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We LOVE Rewarding you for passing Dynamite Clients our way!

If your referral books a Discovery Call from the link you send them and joins us afterwards, you receive $300!  

If your referral joins directly from the link you send them - without even needing to book a Call with us - you receive $800! That's because YOU essentially enrolled them in the sale and we don't need to compensate a sales team to onboard them. Extra Bonus for You!

We offer three payment plans for the Goddess Body program therefore you must sign up to be an affiliate for all three because you never know which one your referral is going to want to choose: 


Upfront Payment Plan:

3-Month Payment Plan:

12-Month Payment Plan:

Please Join All Three then use the link in your Affiliate Account to share with them!

Learn More About The Goddess Body Program HERE:

Most of our Affiliates have gone through the Goddess Body program themselves and are walking advertisements to how well this wholistic approach works. We carry a 100% success rate to date and are committed to taking our clients ALL THE WAY to the finish line with their weight goals. We are ALSO committed to providing the lifelong tools to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. We do this by targeting mindset, emotional eating, food addictions, wholistic nutrition, and techniques that allow women to eat the foods they love without gaining weight. This is only made possible once they are lean and back in balance. 

If you *haven't* done the program - yet you still know about my high-calibre work and integrity + my commitment to my client's results - you can equally become an Affiliate. I'll tell you what the program is like here, and don't forget to watch the MasterClass on it as this helps a lot!

You can check out the Program Page + MasterClass by clicking here. This is the link you'll be sending to referrals that they can use to join the program OR book a Discovery Call with us.

ALSO - in the interest of Safety, if someone ever directly purchases the program from your link WITHOUT going through a Discovery Call with us (where we normally screen candidates), we always screen them in the intake call to see if they are a fit. If not, they will be refunded in full. So you never need to worry about your Referral joining and then later finding out this program is not suitable for them. We stand by stringent safety standards and our Medical Doctors will refuse to prescribe the program to them if it's not safe or indicated. 

Benefits of the 12-Week Goddess Body Program:

  • Drop 25lbs Guaranteed (or we keep working with you FOR FREE until you do)*
  • Drop 2 - 3 Dress Sizes minimum
  • Drop 2 - 4 inches from your waist minimum
  • Increase Energy & Productivity
  • Begin rebalancing Leptin, Insulin, Female Hormones into a far healthier space
  • Improve Fertility (several of our members got pregnant shortly after - HCG is a popular fertility supplement because it corrects hormones damaged by excess insulin)
  • Improve Blood Sugar
  • Improve Cholesterol
  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Improve Skin Health  
  • Decrease risk of overweight-associated diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, all-cause mortality
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: if you aren't satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money within 30 days less the cost of any visits or supplements used 

*caveat - must track food on MyFitnessPal, submit daily accountability form, and follow our instructions

Features of the Goddess Body Program:

  • 12 weeks of Coaching - including unlimited Email & Facebook Messenger Support and Daily Accountability Form
  • HCG Supplement Pack for 6-week weight loss program (followed by 3 weeks maintenance, then 3 weeks regular nutrition)
  • Unlimited Call Support during business hours with Prescribing MD Team
  • Unlimited Call Support during business hours with Compounding Pharmacy
  • Lifelong Access to our Proprietary System via 12 Video Modules (1 per week) Guiding you on how to lose the weight - flexible, able to fit your own schedule
  • 1 x 75 minute Initial Medical Intake upon joining us to fully customize the plan to your current health and needs
  • 3 x 60 minute monthly follow-ups (one-on-one with Health Coach / Nutritionist)
  • Weekly 15-minute Acute Visits as needed - in clinic OR online. In clinic, we measure vital signs (Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Temperature) + perform Urinalysis; online we touch base on anything acute that you need support with
  • Weekly Group Q & A Calls (60 - 90 min each) where you can be with Sisterhood
  • Private Facebook Group for on-going Community Support
  • Complete Strategy on how to CONTINUE losing weight if you have more than 25lbs to go - you do not need HCG afterward the 6 weeks to keep losing the weight if you have more than 25lbs total to lose
  • Support Continuation Plans also available as shown here (not necessary to continue losing weight but some women prefer more ongoing support / accountability, especially women with 100+lbs to lose)


Pay in Full: $3000 + Applicable Taxes

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $1200 + Applicable Taxes

Payment Plan: 12 monthly payments of $375 + Applicable Taxes

*All prices in CAD