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The Private Practice


The Private Practice

Are you ready to stop making your health an After-thought once and for all, and Embrace the Vitality, Energy (And Sex Appeal!) You Deserve!?

You’re in the right place.

I can't tell you how often I talk to women who are struggling with their weight, with hormonal problems (which show up like fertility issues, period & PMS issues, and menopause issues, acne, hair loss, slow metabolism - to name a few), low energy and fatigue, digestive struggles and embarrassments, crappy non-restorative sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, mood issues, and negative changes to their hair, skin and nails.

Can you relate?

If so, my 1:1 Private Practice Program is what you've been waiting for. In this 1:1 program, I help you go from feeling unhealthy, frumpy, frustrated, and frazzled - to feeling Vibrant, Vivacious, Energetic, and Alive! 

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Like You...

Like You...

Like you, I struggled with my health.

I grew up a 'sick kid'. By the time I was a teen I had taken over 50 doses of antibiotics for urinary tract infections, strep, and tonsilitis. To add to my issues, I contracted a nasty case of intestinal parasites at the age of 19 while backpacking through Peru. Upon returning to Canada, I was given a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), not to mention a discovery of also having ovarian cysts that were then scheduled for surgery.

I spent six months practically bed-ridden, unable to attend work or school, or nurture my relationship and friendships because I couldn’t leave the house without having an accident or suffering severe abdominal pain. I remember throwing up multiple times on a date with my then-boyfriend at a museum! 

At the time I felt lonely, confused, scared, tossed aside, unheard, misunderstood by my loved ones, and heartbroken that the medical system I grew up with and trusted had let me down. The cure to what ailed me was nowhere in sight - even after seeing dozens of doctors, multiple Emergency Room visits, and trying all sorts of ineffective medications. All of which only seemed to worsen my symptoms.

My biggest breakthrough was discovering Natural Medicine, and transforming my nutrition & my lifestyle. I began taking natural supplements that actually got rid of the parasites I had struggled with for months. Not only did my abdominal pain subside and I could return to school and work, but my ovarian cysts disappeared and my surgery was canceled! This breakthrough led me to pursue the 11 years of education it took to become a Naturopathic Medical Graduate, Kinesiologist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

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Because of this...

Because of this...

Because of this experience, I’m now committed to helping women & their men with digestive, hormonal, and other health imbalances get their Lives back. 

My decade of working in the clinical field as a former Clinical Kinesiologist & Certified Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist Assistant, Nutritionist, and former Naturopathic Doctor (since resigned), plus my own journey of doing the work it took to heal my IBS, ovarian cysts, and finally lose the 25lbs I gained after pregnancy, has prepared me for the work I do today. And being trained by some of the best doctors in the continent doesn’t hurt either!

I can help you do this because I’ve been where you are...and I know what it really takes to have the juicy high-level health we deserve.

If You're Ready to...

  • Have MORE Energy than you know what to do with
  • Be more Efficient & Effective at Home and Work
  • Have sharp thinking and problem solving skills
  • Enjoy dreamy restorative sleeps
  • Get Pregnant More Easily or have a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Have Pain-free Periods that you barely notice
  • Ditch Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and night sweats
  • Embrace a Flat, Happy Tummy through Digestive Health 
  • Have Super Sexy Supple Skin, Hair and Nails 

Then I invite you to My Private Practice! 

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My Private Practice

My Private Practice

My Private Practice Membership Includes ALL Of These Benefits: 

  • Comprehensive Initial Intake 

  • Private 1:1 Visits As Needed

  • Individualized Action Plans 

  • Supplement Recommendations 

  • Nutrition Recommendations

  • Lifestyle Recommendations around Hydrotherapy, Detox, Sleep, Stress, Sex and Exercise + Mindset Support so that ALL aspects of your life feel Lit Up & Juicy 

  • Comprehensive Interpretation & Analysis of Existing Lab Work and Imaging Reports 

  • Access to Advanced Lab Testing 

  • Lab Requests of your Medical Doctor  

  • Interaction with Your Health Team 

  • Access to Professional Grade Supplements 

  • Yearly Health Support and Twice-A-Year Personalized Detox Plans to Keep You Well

  • And LOADS of Support to keep you reaching your goals:

  • Private Members-Only Facebook Community

  • Access to our Private Members Site, which includes Masterclasses on Nutrition, Exercise Recommendations and Plans, Detoxifying Your Body & Environment, and Support Structures for your Health 

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Why I'm Qualifed

Why I'm Qualifed

Why I'm Qualified To Help You Reach Your Health Goals:

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1. I'm a Trained Naturopathic Medical Graduate. I hold a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and I worked as a Naturopathic Intern & Naturopathic Doctor for five years before resigning to go online. I have the medical expertise to advise women on how to rebalance their hormones, improve their digestion, and get their energy back. 

2. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with over 700 hours of training in nutrition alone, advising women on dietary choices that will FUEL their goals and their Goddess Bodies

3. I'm a trained former Clinical Kinesiologist and former Certified Personal Trainer - the highest certification level for Trainers only awarded to University graduates. I have the expertise in Exercise recommendations for Weight Loss, Health and Safety and spent years working at gyms and multidisciplinary clinics running clinical conditioning and rehabilitation programs. I KNOW which exercises WORK to get the best, most babely results WITHOUT damaging your hormones like MOST programs do, and I share them with you in my Private Members Site. 

4. I have worked with over a thousand clients and patients to date across ten clinics, one hospital, and the online world; restoring their health and achieving their goals through nutrition, lifestyle, and natural medicine. 

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Conditions Addressed

Conditions Addressed

Conditions Addressed

Wholistic Clinical Weight Loss - in Conjunction with Medical Doctor 


Pregnancy Preparation


Post-Partum Health

Returning to work after Mat Leave

Pediatric Conditions & Well-Child Checks

Digestive Health

Hormonal Rebalancing

Family Health




Private Practice Fees

Initial Adult Intake (60 - 75 min): $185

Initial Pediatric Intake (60 min): $160

Follow Up 60 min: $160

Follow Up 45 min: $125

Follow Up 30 min or less: $85




Hours - by Appointment Only

Tuesdays 10am - 8pm

Saturdays 9am - 2pm 

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ONLINE - Visits are hosted Online over Zoom Video Conference. You can join by computer, smart phone, or regular phone 


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Contact Erica

Submit a Question Here: 

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+ How Can You Help Me Get Health Results?

I work holistically & naturally and will recommend natural, effective, evidence-based suggestions to achieve your health goals in a timely manner WITHOUT sacrificing other elements of your health and getting nasty short or long-term side effects.

This looks like recommending supplements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, other nutraceuticals, herbs / botanicals, teas, liquid herbal medicines called tinctures, nutritional recommendations including fasting options and wholistic meal ideas, lifestyle recommendations including de-stressing techniques, sleep hygiene and exercise recommendations.

I may also recommend additional optional lab testing and refer you to other health care providers based on your goals which can include pelvic floor physiotherapists, RMTs, osteopaths, dentists and so forth. Our Plan is always collaborative: I suggest the Best of the Best, you choose how much of it you want to enact, and we work in tandem.

+ What Does The Process Look Like?

Once you join the practice, you will be given immediate access to the Members Area which includes content and health modules I Never share with the public! You can begin watching those right away, fill out your intake form, and book your first visit with me - all from inside of your member's area.

After that, We meet within the month for 1 hour over the phone or Zoom (Video Chat) if available. Sometimes this first visit can extend for up to 75 minutes to gather all the pertinent information regarding your health. I ask you LOADS of questions around your goals, your chief concerns, your digestion and elimination, your periods if applicable, your sleep, your stress levels, your nutrition & lifestyle, and past medical history. PS - Zero Judgement. We all gotta start somewhere so this visit is all about getting CLEAR on exactly where you are now, so I know how to help you get to where you ACTUALLY wanna go.

After that I go to work preparing a comprehensive plan that will be delivered to you within the week and is typically done in video format. I provide you with your plan document and a video of me explaining it so that you can share it with your partner, Family, etc and have everyone be on the same page OR just simply so you can re-watch it if you need to. From there we chat back and forth over messenger, email, or Weekly Group Q & A calls to get your questions answered and continue to tweak your plan in real-time based on how it's playing out and how you're responding to it.

+ What Does A Plan Actually Look Like?

Curious to see what an Action Plan looks and Sounds like? Click here to see an example.

+ Do You Work With Men & Children?

Yes to both! I strictly market to women but after years of practicing Family Medicine and seeing the importance of treating the family unit, I still choose to work with women's husbands / boyfriends / partners, AND their children so that everyone can be on the same page health-wise.

+ How Often Should Children Book Visits?

Children who are Well and whose wellness and progress you want to maintain on the right trajectory are usually good with a visit every season (every 3 months). Children with an acute concern / deep seated issue may need a monthly visit for 2 - 3 months or in some cases longer, before they can be graduated to the seasonal plan. Luckily healing in Children is usually fast because of their vitality, and they get better within 3 months in most cases.

+ Do You Work With Vegans & Vegetarians?

I have worked with many and was one myself for 6 years. Being vegan and vegetarian requires a lot of additional biochemical support for the body which I can help with. But I also forewarn you. I have converted a few of my vegan patients to paleo. (And - they were then able to lose all the weight finally - I'm talking 35 - 40+ lbs and in one case - heal their hypothyroidism and come off medications). I focus on results, Baby. We will do our best to get you the results YOU want in the way YOU want including while on a vegan / vegetarian lifestyle.

+ How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Typically you'll begin feeling better in the first 2 weeks; then at least 3 months is needed to see really good results; six months is needed for deep healing and true lifestyle change; and excellent progress & results are seen at 12 months. MOST people would do well to commit to a year toward uplevelling their health, and then go into more of a maintenance mode like booking a visit every 3 or 6 months to stay well. Sometimes more complex cases can take 1.5 - 2 years to clean up. This is typical of people over 50 with multiple medications and health concerns. Once you've achieved all of your health goals, we work together to keep you fine-tuned throughout the year, including:

  • 2 annual individualized custom-designed detoxes in Spring and Fall - focused on supporting liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymphatic system
  • Parasite Detoxes
  • Heavy Metal Detoxes
  • Candida / Yeast Detoxes
  • Individualized Summer Health Support including sun-proofing yourself from the inside-out
  • Individualized Winter Health Support including Immune Health
  • Continued support for any new health issues that crop up with different phases of life
  • Maintaining healthy hormones to prevent or reverse symptoms of Menopause, Period Issues; and promote future fertility if desired / applicable; promote healthy sexuality via healthy hormones

This is what we call "The 4 Seasons of Health" and has a major focus on maintaining a High-Vibe healthy feeling & great Energy - while preventing & downplaying the risk of dis-ease now and in the long-term future.

+ Hours of Operation?

Visits are conducted in=person or online Tuesdays 10 - 8 and Saturdays 9 - 2.

+ How Do We Meet?

In the Bloor West Clinic at 2425 Bloor St W, Over the phone or Zoom (Video Chat).

+ How Do I Get Help?

  • On your one-to-one visits / calls with me
  • In our Facebook Community
  • On Email / Facebook Messenger

Listen, I GOT YO BACK! I'm here to help you make this thing happen, so consider me your Health Expert in your pocket. (Forget Dr. Google!)

+ Does This Stuff Actually Work?

After being involved in natural medicine for 13 years I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works - often much more effectively than non-natural options - and guess what else - it's always the simplest, most boring sh!t that makes the most monumental difference. I wish I had a magic bullet or some exotic cure-all super berry for you but I don't. It also takes someone ballsy enough like me to kick you in the pants enough to actually do it. On the flipside I can also be very feminine and supportive, so don't worry, I won't tough love ya to death (unless you need it). Like Eric Thomas says, you don't have a lack of information at this point, you have a lack of IMPLEMENTATION. (Well I'll level with ya - I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve you probably don't know about). But aside from that? Implement, Implement, Implement! Which is what I'm here to help you do, and we'll get you some ASTOUNDING results in your health.

+ What's The Difference Between The Goddess Body Program and the Private Practice Program?

The Goddess Body Program is our Signature 3-Month program to jump starting a MASSIVE transformation in weight loss and wellness. There is literally nothing else like it and it comes with a Guaranteed Weight Loss of 25lbs in the first 6 weeks. It is a higher investment at $3000 and includes one monthly 1:1 with me for 3 months PLUS all of your supplements for weight loss and detoxification. The primary purpose of this program is to lose weight; whereas the primary purpose of the Private Practice program is for people wanting to address hormonal imbalances, period issues, fertility issues, digestive issues, low energy, fatigue, and any other health concerns you'd bring to your GP. Learn more about the Goddess Body program here.

+ How Much Will I Have To Spend On Supplements?

If we do use supplements in your case, they run on average from $50 - $150 a month and are always short-term and open to discussion. Frankly sometimes solid nutrition and lifestyle changes can heal you even more quickly - IF you're willing to follow through fully. While some key supplements can really expedite your healing process, you're never forced to go the supplement route and there's a lot we can do through other avenues. I will always let you know my two cents and what works, and then we work together to decide what works for YOU.


How Healing Happens

How Healing Happens

How Healing Happens

This is how we roll at The Divine Life. The approach is distinctively different from any Naturopath or Nutritionist you've worked with before, and is the REAL reason clients are able to get such massive results. Learn the Tenets of Healing here:

+ The Best Approach Alleviates Symptoms Naturally While Addressing The Root Cause

There are TWO parts to truly healing: naturally alleviating the bothersome symptoms you have right now + addressing their root cause so that this issue actually heals and GOES AWAY, like pulling a root of a weed out of your garden so it never comes back. Why?

If you keep taking synthetic chemicals for symptoms, it makes it much harder for your body to heal deeply. These pharmaceuticals use up phase 2 liver enzymes at an expedited rate and make it hard for you to heal. Often but not always these can be replaced with natural options. However, my guess is, you don't wanna be taking supplements for life and just band-aiding this issue? If that's the case, deeper work must be done - also via supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle techniques - to fully heal this.

The problem MOST people have had working with a natural therapist in the past like an ND is that they only replace the drugs, and the patient never gets better fully. OR, the practitioner ONLY addresses the root cause, without helping the patient alleviate their current suffering, so they think it doesn't work and / or go back to over-the-counter drugs. It's a lose-lose situation.

Until BOTH sides of the equation are addressed --> THAT'S when true healing takes place.

+ Diagnoses Are Just Labels; You Are Your Physiology

A lot of people are overly concerned with landing 'the right' diagnosis for themselves. I get it. You feel like you're floundering, and you know there's something wrong with you, yet no one is able to help you. You think that if someone can just NAIL your diagnosis, then suddenly the pieces will fall into place, and even if there is no cure for what you have, at least you'll finally feel validated and like you aren't crazy. Some people also think that nailing the right diagnosis means they will finally nail the right 'magic bullet' too. Rarely is there ever 'one thing wrong' with you like this. Diagnoses are just clues and labels that point us in which direction to investigate, but really, all diseases stem from the same place and causes, they just MANIFEST differently depending on the person and their weak links. And believe me - we ALL have weak links. These need to be supported so we can heal and reduce the risk of disease coming back.

In my time as an ND I out-diagnosed top performing specialists in local Toronto hospitals. This is not a matter of IQ, but a matter of time. Because I got to spend an hour per visit with my patients instead of 5 minutes, I was able to gather more info, be more thorough, and have a better shot at a correct diagnosis. I even got letters from doctors congratulating me on finding the missing piece. Good times. I share this with you to say that at the end of the day NONE OF THAT EVEN MATTERS.

The way to get better is to support and clean up our Physiology & Biochemistry and the root of where it has been blocked from functioning normally. We do all this through nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements. In many cases we've done all this without a diagnosis, without lab tests even. While I get that you may be really concerned with wanting a proper diagnosis, I can help point you in the right direction on that so you can speak to your doctor about it, while more importantly, helping you do the right things to rebalance your physiology.

+ Healing Occurs in Phases

Your Health - your BODY - is like an onion. There are superficial-level symptoms which are easy to see and spot, and those have to be dealt with first. Once those get cleaned up, we get a sneak peak at what the physiology is like UNDERNEATH. We approach a New Layer ready to heal. If we lived naturally and were never exposed to medications, excessive toxins and pollution - we likely wouldn't have formed 'layers' like this that need to be healed. But, such is the world we live in, and it IS possible to heal your multiple layers and achieve true health. The way we work occurs in phases, usually of 2 - 3 months per layer. I graduate you as quickly as possible from one regimen to the next every 1 - 2 months based on how well you implement the strategies and how quickly your body is responding.

This means we will be changing up your supplements every 1 - 3 months to graduate you to the next phase of healing - until you don't need to take anything anymore or achieve a sweet spot in your health.

A perfect example of layers? I always hated how my stomach protruded. I thought it was all fat. After losing 25lbs and still having a gut, only THEN did I see the next layer: Digestive healing had to be done. After that I finally got the flat stomach I wanted.

Another example? One patient wanted to get pregnant but she had a prolactinoma (type of benign brain tumor) that was secreting the hormone telling her body to make milk - even though she wasn't pregnant. Because this made her body think she was pregnant, she wasn't having a period. We had to get THAT under control, and her periods started coming back, but they were infrequent. This was how we discovered the Next layer: She had Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which we could not diagnose or even KNOW about until the Prolactinoma had been addressed first. We then went to work cleaning up the PCOS and she was able to finally get pregnant. This is precisely what I mean by 'Layers.' Most MDs do not look at layers of health which is why most patients don't get the results they want with them.

Want the best possible results? Do the boring sh!t I tell you to do. Eat well, fast sometimes, move your body, stop stressing. This will make everything - including your supplements - work a million times better.

+ The Crossover

At this point in your life there's a high chance you've been hijacked by parasites, yeast, food addictions, chewing addictions, and emotional eating. The Bad News is - the Hijacker is a vicious beast who comes through you and even uses your voice and everything. The Good News Is - that's not YOU! That's the hijackers. You THINK you can't go a day without sugar or bread - but believe me, you can. You can do anything. You're here for a reason and you're reading this for a reason and I strongly believe your Higher Self brought you to My Higher Self. Your Higher Self wants healing. The Hijackers just want more junk.

You absolutely have to go through what I call the Crossover. Like a heroin addict coming off of smack, there's going to be a rough couple days where you will curse my name, I'm fine with that. It is only until you crossover and meet the REAL you - your Higher Self, face-to-face, that you will know and understand what I'm talking about, and realize the hold that food and chemicals have had on you, like an addiction. You literally don't even know who that person is yet because you've never met them, and this is a POWERFUL future version of Yourself that I bring you to Meet.

From your Higher Self's place - BELIEVE ME - you will find real, whole, natural food to be the most satisfying on every level. Literally, the bad foods lose their mojo when you cross over, and you wonder what all the fuss was about. Until we push you across that bridge, you're going to think I'm crazy. That's fine. I am crazy, but I get results. PS: Depending on you, we may not get you through the cross over for a few months. We move as fast as you wanna go.

+ Kiss Is The Real Deal

Keep It Simple, Silly. If I recommend HIIT (High Intensitiy Interval Training), I literally recommend doing 30 seconds of push ups in your living room. I do NOT recommend going and buying videos and DVDs and weird online video memberships and blah blah blah. Please don't over complicate.

If I recommend whole food eating I literally recommend 5 days a week of, cook up a chicken breast (or a bunch at once, or buy a BBQ chicken), steam some frozen veggies up or grab a handful of pre-made salad, put some really rad natural sauce on top, and call it a night. I am NOT saying go buy every paleo and keto cook book and memberships to meal plans and subscribing to a million blogs and blah blah blah. Please don't over complicate.

Consider that you're desire to over-complicate or to be a perfectionist is precisely one of the things keeping you sick. Ditch that sh!t, please.

+ It's Better To Be Free-Flow Than Orthorexic

Did you know that Orthorexia is a legitimate disorder whereby people become obsessed with their health and doing things for their health? It's so bad that the stress it causes ends up making people far unhealthier than the general public! No joke!

It's better to be in Free Flow than orthorexic. Please don't let details kill you. If you're hyper worried about your air filter your water filter your shower filter which type of grass your beef ate where your lecithin was made and blah blah blah, you are killing yourself softly and I don't stand for that. Just let up the brakes a little bit k? George Burns smoked cigars and ate bacon basically every day and he lived to be 100. Never doubt the massive power of Creative Work, Love & Laughter to heal your Soul - like George - even in the face of some pretty toxic habits.

+ Your Definition of Moderation & Balance Needs An Upgrade

Before you go throwing in the towel completely to smoke stogies on the reg, I need you to consider that Society's idea - and likely therefore your idea - of balance and moderation is completely askew. I'm not gonna waste time right now explaining it to the Hijackers, but I WILL enlighten your Higher Self. Balance includes at most 4 treats a week, fasting regularly, and at least 5 good nights of sleep a week. But trust me - you will also re-define 'treats.' To me, baked maple bacon, scallops, filet mignon, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and homemade ice cream are 'treats' now - yet they don't count as treats in your 4 treats a week! They're actually GOOD for you.

+ There's No Such Thing as "Perfect Health"

Again, on the topic of Orthorexia. Please consider there is no where to 'get to' and there's no such thing as "Perfect" Health. Trust me, the mere fact your body is ALIVE right now on Earth is nothing short of miraculous - if you only knew all the checks and balances that have to occur in your physiology at a given moment. YOU ARE A MIRACLE! We seek to exist in Homeostasis which is a fluid place. My goal for you is to live in Free Flow where health is Easy and Enjoyable and you have what you need to live your life in pain-free vibrancy, joy and happiness. You're not gonna be 100% perfect all the time - both in your health and in your health habits. (And Dear God don't put me on that pedestal either!)

+ 80 / 20 Living

For MOST people, for the MOST part, 80 / 20 living is what promotes good health. This means 80% of the time you do GOOD things for your body and 20% of the time you have 'treats.' (E.g. 4 out of 21 meals a week). Whether that's treat food, a late night, drinking socially, whatever. That said there are times for ALL of us where it's beneficial to go 100% clean mean and lean. This means a good 3+ weeks of eating all healthy foods and doing our best to get our rest. This is required for deep healing and people with deep diagnoses like autoimmune conditions and fertility conditions. Nothing is Forever and the results are ALWAYS worth the effort.

Health is also like a bank account. Some good deeds make a big deposit - like a solid annual detox, some make a small deposit - like choosing fruit over a Mars bar. Some treat deeds take small amounts out of your account - like drinking a pop on a rare occasion, and some take big ones - like eating too many carbs every day or never exercising. The whole point is to figure out and partner with YOUR body to learn what they are for YOU.

+ Food Should Be Enjoyable And Nourishing

I've iterated this above that your food should be both enjoyable and nourishing. As well as easy to prepare (KISS). I literally make most of my meals in under 10 minutes and can show you how. Fancy meals are for weekends or restaurants (or for a hot man in the kitchen cooking for me) and I have zero shame in that. For the record I'm not gonna put you on a cardboard diet that sucks or tell you to go vegan. I promote eating the way humans were meant to, which is nowadays called a paleo / keto / whole foods nutritional plan. I also don't promote going Ham on meat though. Balance, my friends. Balance.

+ It's Not All-Or-Nothing - Every Choice Counts

K if you're even a fraction like me you're an all-or-nothing person. Either you're doing ten zillion things RIGHT for your health starting January 1st, or you failed at ONE of them so you're throwing in the fricking towel, going to drink smarties straight out of the box, and down an entire bottle of wine on a week night.

Relax Friend! It doesn't have to be so drastic in either direction. EVERY choice counts. Remember this is your health bank Account. If you made one bad purchase while trying to save money, would you go blow out the rest of your bank account and max out all your credit cards too as a result? Hopefully not. Let's collectively Chill Out and let me help you with this sometimes detrimental line of thinking. We're going to flip it and use it to our advantage and stream in good habits that stick, one at a time.

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Imagine What's Possible:

By now you've learned a LOT by reading this page. At this point,

I Invite you to take a moment to imagine what's Possible for you. 

What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling Energized, Alive, and Excited to take on the day? Like REALLY - HAPPY, fulfilled, and looking Forward to the Future while enjoying the Present? 

What would it be like to achieve Vibrant levels of health with Ease and Joy? To feel Excited about your food choices and nourished by them too? 

To no longer struggle with your sleep, sex life, hormones, periods, digestion and energy levels and instead - Feel like a Bodacious BABE who has it ALL Going on? The Bod, the Skin, the Hair, The health, The ENERGY needed to make an Impact in the world and with your Family?

I want you to know that you really can have it all.

Are you ready to start making Divine Health and a Lit-up Life your new non-negotiable?

If so then I invite you to JOIN the Private Practice or book a complimentary discovery call to explore what it would be like to work together!