to rebalance this lowered metabolism.

How Did This Happen? 3 Causes:

(1) Eating a high-carb diet (more than 100-150g / day): Honestly speaking, unless you workout hard, even more than 50g of carbs a day will be stored as fat. PS - the AVERAGE woman eats 330g of carbs a day! The problem? They get converted into a specific fatty acid called Palmitic Acid. Palmitic Acid is one of the most harmful saturated fats there are, it causes high cholesterol, heart disease, AND, it makes the brain NUMB TO LEPTIN. So even though your body is telling your brain you're full, your brain can't hear it. The more carbs you eat, the more hungry you will always be.

(2) Inflammation: Inflammation mainly comes from eating too many carbs - grains, legumes, and sugars of any type including natural ones. Inflammation also comes from eating too much Omega 6 fat (e.g. canola oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil) and these are in basically ALL processed foods from the grocery store or restaurants. So unless you're cooking from scratch without these oils, you're inflaming yourself, and the inflammation makes you leptin resistant too.

(3) High Levels of Body Fat. This is a bit of a Catch 22. Fat releases Leptin, basically in an attempt to tell the brain "HEY, we're loaded up down here, Stop eating!" But the problem is, with loads of body fat, the brain gets an onslaught of leptin and becomes resistant to it (What can I say? The Human brain was not designed for this, there were no obese cavemen!)

--> MOST women have all three of the above going on, causing ongoing Leptin resistance

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Drop excess carbs, aim for 50 - 100g per day
  • Favour more protein and healthy fat instead as these re-program leptin response
  • Decrease Omega 6 oils in your diet (vegetable, canola, rapeseed, soy)
  • Focus on Healthy Fats like Olive Oil, Avocado, Macadamia, Grass-Fed Butter / Ghee, Coconut Products, Grass-Fed Meat, deep-water fish and fish oil

Benefits of Rebalancing

When your leptin begins working FOR you instead of against you, it’s easy to re-learn true hunger and only eat when you’re hungry, and easy to notice when you’re full (which is a lot quicker than you probably realize!)

Most women have lost their true hunger signals and satiety signals, and instead eat based on crashing blood sugar or for emotional reasons, both of which we'll talk about in coming videos.

The Goddess Body Guidelines re-stabilizes hypoglycemia / dysglycemia and other subclinical blood sugar imbalances, while optimizing leptin function and re-sensitizing your brain to leptin, meaning you can adequately determine once again when you are truly hungry, and when you are truly full. This means you choose to eat less food, less often, based entirely on what your body actually needs for nourishment, which leads to easier weight loss and easy to maintain results. NO MORE starving yourself or having to try to use WILLPOWER to overcome intense hunger signals.

Without being the victim of the blood sugar roller coaster, your meal-to-meal choices will be healthier, more nourishing, more nutrient dense and less calorically dense. This means you get to feel good about how you nourish your body, and weight loss is no longer a struggle. You get to feel positive about being re-aligned with your body and knowing what it wants and needs. You get to LOSE WEIGHT - easily, effortlessly, and smoothly in comparison to all of the struggle you've dealt with. You get to PARTNER WITH your body instead of feeling like it's constantly against you.

+ Insulin

Top Signs of Imbalance • Blood Sugar Rollercoaster: you need to eat every few hours (or have coffee to suppress appetite) • You get hangry, moody, emotional when you don't eat • You have hair on: your upper lip, chin, around the nipples, chest or stomach • Losing hair on the top of the head (male pattern baldness) • You have ovarian cysts, or signs of PCOS • Acne on face or body • Stubborn weight, especially on the love handles / flanks, and upper back fat / bra line fat

Why Is It A Problem?

If you're insulin resistant and you feel any degree of moodiness or anger when missing a meal, this is a surefire sign your body ONLY runs on carbs (or coffee, if you skip meals using coffee / caffeine), and is never given the opportunity to tap into body fat as a source of fuel. So your body will propel you to seek out high carb meals every few hours because that is its only source of fuel. You have an OCEAN of energy available to you in stored body fat, but you're completely unable to tap into this resource. Until you correct the insulin resistance, it's going to be very difficult to do so. You should be able to miss a meal no problem and cruise into fat-burning mode without missing a beat.

How Did This Happen? 2 Causes:

(1) Eating a high-carb diet (more than 100-150g / day): even 'good' carbs count. Eating this many carbs = a LOT of insulin release = your body eventually stops listening to the memo and becomes resistant. The average woman eats 330g of carbs per day - over triple what she should be having for healthy insulin functioning.

(2) Not enough Exercise. Forget the chronic cardio that depletes the crap out of your adrenal glands - I'm not talking about that. I mean not enough LIFTING HEAVY STUFF, not enough High Intensity Interval Training, not enough every day walking.

Usually most women I meet and speak with are killing themselves for an hour on the treadmill which is probably the worst form of exercise, OR, they aren't doing any exercise, OR, they sincerely believe walking is enough (it's only enough if you're medically obese). AND they're pairing this with too many carbs. Voila - Insulin Resistance is Born. So it may look like a low-cal diet (with too many carbs) + killing yourself at the gym, YET - you're still fat. It's a MISERABLE place to be.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Drop excess carbs, aim for 50 - 100g per day
  • Favour more protein and healthy fat instead as these re-program insulin response
  • Choose root vegetables and other starchy veggies as your main sources of carbs (ditch or minimize grains and legumes)
  • Save fruit for the weekends or your treat day (1 day a week)
  • Choose berries as a top choice when you do have fruit
  • Choose stevia and erythritol, natural, calorie-free sweeteners, instead of sugar, artificial sweeteners, or even maple syrup / honey / agave as all the former ones mess with insulin (even no calorie artificial sweeteners!)
  • EXERCISE! Lifting weights 4 times a week and High Intensity Interval training 2 - 3 times per week

Benefits of Rebalancing

Insulin Resistance is even easier to correct than leptin through the Goddess Body Guidelines combination of nutrients and lifestyle techniques, and within less than 3 months, women will decrease by 2 - 3 dress sizes if not more. These techniques work synergistically to rebalance leptin and insulin together, which means body fat distribution begins to decrease and take on a more feminine, hourglass form. Fat governed by insulin normally stores itself in the love handles, back, and to a degree under the arms (batwings), and on the stomach. As this fat decreases and distributes more normally across the body since insulin resistance has rebalanced, inches on the body are drastically lost. Wearing beautiful, body-flattering clothing becomes fun again. Women begin to FEEL like Absolute GODDESSES as their body returns to the shape it was meant to be - the shape that reflects healthy hormonal control.

+ Adrenals

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • Feeling tired and wired
  • And / or feeling complete exhaustion - falling asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow
  • Afternoon crash that requires sugar or caffeine (or a nap) to get through
  • Getting an energy spike in the evening
  • Waking up frequently in the middle of the night - like 2am
  • Having sugar cravings
  • Needing coffee or caffeine to wake up in the morning
  • Slow recovery time from workouts or injuries
  • Brain fog, poor memory, difficulty with recall, poor problem-solving skills, slower thinking
  • Storing fat on the Belly
  • Having the appearance of skinny legs and arms but a big fat belly

Why Is It A Problem?

  • We release cortisol from the adrenals under stress
  • Cortisol itself stores belly fat
  • Cortisol blocks progesterone production, and without enough progesterone, we get fat
  • Cortisol blocks liver detoxification of estrogen, which means too much estrogen, which makes us fat
  • Cortisol becomes out of balance with insulin, so we get all the insulin-resistant problems above
  • Cortisol steals from Thyroid functioning, making thyroid hormones and metabolism drop

One of the main issues with adrenals is taking on exercise. If a woman's adrenal glands are already depleted by life itself, she will be very unlikely to sustain an exercise plan, or an exercise plan will make her feel worse. Often times, if she has any of the OTHER hormone imbalances, she will have to exercise SO hard to overcome them and lose weight in the face of them (like The Biggest Loser Participants), that it will cause adrenal imbalances that she might not have yet had. It's always a catch-22. You cannot escape from this need to rebalance the hormones.

How Did This Happen?

Many things cause your physical body stress, whether you mentally perceive it or not (most women do not).

Stress itself can come from sitting in traffic, working, raising children, eating foods your body doesn't like - even if you can't tell; breathing in pollution, or over-exercising.

Just because it's fun or mentally tolerable for you to run on coffee without food or sleep all day, it doesn't mean your physical body agrees with that - in fact it's quite stressful.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Majorly removing as many stressors as possible from your life - including dietary stress:
  • Taking on a low-stress diet of anti-inflammatory whole foods
  • Living a "Slow Life" more often - forget work hard play hard, decrease intensity as much as possible
  • Sleeping every night before 11pm and sleeping for at least 8 hours. Bonus Points for sleeping in.
  • Gentle, restorative exercise like yin yoga, walking
  • Certain adrenal nutrients can help like Vitamin C, B Complex, Magnesium, Tyrosine, Rhodiola, Ashwaganda, and Holy Basil to name a few

Benefits of Rebalancing

The Adrenal glands CAN begin their healing journey through the Goddess Body Guidelines using the right nutrients. This is important both to help you finally lose weight but ALSO to get back enormous amounts of locked-away energy. The benefit to this is being more productive throughout your day, not needing to take naps, and being able to be awake and focused for longer. Better problem-solving skills, sharper thinking, better short and long-term memory all return. This means you get to have your LIFE back - more time on your side.

Not only that - but the Guidelines also teach you how to exercise PROPERLY to heal and protect your adrenals to keep you well. This ensures you can stay active without wasting hours in the gym, and be strong in your day-to-day life. You get to feel energized, and know you're doing something good for your body: Finally working out to stay strong - NOT to lose weight, because it's already gone.

+ Thyroid

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • Low energy, fatigue
  • Losing hair diffusely from your head, eyelashes, or eyebrows
  • Slow reaction time
  • Dry skin, coarse hair
  • Overweight
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Neck looks fat, noticeable fat creases on the neck
  • It takes EXCESSIVE exercise to see a drop in weight and on the flipside, the slightest 'cheat food' causes enormous weight gain

Why Is It A Problem?

When the thyroid is imbalanced and slower in functioning, it converts less (inactive) T4, to (active) T3, the hormone needed for high metabolism. It does this typically because the adrenal glands are imbalanced, and the adrenals are stealing the nutrients needed to make cortisol, from the thyroid. With less active T3, metabolism drops! And then all normal approaches of decreasing calories like diets actually DECREASE metabolism even more in the body's effort to save energy during a starvation response.

How Did This Happen?

Living a stressful lifestyle that depleted your adrenals (see above), and also not getting enough minerals like selenium and iodine - both are deficient in the typical modern diet. Another big cause is eating an inflammatory diet with lots of carbs like grains, legumes, sugars; as well as the Omega 6 oils we've already spoken about in processed foods.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Get your adrenals healthy again! See above
  • Eat sea vegetables and sea weeds like nori on sushi
  • Eat seafood
  • Eat an anti-inflammatory, whole foods nutritional plan
  • Consider taking L-tyrosine, selenium, and general adrenal support

Benefits of Rebalancing

TYPICAL diets and exercise - for someone with adrenal and thyroid issues - actually lead to LOWER long-term metabolism, where eating a normal diet with normal amounts of food will actually cause constant weight gain. That's why it is SO SO critical to address the underlying imbalances in order to correct this and restore yourself to normal. Then your body will begin responding normally to nutrition and exercise, and this is EXACTLY what the Goddess Body Guidelines do through their specific combination of nutrients and techniques so that you can eat normally again.

What's interesting is that one of the cornerstones of proprietary nutrients in the Goddess Body Guidelines has actually been studied and shown to increase mitochondria or energy-producing parts of the muscles. Indirect calorimetric tests show that participants using these strategies actually show an INCREASED metabolism after they undertake this strategy. This is completely the opposite of what we see with typical diets, where metabolism DROPS after a diet. When we tested several patients' TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone - in clinic, we noticed that their TSH got BETTER after these guidelines were followed. One patient was actually able to come off of her thyroid medication and was no longer classified as 'hypothyroid,' and another client is close on her tail to do the same after her MD already lowered her dose TWICE. This is the exact OPPOSITE of what you see in any type of starvation, calorie-deficit diet.

The Guidelines can increase your metabolism again by directly targeting the thyroid functioning and the metabolism of the muscles. This leads to increased fat burning, faster fat loss, and a focus on fat loss instead of muscle loss. This means you achieve a sleek, sexy look sooner, and can feel incredible inside of a strong body - not a sick, tired, and depleted one that's been ravaged by over-exercising and under-eating. It ALSO means you can return to eating normal amounts of food - no more having to live off 900 calories a day otherwise you risk getting overweight again.

Case Study: RL's Thyroid Improves One client began the Guidelines and lowered her TSH level from 4.01 to 3.69, a sign that her metabolism is going UP and thyroid is healing. Her prior Thyroid score (TSH) was 4.01, and after enacting the Guidelines it lowered to 3.69. She suspects it's lowered even more since then and has now come off of her thyroid medications.

+ Progesterone

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • Did or Do You Experience heavy periods (even if you're now in menopause)? Clots? Periods lasting longer than 5 days, with lots of blood loss and frequent changing of pads? Did it even cause you to have low iron?
  • Endometriosis, Fibroids
  • Periods that started or ended on brown-coloured flow
  • Breast tenderness, swelling, and bloating of the breasts, abdomen, or even hands and feet throughout your cycle
  • PMS, mood swings, being bitchy, depression, low sex drive

Why Is It A Problem?

  • It fails to balance out estrogen, so estrogen runs rampant, and causes fat gain - especially on the hips, outer and inner thighs, and butt
  • It fails to bind Thyroid Binding Globulin or TBG, a substance which, when it is unbound, goes on to attack your thyroid and decrease metabolism
  • It fails to lower insulin levels - one of its key jobs - so you're more likely to become insulin resistant. Can you see now the TEAMWORK effect healthy hormones have? Failing to lower insulin means more sugar and chocolate cravings especially around periods!
  • It fails to lower inflammation, another of its key jobs, so more inflammation leads to more leptin resistance (TEAM HORMONES DOWN FOR THE COUNT!)
  • Without enough progesterone you suffer sleep deprivation, which leads to increased appetite and eating 300 more calories per day
  • Progesterone is a natural diuretic so without it --> You retain fluids like Whoa. Water weight is heavy on the scale.

How Did This Happen?

  • Typical stressful First-World Lifestyle (most North American women experience progesterone deficiency eventually)
  • Stress depletes adrenal glands which then steal from progesterone production
  • Estrogen became too high and progesterone can't balance it, leading to the same symptoms, this happens by breathing in exhaust fumes, commuting, breathing off-gassing air of furniture, paints, glues, including coffee cup glues; drinking and eating out of plastic containers, taking the birth control pill in the last 5 - 10 years
  • Pregnancies (1 or many)

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Address your adrenal gland health - de-stress!
  • Botanicals like Wild Yam and Chaste Tree can be helpful as well as B Complex vitamins
  • Consuming Healthy fats like Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil

Benefits of Rebalancing

It's now evident that our hormones are interconnected and interdependent. And if you were to go about addressing each imbalance separately, it would take you YEARS to get better and lose weight, cost you thousands of dollars and lots of lost time.

Contrarily, the Goddess Body Guidelines use specific multi-effect nutrients and techniques that essentially kill MANY birds with one stone. The nutrients in particular allow the body to naturally rebalance progesterone so that you can lose weight again. This is different from giving your body a drug like HRT which FORCES the body to have more progesterone. Instead, taking a nutrient-based approach means your body has what it needs to make its own progesterone - enough so that you can lose weight again, and then it can stop making it when needed. This is why natural approaches carry a much lower risk of side effects.

When you rebalance your progesterone PLUS your leptin and insulin TOGETHER using the Goddess Body Guidelines through a clinically proven, scientifically backed plan, you get a guaranteed weight loss of 25lbs in 2 months or less. Of course, not everyone has 25lbs to lose, which is why the Guidelines ALSO teach you how to lock in at ANY weight and stay there. The Goddess Body Guidelines create your new weight goals fully, efficiently, and quickly, in these 25lb increments. Now you can finally wear your Goddess Body for life. Imagine how it will feel to finally put your weight problem behind you, step into your Goddess Body, and finally feel like the Real You, you’ve been waiting for? In a fraction of the time and without the frustration of ineffective diets or exercise plans. Of course, you CAN take the long road if you really want to, and address each imbalance on its own. The issue is that there is STILL more under the hood....

+ Estrogen

Top Signs of Imbalance

Low Estrogen:

  • Absent / irregular periods
  • Problems with ovulation, fertility issues
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse

High Estrogen:

  • Fibroids, Endometriosis
  • Heavy periods
  • Clots in the flow, the larger they are the worse estrogen is
  • Period starting or ending on brown-coloured flow
  • To see how high estrogen impacts your ability to lose weight, see the Progesterone section

Estrogen Imbalances lead to storing weight on the Butt, Hips, and Inner & Outer Thighs. These women can typically have very tiny upper bodies (waist, arms, even breasts) and very curvaceous lower bodies with big hips and thighs.

Why Is It A Problem?

Low estrogen is often present when the ovaries are no longer able to make estrogen after menopause, and the adrenal glands fail to take over the task because they are depleted from a stressful life. In that case, estrogen is made from the body fat. This means your body will want to hang onto that fat for DEAR LIFE, because it is receiving so much needed estrogen from it. Until you can heal your ovaries and adrenals and make your own estrogen again, weight loss is going to be a painful battle. This is often why women see weight gain after menopause. (Low estrogen + Low Progesterone - both of which can be prevented or addressed by healing the adrenal glands!)

How Did This Happen?

Adrenal imbalances from a high-stress lifestyle means your adrenal glands are unable to help you produce enough estrogen. Interestingly, we do not see this issue in South American or Asian Women, where they are noted in general as having less stressful lifestyles and therefore, better adrenal health.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Supporting Adrenal health as per the section above
  • Sometimes supplementing with botanicals like red clover, soy isoflavones, and hops can help

Benefits of Rebalancing

Once your body has an alternative source of estrogen coming in from the ovaries / adrenal glands, it no longer needs to rely on body fat and you can finally stop hanging on to fat for dear life. Body fat becomes SO much easier to lose once the hormones are balanced and happy to let go of fat.

+ Testosterone

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • fatigue
  • poor exercise tolerance
  • prone to storing fat on the love handles and abdominal fat
  • low libido
  • difficulty building or maintaining muscle mass
  • loss of motivation or competitive edge

Why Is It A Problem?

It will be harder to lose just fat and you’re more likely to lose fat and muscle at the same time and end up ‘skinny fat’ - a very unsexy scenario that puts you at a high risk of future disease and having to depend on someone else to care for you. Muscle mass is correlated to how long you can live independently. Skinny fat means you have a flabby thin body with potentially loose skin, and you're lacking the vital, lithe look that muscle provides. It creates a weak and unattractive look. We don't promote skinny here; we only promote strong, sexy, healthy, feminine Goddess Bodies.

How Did This Happen?

Emotional and physical stress, obesity, aging, as well as a history of dieting, not eating enough good fats which are the basis of our sex hormones, and even being on opioid pain medication and steroids.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Heal your adrenals! And manage stress
  • Focus on eating healthy proteins and healthy fats mentioned above
  • The mineral zinc can help though it generally has to come from a supplement since about 100mg per day is needed
  • Certain botanicals can also help rebuild testosterone, like tribulus, horny goat weed, and maca
  • LIFT HEAVY THINGS! 4 times per week

Benefits of Rebalancing

The Goddess Body Guidelines place an emphasis on healing the adrenal glands so that they can make adequate testosterone again. This means the focus is on losing fat while preserving vital muscle tissue, so that when you lose the weight, you look vital, strong, and healthy while avoiding the skinny fat look. You get to feel sexy and taut while preserving muscle, and feel good knowing you aren't sacrificing your health to lose weight.


Top Signs of Imbalance

  • pro-aging
  • wrinkled thinning skin (faster than your peers)
  • losing muscle mass
  • gaining fat
  • Much easier to get fat and much harder to gain muscle than it used to be

Why Is It A Problem? It's a deadly combo of losing muscle mass + being super easy to gain fat which creates a physique no one's proud of.

How Did This Happen?

DHEA naturally declines every year after age 30, in some of us faster than others because of adrenal fatigue and stress

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • I personally supplement with DHEA which you can only get from an MD in Canada or over-the-counter in the US because I want to slow my aging as much as possible. I don't recommend doing this on your own, there are specific lab tests you need to run to determine if you need DHEA and how much, because supplementing it can cause issues in some women like hair loss on the head and hair growth on the face
  • ALSO critical is that good ol' adrenal health picture again - destress and heal the adrenals so that they naturally boost DHEA production

Benefits of Rebalancing

Not to beat a dead horse, but the focus of the Goddess Body Guidelines on adrenal restoration means that DHEA production can naturally pick up again. More DHEA for you means faster, better weight loss, whereby building muscle becomes easier and losing fat becomes easier. This gives you an easier-to-maintain body that looks good as you age, and slows your aging process relative to the average First World woman. You get to look your best no matter your age and feel great caring for your body inside and out.

Case Study: S.S. Hormonal Improvement

S.S. is a 48-year-old woman who undertook the Goddess Body Guidelines. In the process she corrected her cortisol (adrenal health), her estrogen, improved her testosterone almost to perfect levels, and brought her DHEA back up over the span of 8 months while ALSO taking off 70lbs.


Top Signs of Imbalance

  • dry, thin, sagging skin
  • Loose skin with weight loss
  • Menopause
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Overweight

Why Is It A Problem?

  • Makes it hard to build and maintain muscle so metabolism stays low
  • Makes it easy to store fat, also higher risk of heart disease and weak bones
  • Low HGH is ALSO the reason why when people lose weight on typical diets, they get loose saggy skin. The Goddess Body Guidelines actually combat this by beginning to heal HGH imbalances from the inside out, and specifically prevent loose saggy skin with weight loss

How Did This Happen?

  • sleeping with light exposure (instead of a pitch black room)
  • high alcohol consumption
  • Aging

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Sleep in total darkness
  • Follow sleep hygiene rules like avoiding sleeping with the TV on or blue screen or light exposure before bed
  • Exercising - lift heavy things 4 times a week!
  • Eating more proteins and good fats
  • The supplement melatonin can also help

Benefits of Rebalancing

The Goddess Body Guidelines Focus on naturally increasing your own HGH production, which means you get to turn back the clock on aging while losing weight more effectively and with a much lower risk of loose, saggy skin. You get to lose weight without being afraid your face will look gaunt and unhealthy, or that your skin will sag off your body when the weight is gone. This means you get all the health promoting benefits of weight loss PLUS the ability to look sexy and as taut as possible.

+ Melatonin

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • Poor sleep
  • Feeling awake after 10pm
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Forgetfulness
  • Low Immunity

Why Is It A Problem?

  • Studies show that poor sleep (even by an hour) will lead to eating on average 300-400 more calories a day, which means constant weight gain over time.
  • Without high enough melatonin and proper sleep, other hormone cascades won’t fire properly, causing imbalances in the other hormones above
  • Leads to an inability to use carbs and fats properly and be more likely to store fat instead of burn it for fuel
  • Also leads to increased production of fat tissue
  • fails to lower and improve insulin and leptin sensitivity so they won’t work as well
  • You’ll feel hungrier because of the insulin and leptin issues, hence you'll eat on average an extra 400 calories a day

How Did This Happen?

  • Poor sleep causes low melatonin; and low melatonin causes more poor sleep (its a perpetual cycle),
  • Menopause alone can cause it especially if female hormones are imbalanced
  • high alcohol consumption
  • sleeping with light exposure after dark or in the room

Best Rebalancing Techniques

  • Focus on sleep hygiene - develop a solid bedtime routine, sleep in a pitch black room with no stimulation
  • Consider taking melatonin as a supplement
  • Rebalance any other of the above imbalances

Benefits of Rebalancing

The Goddess Body Guidelines focus on restoring healthy sleep patterns both directly through lifestyle and nutrient techniques but also indirectly by working to rebalance hormonal cascades naturally. Women often report better sleep early on in the program and this leads to easier weight loss, reaching your goals much more quickly, and benefiting from the increased energy that a good night's rest can bring. You get to feel happy, calm and stable while increasing your productivity and effectiveness, often getting back lost time in your day because you complete tasks sooner.

+ Prolactin

Top Signs of Imbalance

  • Headaches
  • Visual disturbances
  • Infertility, irregular periods
  • Milky discharge from breasts (but you're not pregnant or breastfeeding)
  • Excessive facial hair growth

Why Is It A Problem?

The prolactin itself causes weight gain, and it comes from a benign brain tumour called a Prolactinoma. Prolactin is the hormone that makes women produce breastmilk during and after pregnancy. This is extremely rare, but I HAVE seen 3 cases of it in my private practice, so it is worth mentioning here just in case.

How Did This Happen?

Theories still abound but one theory is exposure to the plastic chemical BPA, which also comes from receipt paper.

Best Rebalancing Techniques

The only way to treat this is to work with your MD right away. The Goddess Body Guidelines can help play a supportive role as they provide the right nutrients and framework for weight loss, but seeking appropriate medical care and diagnosis is critical for this one. Women are usually told to take medications like cabergoline or bromocritpine, especially if they want to lose weight or get pregnant.

Benefits of Rebalancing

You'll finally be able to lose weight, provided you've also addressed any other imbalances and are eating healthy and getting enough physical activity.

It's ALL Connected

Today's Video is the most in-depth because it serves as the Foundation of weight loss for women like us. 

Here's the thing: In a later video we'll get into exactly WHY typical approaches won't ever work for women like us - such as diets and exercise plans. On the one hand, this sounds depressing and is extremely frustrating to have to put up with. And many of us HAVE tried SO many approaches, and failed.

On the OTHER hand, this is also the most LIBERATING moment for you. Literally all that stands in your way of achieving the weight loss - the Goddess Body - and The Divine Life that you WANT and DESERVE, is simply rebalancing your hormones. It doesn't have to be difficult, hard, or arduous, and you can begin losing large amounts of weight (25 - 40lbs) in only 6 - 8 weeks. We'll talk about how this works, and why it works so quickly in a future video, but for now what I'll say is THIS: Your Body WANTS to be lean. It WANTS to be healthy. It WANTS to return to a healthy weight. The Human Body is DESIGNED to constantly seek balance.

And when you remove the BLOCKS that are stopping it, the healing process happens quickly. It doesn't require crazy effort or work, it just requires the removal of those blocks. The healing of the imbalances we've talked about above

So you aren't crazy, typical approaches really haven't worked for you, not for any fault of your own. And they never will. Those approaches have not been in ALIGNMENT with YOUR type of stubborn weight gain. 

And what was it that Albert Einstein said? Trying the same thing again and again is the definition of insanity? Well, I feel you. Let's be crazy no longer and try something NEW. 

The NEXT Video we're going to get into is ALL ABOUT MINDSET. This includes Emotional Eating, Food Addictions, even Energetic and Spiritual Reasons for being Overweight. We've talked about what these hormonal imbalances ARE, but did you know that a lot of them ACTUALLY stem from mindset issues? AND, I'll explain why one of the BIGGEST issues happens when we as women - try to act too much like men! Both in our lives AND with our weight loss techniques. This leads to massive hormone imbalances and extremely stubborn weight gain.

I'll catch you in the next video! 

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