Divine Life Health Coaching Presents

“What It Takes To Get A Goddess Body: The 4 Shifts the Successful 5% of Women Know that Others Don't”

How Women Are Decreasing Their Dress Size through Natural Hormone Rebalancing

You're Going To Discover...

  • The 4-Step Healthy Weight method to address stubborn dress size issues, even if other methods haven't worked

  • The Surprising thing many women do that sabotages hormonal health and body weight - plus how easy it is to avoid it

  • The reason WHY many women get imbalanced hormones in the first place and the role they play in body weight distribution and response to nutrition and exercise 

  • How hormonal imbalances are often subclinical or not yet diagnosed (OR overlooked by generalists) and can work against nutrition and exercise efforts or require a monstrous amount of energy to overcome - and what to do about it


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Erica L. Robinson

Naturopathic Medical Graduate & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Erica L. Robinson is the Founder of Divine Life Health Coaching Inc. She is a Global Weight Loss Expert and has helped hundreds of women naturally rebalance their hormones & digestion and reclaim their Goddess Body.