Communication Policy:


My Goal is to ensure you are well supported both at, and in-between, our visits together.


Questions about your health or your action plan in between visits are always answered via your private Patient Portal (which you’ll be invited to the day of your first visit); email; or Facebook Messenger. Questions are not answered over the phone unless you book another visit.


You may submit one batch of questions (a batch meaning multiple questions in a single email, single patient portal message, or single Facebook message) pertaining to your plan within one week after you receive your plan, at no cost.


Questions that take less than a minute to answer are also at no cost. Example: Is this brand of Vitamin C okay? Example: I forgot to take my supplement at breakfast, can I take it later?


Lengthier questions / responses will be billed at a minimum rate of $40 / per 15 minute response period, and you will be notified prior to being billed, if you wish to proceed. If you send your question over your Patient Portal, you will be billed at $20 / per 15 minute response period as my charting is cut in half this way so it’s a win-win for us both.


If you have a brand new concern, you will usually be instructed to book a new visit for in-person or over the phone. I will let you know based on the nature of the concern.


If you would like unlimited monthly support, this is available for $90 per month* and can be purchased at This is most cost-effective if you think you'll be asking more than 2 questions before your next visit, and is very helpful the first few months of working together and getting used to your new goal-supportive lifestyle. This can also be submitted under insurance coverage for naturopathy.


Questions are responded to on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Email is best, as Facebook Messages can often get filtered out or missed. Email me at If you have an emergent concern please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital / medical doctor.



*This option is being piloted over the next few months to gauge use and workload. Depending on workload, price may be subject to change as of Summer 2018.


In Summary:


·      First batch of questions about your initial plan within 1 week: FREE

·      Questions under 1 minute: FREE

·      Questions over 1 minute: $40 to respond, I will notify you prior to responding

·      I will tell you if your question takes longer than 1 min

·      Questions asked over Facebook / Email are $40

·      Unlimited questions: $90 / month

·      Brand New Concerns: Book a Visit

·      Email (  is best – Facebook messages often get Lost

·      Emergency – call 911 / go to MD immediately