The Goddess Body Mastermind starts the first week of June, 2018! 

Admissions close June 1st. 

Join now and get up to 6 weeks of additional coaching during Orientation. YES that's right - you start the Minute you join! Even before June 1st! 

Who This Is For

Women who want one or more of the following:

  • Weight loss ranging from 15lbs to 100lbs
  • Women who not only want to lose weight but learn how to KEEP it off - for the full year
  • Clearer, healthier skin 
  • Long healthy sexy hair
  • Healthy nails
  • Dynamite Digestion
  • Great Energy Levels
  • Sex Drive & Sex Appeal - Magnetising Sexual Feminine Energy
  • Better periods or better menopause
  • Slow down aging back to its normal timeline
  • Clean Up Hormonal Problems (thyroid, ovaries, diabetes, fatty liver)
  • Decrease risks of chronic disease

The Women I Work With:

  • Are Highly Coachable
  • Take Integrity & Their Word Seriously
  • Are Committed to paying the monthly program coaching fee on time 
  • Are Open-Minded & tolerant of others
  • Want Natural Medicine as part of your Solutions for health
  • Want to be part of an Empowering Health-Minded Sisterhood Community both giving and receiving support in the Facebook group
  • Are responsible for keeping appointments or rebooking as necessary
  • Are Committed to up-leveling not only their health but their Life as a result!
  • Want to Laugh and have Fun! 
  • Want to Embrace Feminine Energy and use it to take their Health & Body to the next level

What's Included

  • 75 minute initial intake visit or Zoom call with an action plan and phases for the year ahead (Value $185)
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls (60 - 90 min) per Month with our Goddess Body Sisterhood - led by me, Erica 
  • 1 Private 60-minute follow-up per month with me over Zoom or in the clinic (Body Work included)
  • Unlimited Monday to Friday email and chat support on your health questions
  • $500 worth of supplements or one round of HCG for weight loss
  • 2 Group Detoxes - catered to your individual needs 
  • My Entire detox program 
  • My Entire Goddess Body program
  • 2 Toronto Meet Ups - location TBD 
  • Private Facebook Group where you can post questions and get support
  • Lifetime Access to all of the above programs 
  • Access to my dispensary of professional products at 10% or more off retail prices, shipped to your home
  • Access to HCG refills if needed through our MD 
  • Access to custom-tailored tinctures for your Health Goals prepared by our Master Herbalists in Toronto and shipped to your door 


  • Initial Intake - $185 value
  • 11 x Monthly 60-minute follow ups - $1,760 value
  • Goddess Body program and modules - $3,000 - $4,500 value
  • Detox Modules (6 videos) -  $197 value
  • Group Coaching calls for the year - $2,880 value
  • Supplements or HCG - $500 value

Total Value $8,522

Minimum Participants: 4

Maximum Participants: 13 

 ME as of April 30, 2018

ME as of April 30, 2018

Why This Wholistic Approach Is SO Effective for Losing Weight & Keeping It Off:

There are 2 problems in the weight loss industry for women like us with stubborn hormonal imbalances:

1) Will we actually lose the weight from a program in the first place?

2) If we miraculously do, will we be able to keep it off? Or, when we stop being crazy strict, will we gain it all back and then some?

My Commitment through the Goddess Body program is that we will solve BOTH of these problems for you and create a body that is EASILY maintainable for life. I do not make bikini models, I help women create Goddess Bodies - femme, healthy, beautiful, confident bodies that feel AMAZING to wear. If you want and 8-pack of abs and 6% body fat, I am NOT the coach for you, and that type of body requires a very intensive daily commitment. This is not what I preach or promote and you can find many of those awesome coaches on Instagram. 

Back to us, I stand for healthy Gorgeous female bodies that are feminine. Why are we the LAST weight loss program our clients need and how do we help them get and maintain results?

- We work on Balancing Hormones so stubborn fat pockets come off and your new weight is easy to maintain

- We Balance Digestion so that you extract nutrients from food and don't put on weight from sluggish functioning

- We Balance Brain Chemicals to nix cravings

- We Decrease Inflammation in the body which holds weight

- We Supporting Obesity-prone genetics to get their fat-holding impact out of your way

- We teach Hormone-supportive (not hormone damaging) Physical Activity which is not necessary for weight loss but IS necessary for a svelte physique

- We teach you how to Eat - wholistic nutrition and meal construction including proper ratios and types of protein, fat, and carbs

- We teach you Nutrient timing for optimal hormone expression

- We teach you how to Deal with Emotional Eating & Food Addictions

- We teach you how to Deal with inauthenticities and inauthentic masculine behaviour in women that drives emotional eating

- We Provide A combo of Community Support plus 1:1 Accountability and Support with Me, Erica


The WE is Erica + Our other Coaches + YOU. Learning and transforming is a TEAM effort.  

My Commitment is to deliver Wholistic Weight Loss Tailored to YOU and your specific imbalances. You will not necessarily have ALL the imbalances on the list above. This is why the program is run as both modules AND one to one coaching, with a Facebook Group and Group calls where you can ask questions and get support, and a private 1:1 chat channel where you can always ask me questions and get support, Monday to Friday. 

ALSO - these MasterClasses will be held throughout the year:

  • Healthy Dental health
  • Hair, Skin, Nails MasterClass
  • Healthy Sex Life & Libido class
  • Mechanics of Digestion 
  • Re-Learning True Hunger
  • Mind / Stress Management
  • Body Love: Body Image & Self Love
  • Emotional Eating 
  • Food Addictions
  • More - based on Your Suggestions of what you'd like to learn about

Are You Ready to be In LOVE With Your Gorgeous Goddess Body and make weight gain a thing of the Past?

Are you ready To Step Into the Woman You Were MEANT To Be? 

Embrace the Health, Vibrancy and Body that is Your Birth Right! 

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*Please note if we deem you're not a fit for the program or that we can't serve you in your goals, we will remove you from the program and refund you in full. 

We have a 30-day Money-back Guarantee. I know you'll be absolutely thrilled with the Goddess Body Mastermind so I stand by the program and offer our No-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. 


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