Get Your Goddess Body by Reclaiming The Divine Woman Within

- Available Online & Clinically in Bloor West Village, Toronto - 

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Are you ready to ditch the stifling extra fat and CLAIM YOUR GODDESS BODY once and for all?

You're in the Right place.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who are struggling with stubborn body fat that just won't budge. 

They tell me,

"Erica, I've tried EVERYTHING. I eat like a bird, I count calories, I kill myself for hours a week at the gym and yet THE WEIGHT ISN'T CHANGING!"


"I do so good for a few weeks and commit 100% but when I see such small results, I fall off the wagon and throw in the towel completely."


"Dr. Bernstein's (or similar) worked so well but I just GAIN all the weight BACK - and THEN SOME! Plus my thyroid got messed up in the process!"

Can you relate?

If so, the Goddess Body Program is what you’ve been waiting for. In this 3-Month Program, I help you go from feeling frumpy, tired, unsexy, unhealthy and overweight to feeling and BEING a Beautiful Radiant Goddess who has reclaimed her Dream Body and has either lost ALL the weight (40lbs) or is WELL on the path to losing all the weight (40 - 100lbs +!)


Like you, I struggled with stubborn weight gain. It began after having my daughter halfway through medical school. I put 25lbs on my small frame that just wouldn't budge for over four years, despite trying multiple diets, exercise programs, supplements, and even hiring a personal trainer for almost a year. At the time I felt hopeless, like I would never lose the weight or get my body back. I felt depressed, cynical that anything would work, sick of restricting my life including the way I ate, and tired of feeling like a failure despite my hardest efforts.

My big breakthrough was designing a wholistic weight loss plan for myself after studying HUNDREDS of mine & my colleagues' patients who successfully lost the weight and kept it off. I had long worked with women to help them correct their hormones for fertility reasons, and I finally aimed my super powers at weight loss. I designed a plan that finally addressed not only my imbalanced hormones, but also my digestion, my nutrition, my emotional eating, my food addictions, and my lifestyle. And - I hired a mindset & accountability coach and medical team to see me through my plan! Basically I hired the people I know AM for others because like you, I KNEW I couldn't do it alone. 

My Results? I lost 25lbs, 8% Body Fat, 4" off my waist, and went from a Size 8 to a Size 4 in under SIX weeks.

Before and After.jpeg

Because of this experience, I’m now committed to helping other women with stubborn weight gain Bust through this plateau and claim the Goddess Body they truly deserve. 

My decade of working in the clinical field as a former Clinical Kinesiologist & Certified Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist Assistant, Nutritionist, and former Naturopathic Doctor (since resigned), plus my own journey of doing the work it took to heal my IBS, ovarian cysts, and finally lose the 25lbs I gained, has prepared me for the work I do today. And being trained by some of the best doctors in the continent doesn’t hurt either!

I can help you do this because I’ve been where you are...and I know what it really takes to Lose the weight and KEEP it off. I've coached women to lose as little as 15lbs, and as much as 100lbs! 

If You're Ready to...

  • Shed the excess body fat - we're talking 25lbs or more in our first six weeks of working together - and up to 100lbs or more over time
  • Be able to wear the clothes you REALLY want to and look like a Total F**king BABE in them
  • Light up your partner's eyes when he sees you - and probably have to pry his HANDS off you! 
  • Or - Start dating again because you feel confident about your body and yourself - and land a man with an equally dreamy bod and mind, & Soul because YOU now vibrate at that frequency! 
  • WAKE UP your sex life thanks to your gorgeous new Bod & functioning hormones
  • EMBODY the woman you truly know yourself to be 
  • BE THE EXAMPLE to your children & family that you really want to be
  • Have your BODY reflect your Values and who you KNOW you are inside
  • Be Sizzling with Confidence in your Business or Career 
  • Feel like a TOTAL GODDESS who LIGHTS UP THE ROOM at your next Event or Vacation
  • Embrace the Vitality and Energy levels you truly deserve 
  • And Take your whole LIFE to the next level

Then I invite you to our Signature Goddess Body program! 


Benefits of the Goddess Body Program:

  • Drop 25lbs Guaranteed (or we keep working with you FOR FREE until you do)*
  • Drop 2 - 3 Dress Sizes minimum
  • Drop 2 - 4 inches from your waist minimum
  • Increase Energy & Productivity
  • Begin rebalancing Leptin, Insulin, Female Hormones into a far healthier space
  • Improve Fertility (several of our members got pregnant shortly after - HCG is a popular fertility supplement because it corrects hormones damaged by excess insulin)
  • Improve Blood Sugar
  • Improve Cholesterol
  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Improve Skin Health  
  • Decrease risk of overweight-associated diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, all-cause mortality
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: if you aren't satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money within 30 days less the cost of any visits or supplements used 

*caveat - must track food on MyFitnessPal, submit daily accountability form, and follow our instructions

Features of the Goddess Body Program:

  • 12 weeks of Coaching - including unlimited Email & Facebook Messenger Support and Daily Accountability Form
  • HCG Supplement Pack for 6-week weight loss program (followed by 3 weeks maintenance, then 3 weeks regular nutrition)
  • Unlimited Call Support during business hours with Prescribing MD Team
  • Unlimited Call Support during business hours with Compounding Pharmacy
  • Lifelong Access to our Proprietary System via 12 Video Modules (1 per week) Guiding you on how to lose the weight - flexible, able to fit your own schedule
  • 1 x 75 minute Initial Medical Intake upon joining us to fully customize the plan to your current health and needs
  • 3 x 60 minute monthly follow-ups (one-on-one with Health Coach / Nutritionist)
  • 3 Weekly Group Q & A Calls (60 - 90 min each) per month where you can be with Sisterhood
  • Private Facebook Group for on-going Community Support
  • Complete Strategy on how to CONTINUE losing weight if you have more than 25lbs to go - you do not need HCG afterward the 6 weeks to keep losing the weight if you have more than 25lbs total to lose
  • Support Continuation Plans also available as shown here (not necessary to continue losing weight but some women prefer more ongoing support / accountability, especially women with 100+lbs to lose)


Pay in Full: $3000 + Applicable Taxes

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $1200 + Applicable Taxes

Payment Plan: 12 monthly payments of $375 + Applicable Taxes

*All prices in CAD


Who Is The WE In Divine Life? 

WE are the Team that runs Divine Life. There are a collection of Health Experts running the show, loads of support people (Assistants, Book keepers, Accountants), a Medical team and pharmacy we work with (countless MDs, compounding pharmacists, and support staff) and I myself - Erica, am the creator, founder, and owner of the program. You'll get to interact with me PLENTY during your time here. 

Why Am I Qualified To Teach This Program:

Erica Lifestyle WEBSITE-4581.jpg

1. I'm a Trained Naturopathic Medical Graduate. I hold a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and I worked as a Naturopathic Intern & Naturopathic Doctor for five years before resigning to go online. I have the medical expertise to advise women on how to rebalance their hormones and lose the weight naturally and easily. 

2. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with over 700 hours of training in nutrition alone, advising women on dietary choices that will FUEL their goals and their Goddess Bodies

3. I'm a trained former Clinical Kinesiologist and former Certified Personal Trainer - the highest certification level for Trainers only awarded to University graduates. I have the expertise in Exercise recommendations for Weight Loss, Health and Safety and spent years working at gyms and multidisciplinary clinics running clinical conditioning and rehabilitation programs. I KNOW which exercises WORK to get the best, most babely results WITHOUT damaging your hormones like MOST programs do, and I share them with you in my program. 

4. I have worked with over a thousand clients and patients to date across ten clinics, one hospital, and the online world; restoring their health and achieving their goals through nutrition, lifestyle, and natural medicine. 

The Goddess Body Curriculum

Aka: How we help YOU get a Bitchin' Bod in less time than you EVER thought possible:

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up Powerfully For Weight Loss with the right tools, measurements and starting points

Module 2: The Goddess Body Mindset - how to fortify your mind for the journey ahead so weight loss is a breeze

Module 3: The Secret Sauce - our unique combination of nutrients and nutrition for losing the weight at an expedited rate

Module 4: How To Do The Protocol - put the 6-week detoxification protocol into action to lose weight quickly

Module 5: Optimizing Digestion for Weight Loss

Module 6: How To Break Through Emotional Eating to avoid weight gain

Module 7: Food Addictions and how to deal with them so they don't cause weight gain

Module 8: Balancing Neurotransmitters for Weight & Maintenance

Module 9: How To Maintain Your New Weight

Module 10: Weight & Wellness Supportive Lifestyle - Sleep, Stress, Sex and Exercise

Module 11: Real-World Nutrition - how to eat normally outside of the detox

Module 12: Detoxifying Your Life - from the products you use to the relationships you nourish to the events you say yes to 

Module 13: Support Structures for Your New Weight and Wellness - from scheduling your life properly to decluttering your home

Module 14: Hacks for Keeping The Weight Off For Life - what to do if you gain more than 2lbs from your goal weight

Module 15: Round Two Of Weight Loss & Beyond - how to keep taking off the weight if you have more than 40lbs to lose from the start

Module 16: Completion - a time to celebrate and see how far you've come

Bonus Module 17: Advanced Lab Testing To Keep You Sexy & Well - learn which labs to run & why - then ask your MD or run them through us

Bonus Module 18: Recipes for Weight Loss & Maintenance - you get access to this RIGHT away



How Is The program Delivered?

The Program is 100% online with the option to come into the clinic in Bloor West Village, Toronto. It's absolutely PERFECT for Boss Babes who have no time to run all over town to appointments - make it fit YOUR schedule. There are 16 modules with videos and instructions that you watch at your own pace, in your own space, and are designed to take you 3 months to complete. There are Weekly LIVE Q&A calls for all members where you can phone in or join on your laptop and ask questions of the coaches Live. There is also a lifelong Secret Facebook Community where you can post your questions at any time and have them be answered by our coaches and other members. We are HERE with you 100% of the way on your weight loss journey and so is our Sisterhood of Empowering Women that will support you on your path. We leave nothing to chance in the fulfilment of your goal. 

What if I'm Uniquely Deranged?

If you're a human being, you can do this program - regardless of how uniquely deranged you think you are. (PS - do me the favour and drop this story - one I carried Myself - because it's f**king BULL and it's KEEPING you fat - #sorrynotsorry). I've seen it all, from every hormone imbalance you can think of, from brain pituitary tumors to adrenal tumors to the undiagnosable weirdos. As long as you have human physiology, and are willing to do what we tell you to do, you'll get your results. I personally look at PHYSIOLOGY and BIOCHEMISTRY. I don't give a f**k about labels. They were designed so that pharmaceutical companies could market ineffective solutions to you. Part of my massive success in the fertility world - and now the weight loss world - is owed to my focus on correcting and rebalancing PHYSIOLOGY - and not giving a rat's ass about your 'diagnosis' beyond using it as a starting point clue. If you're HUMAN, guess what!? You have Human Physiology - and I can Help you - UNLESS you're in the list of people below for whom this is not for. 

Who Should Not Do This Program?

While I WISH I had found a solution to help EVERY woman take off the weight, I didn't. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an eating disorder or psychological condition that is not well controlled, are vegetarian / vegan, have had a heart attack or cancer in the past year, or have an autoimmune condition in a current flare up, this program is not for you. Once things shift in your health picture, feel free to reach out and inquire. We HAVE had multiple cancer survivors go through our program and surprise the heck out of their oncologists with stellar health changes in their blood work and labs, so just reach out to ask if you're in that group. 

What if I don't get results?

If you do exactly what we tell you to do, you will get your results, 100% guaranteed, it is literally impossible not to (provided you do not fall on the list of people above). We also have a 30-day money back guarantee because we know you'll be thrilled with the quick rate of fat loss in your first month of working with us and absolutely want to keep it up. 

Do I need lab testing?

No you do not need lab testing to do our program and get 100% of the weight loss results you're looking for. Labs are just a BONUS. 

What Nutrients Do You Use in the Detox?

We provide ALL the supplementation you need for your weight loss - already included in our price. Our formula includes amino acids, glycoproteins and vitamins. The formula is compounded by an FDA-Approved compounding pharmacy that adheres to the highest standards in compounding. We chose this option because it leaves NOTHING to chance - unlike studies that show most drugstore nutrients don't even contain what is listed on the label! 

Do I Need to Buy Other Supplements?

You will have one monthly visit (3 visits in total online over the phone or skype) with your own health coach (possibly even myself - Erica). We will advise you - based on your own unique imbalances - if there are other supplements that would HELP your health and symptoms. You absolutely do NOT need to buy these to get your fat loss results - they are BONUS food-for-thought suggestions that you can enact at any time. On average they cost $50 - 150 per month, and are always a short-term thing. You should NOT need to be on loads of supplements for life. 

How Long Do I Need to Take The Supplements For?

The compounded supplements included in our program you JUST need to take for six weeks to complete your detox and help reprogram your hormones. After that you will be primed to continue losing fat naturally and respond more appropriately to nutrition and exercise again. Of course if you want to repeat the detox protocol again in the future you absolutely can and it leads to expedited weight loss. Most people only do 1 round, however women with 40+ pounds to lose have done 2 - 3 detox periods on average. You don't NEED to do this to lose the rest of your weight though, and we educate you on how to decide whether to use nutrition & exercise OR also add in future detoxing. Remember - some people have been toxic and hormonally imbalanced for longer than others have. Our youngest clients are in their 20s and at the top range we have many clients in their 60s and 70s. 

What kind of foods will I eat? 

Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Proteins like meat, seafood, and fish. And no, you aren't FORCED to eat any particular foods, for instance, you don't have to eat fish if you don't like it or oranges if you don't like them. We give you lists to work with and you choose what you like. After the 6-week detox is over you will include more variety and learn how to select 80% healthy foods and 20% treat foods to maintain your results. 

Is it Hard?

Time and again our clients tell us this program is the easiest weight loss program they've ever done and that it has gotten them the BEST results. It is elegant, streamlined, and efficient. There may be challenges at times when you breakthrough emotional eating or food addictions, but they pass within a few days and the rewards are worth their weight in gold. The meals are very easy to make and prepare ahead of time or even make within 10 minutes before eating. Remember - this program was designed BY A BOSS BABE (ME!) for Other Boss Babes. Ain't nobody got time for messin' around here. 

Will I Just Regain The Weight I Lost After The Program is Over?

Hellllllllll No! You Cray? I do NOT stand for that sh!t and it would completely lack integrity for me personally as a health expert if I just hosted a program that caused initial loss but easy regain - it goes against literally EVERYTHING I stand for and everything I've been through. As long as you follow what we teach you, you will maintain your weight within 2lbs of your goal weight. We do not believe in starvation or deprivation but we DO believe in BALANCE and that all Goddess Bodies should be easy to maintain, and BALANCE should be a joyous experience. You SHOULD be able to eat your treat foods in moderation and also learn NEW treats that are actually GOOD for you and won't mess with your waistline. We also have multiple tactics to correct for weight gain (e.g. after an illness, new medication, vacation, emotional breakdown, etc) that will get you back on track ASAP. And Remember - you're with us in the Facebook group FOR LIFE, so all you have to do is reach out and we're here for you. 

Do I Need to Exercise?

If you're already exercising, you can keep doing what you're doing. If you aren't exercising, you don't need to start. It's actually MORE effective to complete our 6-week detox first and then we teach you exactly which exercises to do to build muscle, trim fat, and maintain hormonal health without killing yourself at the gym. 

Do I get Lifetime Access? 

Yes you receive lifetime access to all the modules AND any updates that are made PLUS lifetime access to our secret Facebook group where you can get your questions answered, share your challenges & your WINS. 

What Happens After The 6 Week Detox?

We work with you for another 6 weeks (that means 12 weeks total) to stabilize your results and teach you how to eat and move for LIFE; AND - if you need - we work with you to KEEP losing more weight while teaching you lifelong maintenance techniques. We keep applying all the principles we teach you until you hit your weight loss goals. You can expect to lose 25 - 40lbs in the first 6 weeks (we have seen one person lose 50lbs and another 52lbs; the minimum weight loss in 6 weeks is 25lbs). We have had people lose 100lbs in 11 months twice now and one just lost 65lbs in 4 months. The harder you want to work at it, the faster you will lose the weight, it's totally in your control. You maintain lifetime access to the modules and to the Secret Facebook Community where you can continue posting questions throughout your journey. 

What if I only have 10 - 15lbs to lose?

Girl what do you think we are? We don't promote being unhealthy, skinny fat, or underweight. We GOT you. We know EXACTLY how to press pause on weight loss - where YOU want it - and lock in your new set point. To be FRANK - it's basically IMPOSSIBLE to go underweight when you use NATURAL weight loss techniques like these. The Good News? It'll take 2 - 4 weeks at most if you only have 10 -15lbs to lose! The Bad News? Most women that *THINK* they only have 10-15 lbs actually have 20 - 25lbs to lose. Don't worry - we'll teach you all this, and we'll get you to exactly where you wanna go. 

Can My Partner Join Me?

Yes, we gladly welcome Husbands, Boyfriends & Partners because we KNOW that when our members have their Significant Other on board, it can make the journey even easier for them. Because we don't allow men in the Facebook group, and because they are joining on with YOU to a female-centric program, we offer it at half price. They still get ALL the other features including unlimited 1:1 support through Facebook Messenger. This does NOT apply to friends / girlfriends and we will refund and remove both of you from the group if this occurs. 

But The Price Seems High To Me?

This is all a matter of perspective (most people who join know the price is actually an insane Return on Investment - because the AVERAGE member has already WASTED over $20 GRAND on failed weight loss efforts across the past few years or decades.) I MYSELF Paid $5000 for my weight loss - of only 25lbs! And now I offer it at less than HALF of what I paid - and believe me when I say I didn't get sh!t all in comparison to what you are getting now. I had ZERO community, I had NO daily accountability or support - I got 2 visits with my nurse and MD and a few weekly sessions with my mindset coach but WASN'T allowed to contact them between visits. I had NO sisters around me who got me - and I felt SO. FRIGGING. ALONE. I designed the Goddess Body program to include everything I WISHED I had, while also being 100% successful at taking off the weight in an elegant, simplified manner. Do you know what is expensive as f%&k? BEING FAT. Losing your life. Wasting your life away as a second class citizen, never getting to be the REAL you, never getting to be who you KNOW yourself to be in the world. Never getting to attract your DREAM man, or have the marriage you really want because you aren't bringing the full YOU to the table. Instead drowning your sorrows of how much that all sucks in yet another fast food meal. F**K THAT! You are worth SO much more than that. 

Lastly, our program is financially on par with all major clinical weight loss programs including Dr. Bernsteins - and yet way more lasting results (and zero thyroid damage like Dr B's). As well as Jenny Craig - although it can cost up to $5,000 to lose 25lbs (and take one year!) with Jenny Craig. Our program is also less expensive and more effective at taking off fat than personal training which costs $1,000 - $1,200 a month and would create a 25lb loss in 6 months. Know what else is expensive? Pissing your money away on programs that don't work for you. I know, I've been there, I've done it, I've bought the t-shirt. Screw that noise. 

And what about long-term Return On Investment? Investing Under $2500 today can add up to 14 YEARS to your life - what is THAT worth? It can shorten the period you spend falling apart with disease from the average of 10 years in North America, to 6 months of less. What's THAT worth? How would you like to NOT need to be put into a Nursing home and be a burden to your family? How would you like to be HEALTHY till the end instead? Research has long proven that eating and moving well will DO this for you - and that's EXACTLY what i teach you to do. Investing $2497 today can help you prevent ALL of the diseases listed below which have ASTRONOMICAL annual costs:


  • Diabetes - $13,700 - American Diabetes Association
  • Heart Disease - $18,953 - American Journal of Medicine
  • Cancer - $256,000
  • Obesity - $1723
  • Overweight - $266
  • Arthritis - $5700 (CDC)
  • Regular fatigue - $3000 - Dr Martin Duclos MD
  • Chronic fatigue - $20,000 - Dr Martin Duclos MD
  • Obese - die 3 - 14 years sooner - NIH 

What about the VALUE of the program?

  • Supplement Bundle - $700
  • 3 visits with a Health Expert - $600
  • 12 Q & A Calls with a Health Expert - $2400
  • Unlimited monthly support for 3 months - $1500
  • 16 modules equivalent to working with me personally for 30+ hours - $6000
  • Total Value: $12,000
  • Result of losing ALL the fat and reclaiming your Body: PRICELESS.

Imagine What's Possible.....

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what's Possible for you. 

What would it be like to wake up each morning, feeling like a Total BABE? Walking by the mirror and being shocked by your own sexy reflection? Getting to wear BEAUTIFUL lingerie, Amazing clothes that fit you like a Goddess, and see your man's eyes LIGHT UP when you enter a room?

What would it be like to get stopped by people you haven't seen in months who are in Total & Complete AWE of your transformation, and can't stop gawking at how much weight you lost, how your skin is glowing, and won't stop asking you HOW you did it!

What would it be like to go SHOPPING and actually be EXCITED about it? To go to events wearing a super flattering dress and KNOWING you look like a total Goddess? 

To feel the ENERGY and VITALITY of being the REAL you, able to complete tasks in record timing at home and work because your clear-headed and sharp, and get your LIFE back?

To no longer be CONTROLLED by life and food - but for YOU to be the one in the Driver's Seat (In your Badass Babe Body)

To wear the most AMAZING level of Confidence, and be in full Alignment with yourself - Mind, Body, and Soul. 

To no longer struggle each morning with choosing which frumpy outfit to wear, and instead put on your Boss Babe outfit and strut to work with Pride? To achieve ALL this with EASE and JOY?

I want you to know that you REALLY CAN have it all. I do - and so do countless other women in our group! And you really have NO IDEA how amazing it is until you arrive. 


Are you ready to start making your Goddess Body a non-negotiable in your life? Then I INVITE you to book a Discovery Call with my Team to explore what it would be like to work together! 

Wanna Get Started on Your Health Goals at a smaller investment? 

I have spaces left in my private practice where I work with people 1:1 each month to achieve their health goals. This approach won't generate the Goddess Body Transformation, BUT, it is a smaller-scale way to get started towards your health goals and begin the work of rebalancing your hormones, fertility, digestion, energy, and overall health. Learn more about it here: 


My Own Year+ In The Life of Rocking a Goddess Body - follow me on Instagram @mrstdot & @divinelifeinc