Divine Life Health Coaching Presents

January 2018 21-Day Group Detox

Lose weight, drop the bloat, gain increased mental clarity & performance, get clearer skin and up your energy this January.

You're Going To Discover...

  • Call #1: Detoxing your MIND - Creating your WHY - the driving factor that helps you stick to your goals; + creating a powerful context / framing your detox in a way that makes it EASIER to do; + how to distinguish between your Higher Self versus the many other voices in your brain that can be coming from food addictions, emotional eating, yeast and parasites that drive you to make poor choices. This call will be all about learning 'who' to listen to, how to tap into your body's intuition, and stay in line with your goals when the going gets 'rough'. (Hint: it won't feel rough if you listen to this call!) 

  • Call #2: The HOW: How to detox for 21 days via specific foods, specific food timing, specific water / teas, and optional supplements to enhance the process. This is a process you can repeat at any time even after our group detox. The foods are all normal foods you've eaten before - animal proteins, vegetables, good fats and some fruits. 

  • Call #3: Using external detox processes to speed up your healing: hydrotherapy like saunas, steam rooms, steam showers / steam inhalations, contrast showers, clay masks, scrubs, charcoal, diatomaceous earth and more.

  • Call #4: Detoxifying your LIFE - the products you use on your body and to clean your home; detoxing your schedule and the things you say "YES" to, to detoxing relationships and more. 

The Deets:

When: We will be starting the 2nd week of January, specific date TBD

Where: Online, group call times will be posted and are TBD. If you can't listen live, watch the replay. 

Cost: FREE, although after this round it will be sold on my website for a fee - get in now to grab free access. 

The Catch? Here's WHY I'm doing this for free. 

1)Testimonials: Want Good Karma? Write a testimonial on your results after the detox that I can share on my site

2) Product Testing - I'm running this group for FREE to test-run it before I begin selling it on my site

3) Full Transparency: I *WILL* be making an offer to work with me after the detox is over. If you have additional health goals you want to make happen in 2018 and you dig my vibes + the results you got with me, bingo bango - we may be a fit. 

4) Selfish reasons: I will be detoxing WITH you and I ALWAYSSSSSS do better when I'm part of a group! We'll be in this together! 


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Erica L. Robinson

Naturopathic Medical Graduate & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Erica L. Robinson is the Founder of Divine Life Health Coaching Inc. She is a Global Weight Loss Expert and has helped hundreds of women naturally rebalance their hormones & digestion and reclaim their Goddess Body.